The Rose Code by Kate Quinn

The little-known history is Bletchley Park, Britain’s World War II code-breaking center, is brought to light in this story of friendship, love and heartbreak.  In 1940 three women from widely different backgrounds come together at Bletchley Park to serve their country and spread their own wings. . . . There is Osla, a Canadian socialite dating Prince Philip of Greece, Mab, a working-class girl with aspirations to better herself, and Beth, a shy village girl living under the thumb of her mother.  But nothing good lasts forever.

By 1947 these women are no longer friends and one has even been confined to an insane asylum!  But a code from the war days just might hold the key to finding a traitor if these women can manage to work together once more.

An excellent read, and hard to put down. 

Place a hold on this title.