Manitou Canyon by William Kent Krueger

Even though the police have already abandoned the search for an engineer who disappeared while on a camping trip in a remote area of the Boundary Waters Wilderness Area, Cork O’Connor renews the search at the behest of the man’s granddaughter.  But Cork’ family begins to worry as days pass without contact from him, as his daughter’s wedding is imminent, and winter is beginning to set in, so they begin a search for him.  But when they get to the site of the original man’s disappearance hey don’t find Cork, or the granddaughter, they do find blood – lots of blood – but no bodies.  And, when the aunt of Jenny O’Connor’s fiancé starts having visions of many people dying, their urgency to find Cork increases. . .

A Cork O’Connor mystery, part of a series, but completely enjoyable by itself and taking place in Northern Minnesota. 

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