About Us

Our Mission Statement:

Through the power of reading we inspire curiosity, build community, preserve history and enrich lives.

Our History:

Established as a volunteer library by members of The Hudson Junior Woman’s Club in 1980, the predecessor to the Hudson Area Public Library existed without direct tax support.

The Hudson Area Public Library District (HAPLD) was established as a result of a citizen referendum in Hudson, Hudson Township, parts of Money Creek and Unincorporated Normal Township. The vote was held on March 17, 1992, and the question was approved by a nearly 70% vote. On May 12, 1992 the Hudson Area Public Library District became officially established.

Our Staff:

Jenny Losey – Library Director

Amy Oberts – Youth Services Manager

Mary Scott – Story Time

Linda Bachman – History Room Manager

Nona Shafer – Outreach Assistant

Kessa Toland – Library Assistant

Hailey Burress – Library Assistant

Kara Ahmed – Library Assistant

FOIA requests may be made to the Library Director. Please use FOIA in the subject line if emailing your request.