State of Terror by Louise Penny & Hilary Clinton

Wow!  Talk about thrilling – this book is it!!!  With a combination of fictional, but very realistic and plausible events, this story was absolutely enthralling and very scary . . .

After a single-term President left the United States with few allies in the world, and loyalists (to him!) still in most high government positions, terrorists strike across the globe.  The new President has appointed Ellen Adams, a newbie to politics, but the former head of an international media empire, as his Secretary of State as a way to keep this “enemy” close and under his control.  She must scramble to try to find answers with regard to the recent unclaimed terrorist acts but as she investigates, she finds a conspiracy that – if successful – would sacrifice thousands of American lives in the name of patriotism.  Not sure who she can trust other than her best friend and counselor, Betsy, the Secretary of State faces off against world leaders in a desperate effort to avoid the cataclysmic crisis!

Place a hold on this title.