Turn a Blind Eye by Jeffrey Archer

This is the third William Warwick book, but complete on its own. In this story, the “choir boy” as Warwick was known in school based on his adherence to rules and the straight and narrow path he followed, has been given a new assignment.  William Warwick is now married and is the father of twins. His father is prosecutor for the crown Sir Julian Warwick, and his sister Grace, is Sir Julian’s second at trial. Warwick has also been promoted to Detective Inspector with the Metropolitan Police force in London following a successful drug raid and the arrest of the rings head, Assem Rashidi.  But in addition to helping prepare that case for trial he’s also now been given a secret assignment: investigating police corruption. His first case is to investigate a Detective Sergeant who had been at school with Warwick as a youth. As his investigative team is being assembled, Warwick’s wife, Beth, receives her own new job at the Art Museum where she works, in part due to her friendship with the former wife of criminal mastermind Miles Faulkner.

This is a British police procedural that keeps the reader interested till the very end… and wanting more!