The Woman in the Library by Sulari Gentill

The premise of this book is intriguing. Four strangers who just happen to sit at the same table in the reading room of the Boston Public Library are kept there while the police search for the source of a woman’s terrifying screams. They passed the time in conversation and based on that common element continue their acquaintance beyond the library.  But one of them is actually a murderer.

It was captivating to see the relationships among these four people develop, watching feelings ebb and flow, along with suspicion, as one of the four is attacked, and one (or more) of the group is hiding secrets from their past. A side story involving correspondence between a fan and the author of this story just adds to the overall suspense of the book.

My only complaint is that everything seemed to wrap up in the last five pages and I thought that it left a couple of loose threads. But overall, this was enjoyable to read as I kept wondering where in the world the story was going to go.