The Growing Season by Sarah Frey

This was a Hudson Literary Guild selection about a female entrepreneur.

At times this book was reminiscent of Tara Westover’s memoir, Educated, especially when Frey talks about her childhood hardships such as no heat or indoor plumbing in the family home, the large number of siblings and a domineering father.  The family’s isolation in a very small community and her own activities of independence, such a driving a car at age four or five are also similar to Westover’s memoir.  Frey’s accomplishments in growing her business are described anecdotally so the book is easy to read and interesting.  However, after a point her actions – such as buying a $1.5 million farm tract on impulse – seem a bit too easy, and almost frivolous.  But overall, this is an interesting and inspiring memoir especially for young women. 

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