The Faithful Spy by Alex Berenson

If you were the CIA handlers of an operative embedded with al-Qaeda who had been silent for the last decade, and knew that he had converted to Islam, would you believe anything he told you, if he was even still alive?

While John Wells, an American from Montana, now known as Jalal, was the first Westerner to graduate from the Qaeda terrorist camps near Kandahar, has grown disgusted with American excesses over his years of studying the Koran, he has always hoped that one day he’d be able to go home.

Now his wish to go back to America is coming true, but he still doesn’t know the details of the operation/attack against the United States being planned, and of which he is to be a part of. John’s Afghan handlers don’t trust him, so they are deliberately keeping him in the dark about the exact nature of the planned attack. There is only one person within the CIA who might listen to him, but even she has her doubts. 

This is a gripping suspenseful story that had me guessing to the last page!