Livid by Patricia Cornwell

This is a Kay Scarpetta story, but complete and enjoyable on its own.

As the story opens, forensic pathologist Kay Scarpetta is testifying in a sensational and well publicized murder trial.  That trial has generated huge news stories and lots of protesters at the courthouse and throughout the community. Unfortunately, many of those protesters are armed.  To complicate matters further, the prosecuting attorney seems to be twisting Scarpetta’s testimony in an effort to get the scientific facts of the case to be disregarded. And a local reporter seems to be trying to damage the reputation of the judge in the case, and Scarpetta’s because of their prior relationship during their college days. 

After her testimony is completed, Scarpetta is called to the scene of a horrific murder and it’s the sister of the judge in the case. A mysterious weapon has killed not only the human victim, but scores of birds and insects and plants in the area and why are the CIA, FBI, and Secret Service so interested in this case?

 A very interesting and scary – especially about the weapon – story set against the current climate of violent protesters and so-called fake news.