I Work at a Public Library by Gina Sheridan

I picked up this nonfiction book while trying to complete my Hudson Library Book Bingo card.   This book is from the 000 section of the card catalog which refers to Computer Science, Information and General Works.  It is an amusing, sometimes disgusting, sometimes heartwarming collection of anecdotes of library staff interactions with patrons.

Here’s one: a woman came into the library, set a stack of movies on the counter and loudly announced “I have watched all your good movies. Do you have any good books here?”  I’d share more, but though they are quick to read, they are not so quick to relate.

In some respects, this book reminded me of The Library Book by Susan Orlean that the Hudson Literary Guild read a while back.  That book discussed how libraries often act as a Community Center as well as a Center for information. After reading both of these books, I concluded that librarians are probably underrated and likely undervalued for their skills not only in checking out books, filing books, and choosing books, but also for their customer service, computer, and sometimes psychological skills in aiding customers.

This was a quick and easy to read book and although I admit I was looking for something fairly quick to read in the non-fiction it was still an enlightening collection of anecdotes.