Cold Vengeance by Douglas Preston & Lee Child

This is book number two in the “Helen” trilogy.

FBI special agent Pendergast has learned that his wife Helen had been murdered. He’s continuing to seek information about her death and about her killer. His quest takes him to the wild moors of Scotland, the bayous of Louisiana, and back to New York City. It seems unlikely but, the more he learns, the less he knows, or understands, as he finds a conspiracy that gets deeper and wider than he could ever have imagined.

Even Pendergast’s ward, Constance Green, who has now been involuntarily committed to a mental hospital, becomes a pawn in his life-or-death quest for answers… And as Pendergast digs ever deeper into the multiple layers of the conspiracy, he begins to wonder, could Helen still be alive?

YOWZA! This book leaves the reader immediately wanting more!