A Line to Kill by Anthony Horowitz

Successfully mixing reality and fiction, author Anthony Horowitz plays Dr. Watson to former Detective Inspector Daniel Hawthorne’s Holmes.  Because of the two prior works written by Horowitz about their partnership (The Word is Murder and The Sentence is Death) the duo has been invited to a literary festival on the tiny Channel island of Alderney.  This tiny island had been occupied by the Germans during World War II and used as a concentration camp, and many dead English prisoners had been buried there.  Meanwhile the islanders are in a heated debate about a power line that would cross the island, and disrupt.  So, when the major financial sponsor of the festival is murdered, Hawthorne and Horowitz take the lead in the investigation until the police arrive from a nearby island.  Suspects are plentiful, and include islanders and visiting authors alike, and then another murder occurs . . .

Suspenseful and fun!

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