History Room News

So Many Thanks…

To Sue and Dick Keeran for all the work and support they’ve given over the years and their many donations to the Hudson History Room. A new clock and plaque are hanging in the History Room to commemorate their time and dedication to preserving the history of Hudson.


We Seek Hudson Historical Items for Donation

Do you have Hudson history at your house?  The Hudson History Room is looking for items from the history of Hudson.  Got Civil War or World War II-era letters?  Items marked with the name of the Cox store or another Hudson business?  Old photographs of your house or family from the 1800s?  Don’t throw them out — bring them to the Hudson Area Public Library District for evaluation and possible donation.

Many, many thanks to all of the families that have donated their wonderful items to the Hudson History Room.  Your donations keep the history of our community alive.


Recent Donations to the Hudson History Room

In 2015, Susan Trower donated items from her aunt, Elizabeth Weir.  These items include glass slides from the 1930’s, photos, maps, brochures, correspondence and a collection of historical information about East Bay Camp.  Elizabeth Weir was East Bay Camp Manager from the 1950’s until she retired in 1971.


In 2014, Carmen Gresham Burtis donated letters, documents, photos and artifacts from the Burtis / Weeks / Musgrove families.  The items included a squeezebox and fireplace utensils from the 1850’s.  The Weeks and Burtis families bought shares in the Hudson Colony when it was first organized by Horatio Pettit in 1836.

In 2010, members of the King / Johnston / Havens family donated a Civil War-era letter.  The letter was penned by John S. Johnston to his sweetheart Mattie and details skirmishes involving Company I of the 3rd Illinois Cavalry Unit.  The letter was to his sweetheart Mattie who is believed to refer to Martha Havens who married John Johnston in 1865.