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Sheet 1: Name

Name Age at Death Date of Death Place of Death Date of Birth Place of Birth Name of Cemetery Names of Parents Name of Spouse Date of Marriage
Aber, Ruth Kistler 82 03/17/2000 Normal 10/22/1917 Argenta Friends Creek Cemetery Thomas and Geneva Peck Kistler No reference No reference
Able, Mabel 79 11/18/1999 El Paso 01/04/1920 Bloomington East Lawn Memorial Gardens Raymond M. and Minni Mozser Marshall George M. Able 04/21/1905
Able, Ray 67 02/18/2010 Bloomington 06/14/1942 Bloomington Cremated George M. and Mable G. Marshall Able Joyce Able No reference
Abrams, Albert J. 85 10/20/1955 02/23/1870 Hudson Hudson Cemetery Samuel and Sarah Sprague Abrams Emma Harper 09/19/1907
Abrams, Bertha 72 No reference No reference 02/21/1905 Wayne County Hinthorn Cemetery William A. and Ella M. Dalton Shelby Herbert J. Abrams &, Adam J. Vandegraft 12/23/1952, 00/00/1925
Abrams, Emma 88 01/31/1977 Peoria 01/31/1889 Carlock Hudson Cemetery Samuel and Melissa Craig Harper Albert Abrams 09/19/1907
Abrams, Herbert 78 02/19/1976 Hudson 02/11/1898 Hudson Hudson Cemetery Valentine and Lucy Adams Abrams Bertha Shelby 12/23/1952
Abrams, Kate No reference No reference No reference No reference No reference Hudson Cemetery Johan and Margaret Kauffield Ed Abrams No reference
Abrams, Lloyd 62 03/00/1972 Clinton 05/22/1909 Hudson East Lawn Cemetery Albert and Emma Harper Abrams Verna Schramm 10/09/1937
Abrams, Preston G. 51 07/31/1966 Hudson 11/25/1914 Hudson Hudson Cemetery Albert and Emma Harper Abrams No reference No reference
Abrams, Samuel Edward No reference No reference El Paso 09/15/1863 Hudson Hudson Cemetery Samuel and Sarah Sprague Abrams Katherine Caufield 02/00/1885
Abrams, Sarah A. 80 03/22/1907 Hudson 02/23/1827 Long Island, NY No reference No reference Samuel Abrams 04/18/1847
Abrams, Verna 56 03/23/1974 Normal 05/28/1917 Carlock East Lawn Cemetery Louis and Anna Arndt Schramm Lloyd Abrams 10/09/1937
Adams, Florence 75 01/27/1959 Hudson 03/20/1883 Collinsville Hudson Cemetery James and Eliza Jester Otto Adams 04/02/1906
Adams, J.C. No reference 12/28/1903 Gridley No reference Cadiz, OH No reference No reference No reference 09/00/1874
Adams, Otto 80 09/07/1963 Normal 11/03/1882 Xenia, OH Hudson Cemetery William and Sarah Smithson Adams Florence Jester No reference
Ainsworth, Henry No reference 01/19/2000 Shannon No reference No reference No reference No reference Emma Miller No reference
Akright, William H. 65 10/02/2001 Henry 01/16/1936 Mt. Sterling Henry Cemetery Vern and Ruth Hogan Akright Merrie Jury 12/25/1959
Aldrich, John W. No reference No reference Normal 12/10/1838 Uxbridege, MA No reference No reference Flora S. Cox 03/00/1872
Alexander, Edith 65 05/15/1959 Normal 05/21/1893 Hudson Park Hill Cemetery William and Viola Pollock Boughton B.G. Alexander 08/00/1916
Allen, Myrtle Irene 89 12/24/2009 Noblesville, IN 00/00/1920 Gridley Hudson Cemetery William and Pearl Noel Hinthorn Harry E. Allen 12/24/1940
Allen, Rhonda L. Garrett 34 05/02/2004 Tiline, KY 03/20/1970 Normal Hudson Cemetery Russell and Linda Yeakel Garrett Jeffery P. Allen 11/03/2001
Allers, Lucile I. 86 02/08/1994 Bloomington 11/29/1907 Stanford East Lawn Memorial Gardens Albert F. & Bertha A. Kassulke Marquardt Otto Allers 02/14/1929
Allers, Otto 87 07/10/1991 Bloomington 06/14/1904 Stade,Germany East Lawn Cemetery Otto and Margaretha Nielsen Allers Lucile Marquardt 02/14/1929
Allison, Erma 62 09/17/2005 Bloomington 09/30/1942 Jacksonville Hudson Cemetery Virgil Ray and Annabel M. Chapman Crump Larry Allison 02/21/1984
Alt, Terry 72 01/28/2016 Hudson 01/01/1944 Bloomington No reference
Katherine Bainbridge Baker

Alt, Violet F. 86 02/17/2009 Normal 11/10/1922 Bloomington Kaufman Cemetery John and Huldah Reddel Schneider No reference No reference
Ambrose, Bernard B. 95 10/13/1994 Bloomington 04/12/1899 Hudson Hudson Cemetery Edward and Rebecca Bishop Ambrose Estella Irene Harvey 01/21/1928
Ambrose, Estella Harvey 87 07/12/1993 Normal 10/18/1905 Panola Township Hudson Cemetery Edson and Estella Hall Harvey Bernard B. Ambrose 01/21/1928
Ambrose, James Bishop 91 08/21/1982 Normal 03/02/1891 Hudson Hudson Cemetery Edward and Rebecca Bishop Ambrose Margaret Crichton 10/04/1919
Ambrose, James Crichton 21 09/16/1944 England 03/17/1923 Hudson No reference James A. Ambrose Sabra Jean Starr 06/03/1944
Ambrose, Judson 65 08/03/1945 Normal 08/11/1880 Hudson Hudson Cemetery Fred and Emma Ambrose Edith Johnson 00/00/1910
Ambrose, Lois 84 08/16/1986 Normal 03/27/1902 Hudson Hudson Cemetery Edward and Rebecca Bishop Ambrose No reference No reference
Ambrose, Margaret E. 88 01/12/1892 Hudson 11/30/1893 Towanda Hudson Cemetery John and Emma McQueen Crichton James B Ambrose 10/04/1919
Ambrose, Mary 84 02/14/1958 Pekin 07/19/1873 Estil County, KY Hudson Cemetery J.D. And Sarah Gravitt McKinney William Henry Ambrose 11/23/1892
Ambrose, Rebecca 70 07/06/1945 Normal 01/20/1865 Money Creek Township Hudson Cemetery Pleasant W. and Amelia Ann Timmons Bishop Edward Ambrose No reference
Ambrose, Ruth 75 08/06/1968 Normal 12/17/1892 Hudson Hudson Cemetery Edward Bishop Ambrose No reference No reference
Ambrose, Stephen H. 74 00/00/1980 Whitewater, WI 04/11/1906 Hudson No reference Edward and Rebecca Bishop Ambrose Rosepha Tripp No reference
Anderson, Bill C., Sr. 86 08/21/2011 Chenoa 06/12/1925 Gridley Lexington Cemetery Sam and Elizabeth Rinkenberger Anderson Helen M. Barnard 08/27/1945
Anderson, Charles H. 67 No reference Escondido, CA No reference Hudson Valhalla Memorial Park, CA Samuel and Mary Gildersleeve Anderson Florence No reference
Anderson, Elizabeth 79 00/00/1996 Lake Bloomington 03/05/1897 Gridley Hinthorn Cemetery Christian and Elizabeth Augsburger Rinkenberger Samuel O. Anderson 06/04/1914
Anderson, Elizabeth No reference 03/24/1903 Hudson No reference No reference Hudson Cemetery No reference No reference No reference
Anderson, Gladys "Bea" 100 02/15/2011 Kingman, AZ 05/12/1910 Colfax Cremated Fred and Maude Watson Fincham George W. Anderson No reference
Anderson, Helen Maxine 82 01/12/2008 Cheona 01/04/1926 Lexington Lexington Cemetery William and Grace Hurst Barnard Bill C. Anderson 08/27/1945
Anderson, Joe 71 09/27/1987 Lexington 03/10/1916 Hudson Hinthorn Cemetery Samuel and Elizabeth Rinkenberger Anderson Thelma Mowery 10/01/1939
Anderson, Laura S. 80 05/26/1967 Pontiac 02/19/1887 Money Creek Hudson Cemetery George and Mary Ellen Baker Walden Hanry Anderson 09/07/1904
Anderson, Minnie T. 72 03/08/1965 Joliet 04/20/1892 Hudson Lockport Cemetery No reference Arthur O. Anderson No reference
Anderson, Samuel O. 79 No reference Lake Bloomington 12/19/1886 Gridley Hinthorn Cemetery Francis M. & Delilah Isabelle Hinthorn Anderson Elizaabeth Rinkenberger 06/14/1914
Anderson, William 85 00/00/1959 Money Creek 08/02/1874 Hudson Hinthorn Cemetery Francis M. & Delilah Isabelle Hinthorn Anderson Leona Kearfoot 01/14/1897
Anderson, William J. 67 No reference No reference 08/03/1905 Hudson Hudson Cemetery Henry and Laura Walden Anderson No reference No reference
Andres, Harry A. 78 02/24/1990 Hobart, IN. 02/04/1912 Hudson Cremated William and Lucy Huges Andres Marian Wilson 00/00/1947
Andres, Lucy 62 00/00/1954 Peoria 2/11/1892 Hudson Hudson Cemetery John and Lillian Littrell Hughes William Andres 19/18/1910
Andres, William Prahm 72 01/01/2009 Bloomington 03/14/1936 Hudson Hudson Cemetery Harry and Mabel Prahm Andres Donna Martinie 09/01/1955
Arbuckle, Basil 75 04/13/1942 Bloomington 04/13/1867 Money Creek Twnshp. Hudson Cemetery Mr. and Mrs. David Arbuckle Cora dell Levering 12/05/1898
Arbuckle, Beulah Ruth 14 07/04/1936 Normal 01/26/1924 Hudson Hudson Cemetery George F. and Mable Carpenter Arbuckle

Arbuckle, Cora Dell Levering 67 12/26/1939 Chicago 03/11/1872 Shelby Co. No reference George W. and Carolyn Turner Levering Basis Arbuckle 12/05/1898
Arbuckle, David 72 08/00/1903 Hudson 10/04/1831 Licking Co., OH Bishop Cemetery No reference Mahala Houghton 05/04/1859
Arbuckle, Emeline M. 74 09/06/1998 Bloomington 11/05/1923 Lowpoint Hudson Cemetery Gilgan G. & Rosa Marie Widmer Danzer Carroll Arbuckle 03/31/1941
Arbuckle, Estle Rae 89 09/04/1979 Normal 11/24/1889 Hudson Zion Bishop Cemetery Charles Lyman and Melinda Shutt Fillmore Charles Grover Arbuckle 09/26/1908
Arbuckle, Ida Mae Marshall 47 10/08/1937 Hudson 09/13/1884 Jennings Co.,IN Hudson Cemetery James and Ellen Marshall Moses Jeffries; Elmer Arbuckle No reference, 00/00/1934
Arbuckle, Mabel F. 90 08/28/2001 Gainsville, FL 05/09/1911 Hudson Forrest Meadows West Issac and Grace Fuller Keist Harold E. Arbuckle No reference
Arbuckle, Mahala 72 03/07/1910 Hudson 00/00/1838 Clark County Bishop Cemetery No reference David Arbuckle 00/00/1860
Arbuckle, Milford Lee 48 07/15/1979 St. Paul, MN 10/14/1930 Hudson Hudson Cemetery George and Mabel Carpenter Arbuckle No reference No reference
Arbuckle, Nettie 77 06/03/1948 El Paso 03/27/1871 Hudson Hudson Cemetery William & Harriet Gonder Littell Richard Arbuckle 00/00/1889
Arbuckle, Perry R. 82 06/10/1905 Chicago 05/22/1823 Knox Co, OH Zion Cemetery, Towanda No reference Elizabeth Lyttell 10/09/1845
Arbuckle, Perry Ross 85 04/04/1959 Bloomington 11/25/1873 Hudson Hudson Cemetery David and Mahala Houghton Arbuckle Viola Jewell 11/14/1893
Arbuckle, Richard F. 59 07/02/1982 Danville 08/07/1922 Hudson Hudson Cemetery George and Mabel Carpenter Arbuckle

Arbuckle, Richard T. 80 03/19/1947 Hudson 05/07/1867 Hudson Hudson Cemetery David and Mahala Houghton Arbuckle Nettie Littell 00/00/1888
Arbuckle, Ruby 85 06/04/2005 Bloomington 02/08/1920 McLean Park Hill Cemetery Shelby and Flaggie Logsdon Grant Emory Arbuckle 07/21/1939
Arbuckle, Warren W. 89 08/19/2013 Bloomington 09/04/1923 Hudson Park Hill Cemetery Charles and Estle Fillmore Arbuckle Mildred Bragonier 08/25/1951
Arbuckle, William David Jr. 47 00/00/1979 Great Falls, MT 10/27/1932 Bloomington Great Falls William David and Mary Sheehan Arbuckle Sr. Mary Snavely 09/23/1956
Archer, William M.



Arndt, Herbert 75 06/12/1985 Normal 04/13/1910 Normal East Lawn Memorial Gardens William and Rose Rettke Arndt Isabell Stalter 02/19/1939
Arndt, Isabel Amelia 89 12/12/1999 Danvers 06/12/1910 Bloomington East Lawn Memorial Gardens William and Cora Gingerich Stalter Herbert Carl William Arndt 02/19/1939
Arnold, Fred 82 02/21/1996 Hardinsburg, KY 01/01/1914 Bloomington Evergreen Cemetery Joseph and Emaline Sparks Arnold Charlotte Gaddis & Mildred Arnold No reference, No reference
Arnold, George W. "Buddy" 75 07/27/1994 Rochester, MN 01/31/1919 Hudson Hudson Cemetery George J. and Mary Miller Arnold Mary R. Eberwein 12/27/1947
Arnold, James J. 51 11/23/1992 Normal 07/10/1941 Hudson Hudson Cemetery Fred and Charlotte Gaddis Arnold No reference No reference
Arnold, Joseph 76 08/26/1960 Bloomington 09/22/1988 Miffintown, PA Hudson Cemetery No reference Emaline Sparks 10/05/1910
Arnold, Mary Etta 70 12/19/1961 Gibson City 05/02/1891 Mershons, KY Gibson City Cemetery Mr. and Mrs. James Peters Sam Arnold 09/24/1913
Arnold, Mary R. 88 06/17/2009 Bloomington 02/11/1921 Ellis Island, NY Hudson Cemetery John and Rose Bleiceffer Eberwein George W. Arnold 12/27/1947
Ashley, Caryn Ann 63 09/09/2011 Bloomington 03/01/1948 Bloomington Hudson Cemetery Floyd Aubrey and Doris Elizabeth Swearingen Starkey Wesley B. Ashley 12/29/1972
Ashley, Eric 22 08/17/1990 Gibson City 01/09/1968 Bloomington Hudson Cemetery Wesley B. and Caryn Starkey Ashley No reference No reference
Ayers, Betty Weaner Brown 86 07/07/2010 Bloomington 07/09/1923 Towanda East Lawn Memorial Gardens Fredrick G. and Bertha Mae Fox Weaner Henry R. Brown & L. Wayne Ayers No reference, No reference
Bagshaw, Brian F. 17 05/26/1980 Champaign County 12/07/1962 Lafayette, IN Rossville, IN Cemetery Farrell M. and Dorothy Bagshaw

Bailey, Benjamin 70 No reference Indianapolis, IN No reference Hudson Hudson Cemetery No reference No reference No reference
Bailey, Worthy Edwin “Pete”
No reference Bloomington No reference No reference Hudson Cemetery No reference

Baird, Mrs. Harry (Grace)
No reference Hudson 10/29/1883 Hudson Hudson Cemetery Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hogan Harry Baird 6/10/1903
Baize, Bobbie Jo 33 01/03/2004 Ellsworth 07/01/1971 Normal Cremation Jeffery L. and Shiela Bischoff Systo No reference No reference
Baker, Brian James 17 10/28/1996 Hudson 03/12/1979 Bloomington Hudson Cemetery Jim and Pam L. Lindstrom Baker No reference No reference
Baker, Daryl 66 06/04/2014 Olmito, TX 10/02/1947 Bloomington Cremated Warren and Marion Baker Lynne Paolone No reference
Baker, Doris J. 75 03/01/2004 Gridley 08/18/1928 Seymour Hinthorn Cemetery Charles and Darlene Turner Douglass Loren W. Baker 09/18/1949
Baker, Lena Lucille 81 11/15/2001 Normal 07/03/1920 Dahlgren Gridley Cemetery William Jesse and Anna Steward Rose Willis N. Baker 06/01/1940
Baker, Loren W. "Bubby" 59 00/00/1982 Hudson 02/22/1923 Hudson Hinthorn Cemetery William P. and Mary Meters Baker Doris Douglas 09/18/1949
Baker, Lula J. 92 08/06/1995 El Paso 11/07/1902 Ripley County, IN Hudson Cemetery Moses and Ida Marshall Jefferies Jess Baker 01/24/1924
Baker, Marian L. 51 07/10/1978 Normal 08/28/1926 Towanda Hinthorn Cemetery John and Fern DeVore Brooks Warren Baker 09/02/1944
Baker, Mary A. 94 07/20/1992 Normal 12/03/1897 Lytleville Hinthorn Cemetery William O. and Elizabeth Adams Myers William P. Baker 03/19/1919
Baker, Warren C. 56 00/00/1976 Chicago 10/30/1920 Hudson Hinthorn Cemetery William and Mary Meyers Baker Marian Brooks 09/02/1944
Baker, William P. 59 00/00/1954 Bloomington 07/14/1895 Money Creek No reference Lewis and Pearl Baker Mary Meyers 03/19/1919
Ball, Catherine B. Keller 84 03/12/1902 Hudson 01/20/1818 Staunton, VA Hudson Cemetery No reference Daniel Fall 10/03/1844
Balonis, Dorinda Odell Menssen 50 04/13/2009 Shirley 03/17/1959 Pekin Hudson Cemetery Jack and Nancy McJunkin Menssen Larry Estes 10/00/1977
Barclay, Roy W. 51 06/19/1976 Bloomington 02/15/1925 Carlock Park Hill Cemetery Homer and Frances Springer Barclay Jean Ann Otto 07/07/1946
Bardenhagen, D. A. 58 09/05/1938 Hudson Area 06/30/1880 Blumenthal, Germany Park Hill Cemetery No reference Minnie Schroeder 01/31/1906
Barker, Jess 80 00/00/1955 Hudson 01/11/1875 Money Creek Hudson Cemetery Syrus and Marguerite Staul Barker Lulu Jeffrees 1/24/1924
Barnard, Donald "Irish" 80 03/15/2004 Normal 01/04/1924 Lexington Park Hill Cemetery William H. and Grace Purse Barnard Eileen Ashenbremer 07/03/1947
Barnard, Ernest E. 66 10/00/1949 Bloomington 04/20/1883 Money Creek Towanda Pennell Cemetary
Blanche Stephens 06/06/1907
Barnard, Mrs. Ernest 61 11/14/1926 Hudson 11/25/1885 Hudson Towanda Pennell Cemetary Mr. and Mrs. Kery Stephens Ernest Barnard 06/05/1907
Barnes, William D. 66 06/20/2014 Normal 12/03/1947 Fairbury Graceland Cemetery, Fairbury Bruce and Genevieve Fienhold Barnes Evic Estacio 11/08/2003
Barnett, Charles 85 04/23/1962 Bloomington 00/00/1877 No reference Hudson Cemetery No reference No reference No reference
Barnett, Cora 94 10/07/1974 Bloomington 09/27/1880 DeWitt County Hudson Cemetery James L. and Elizabeth Cunningham Hubbell Hiram Barnett 10/30/1901
Barnett, Dorothy 75 05/01/1992 Bloomington 01/20/1917 Hudson Hudson Cemetery William and Blanche Hinthorne Platt Frank Barnett 03/24/1933
Barnett, Elmer E. 80 08/22/1995 Bloomington 06/15/1915 Heyworth Hudson Cemetery Hiriam Nathaniel and Cora Mae Hubbell Barnett Jane C. Wieting 03/23/1945
Barnett, Frank Turner 88 02/13/1999 Bloomington 05/03/1910 St. Louis, MO Hudson Cemetery Hiriam Nathaniel and Cora Mae Hubbell Barnett Dorothy Platt 03/24/1933
Barnett, Hiram 94 02/12/1974 Eureka 11/07/1879 Lytleville Hudson Cemetery Hiram Wesley and Luscina Lucas Barnett Cora Hubbell 10/30/1901
Barnett, James H. 80 01/20/1983 No reference 11/17/1902 Heyworth area Hudson Cemetery Hiram Nathaniel and Cora Rubel Barnett Hildred Blakney 11/27/1926
Barnett, Jane C. 66 04/06/1989 Bloomington 02/20/1923 Normal Hudson Cemetery John and Dorothy Burns Wieting Elmer Barnett 03/23/1945
Barnett, John N. 86 12/29/1994 Peoria 08/08/1908 Heyworth East Lawn Memorial Gardens Hiram Nathaniel and Corz Mae Hubbell Barnett Lucille J. Bigger 07/15/1930
Barnett, Lucille J. 101 03/30/2014 Marietta, GA No reference No reference East Lawn Memorial Gardens No reference No reference No reference
Barnett, Mildred Louise 59 02/10/1967 Secor 05/24/1907 Lexington Hudson Cemetery Robert Wesley and Eula Dawson Blakney James Barnett 05/27/1926
Barron, Reva 83 06/07/1987 Florida 02/14/1904 Marion County Balhalla Memorial Park Cemetery Fred and Mary Mulvaney William Barron No reference
Barsby, Stanley 18 07/00/1906 Iola, KS No reference No reference Savonburg Cemetery Mr. and Mrs. Ira J. Barsby No reference No reference
Bartram, Harold L. Sr. 66 11/24/1957 Bloomington 02/09/1890 Farmington Park Hill Cemetery Rev. Thomas and Margaret McKinlay Bartram Dorothy Colyer 12/30/1940
Bartram, Margaret 85 00/00/1950 Normal 10/05/1865 Scotland Oak Ridge Cemetery, Farmington John and Elizabeth McKinley Rev. Thomas Barton 05/20/1890
Bartram, Rev. Thomas J. 75 No reference Hudson 09/29/1866 Waterhouse, England Oak Ridge Cemetery, Farmington Benjamin and Mary Bartram Margaret McKinley 05/20/1890
Bartram, Thomas 75 07/13/1941 Hudson 09/29/1866 Waterhouse, England Oak Ridge Cemetery, Farmington Benjamin and Mary Bartram Margaret McKinley 05/20/1890
Bates, Jean C. 83 12/29/2009 Bloomington 12/10/1926 Chicago Heights Park Hill Cemetery Donald and Helen Albrecht Cameron Paul Bates 00/00/1950
Bates, Irene E. 79 11/07/1982 Normal 08/19/1903 Normal Twnshp No reference John and Louise Leeder McGuire Tom A. Bates 2/22/1928
Bates, Louis L. 57 04/09/1993 Normal 05/26/1935 Normal Park Hill Cemetery Tom A. and Irene McGuire Bates No reference No reference
Bates, Paul 81 02/08/2011 Normal 07/25/1929 Normal No reference Tom and Irene McQuire Bates Jean Cameron 02/18/1950
Bates, Thomas A. 65 07/04/1972 Hudson 07/27/1906 Normal Park Hill Cemetery Roy C. and Edna Fritter Bates Irene McGuire 02/22/1928
Baumgart, Phillip Eugene 85 03/07/2014 Bloomington 04/17/1928 Bloomington Park Hill Mausoleum, Bloomington Carl Herman and Ruth L. Burk Baumgart Nancy June Izatt 03/26/1949
Bayles, Elmer E. Sr. 83 08/31/1979 Iron Mountain, MI 10/08/1895 Carlock Denman Cemetery, Carlock John and Mattie Frances Green Bayles Jessie M. Kieser 05/01/1920
Bayles, Jessie 71 12/24/1969 Hudson 06/29/1898 Tuscola Denman Cemetery, Carlock Wilbur and Anna Williamson Kaiser Elmer E. Bayles Sr. 05/01/1920
Beasley, Thomas J. 72 04/07/2005 Bloomington 03/30/1933 Ellsworth Hudson Cemetery Thomas W. and Virginia E. Pool Beasley Shirley Christine Hawkins 12/29/1957
Beauchamp, Denise Hospelhorn 27 10/20/1995 Bloomington 01/16/1968 Bloomington Park Hill Cemetery Russel and Cindy Campbell Hospelhorn No reference No reference
Beck, Ruth E. 75 01/04/1988 Hartselle, AL 02/25/1912 Hudson Herring Cemetery Ruben and Ethel Sager Bright No reference No reference
Becker, Allen R. 37 06/10/2012 Tazewell Cnty. 02/03/1975 Bloomington Hudson Cemetery Douglas and Nancy Rade Becker

Becker, Douglas L. 49 07/12/1991 Normal 06/14/1942 Gibson City Hudson Cemetery Robert and Bernadine Taylor Becker Nancy Schroeder 12/28/1973
Beemer, Frieda L. 80 08/23/2006 Hudson 02/24/1926 Gridley Township Hudson Cemetery Russell E. and Ethel L. Barnett Northcutt Harry C. Beemer 02/08/1954
Beemer, Harry C. 82 06/06/1996 Normal 03/27/1914 Tamalco Hudson Cemetery Harry M. and Nona Coil Beemer Frieda Northcutt Hutson 02/08/1954
Beemer, Harry David 44 10/23/2003 Palestine Twnshp 02/16/1959 Bloomington Hudson Cemetery Harry C. and Frieda L. Northcutt Beemer Lori Reynolds 07/10/1987
Beeney, Rebecca Poland 82 11/24/1901 No reference 05/10/1819 Licking County, OH Hinthorn Cemetery No reference Richard Beeney 00/00/1842
Behrends, Robert L. 80 09/19/2009 Normal 06/08/1929 Peoria Easton Cemetery Rodney and Beatrice Bale Behrends Mary E. Gossmeyer 12/12/1963
Bell, Pauline E. 81 01/22/1996 Eureka 11/13/1914 Hudson Hudson Cemetery E.P. and Hazel Hitch Humphries W. Edwin Bell 11/09/1932
Bell, W. Edwin 75 05/01/1986 Normal 12/02/1910 Perry, OK Hudson Cemetery Robert A. and Inez Acker Bell Pauline Humphries 11/09/1932
Berg, Shirley L. 80 10/23/2011 Hudson 04/20/1931 Kappa Evergreen Cemetery El Paso Charlie and Loretta "Kitty" Bowman Smith Robert L. Berg 04/15/1951
Berkley, Bernice 87 04/22/1986 Peoria 09/03/1898 Hudson Park Hill Cemetery Walter and Adelia Abrams Berkley No reference No reference
Berkley, Delia D. 87 06/13/1965 Hudson 06/25/1877 Hudson Park Hill Cemetery Samuel Abrams and Sarah Sprague Abrams Walter Berkley 12/09/1897
Berkley, Myrtle F. 80 03/10/1981 No reference 07/07/1900 Hudson Park Hill Cemetery Walter and Adelia Abrams Berley No reference

Berkley, Walter W. 70 02/08/1942 South of Bloomington 07/28/1872 Bates County, MO No reference No reference Delia Abrams 00/00/1897
Berry, Albert G. 87 00/00/1940 No reference 06/15/1853 Rappahannock Co., VA Lexington Cemetery James and Louisa Berry No reference No reference
Berry, Allison R. 53 09/14/1971 Bloomington 05/18/1918 Lexington Park Hill Cemetery Ralph and Josephine Allison Berry Belle Taylor Ganther 06/04/1949
Berry, Christopher 26 11/21/2009 Bloomington No reference No reference Woodlawn Cemetery, Clinton Gary White and Janet Emberton No reference No reference
Berry, Josephine 75 05/14/1974 Bloomington 01/16/1899 Lexington Lexington Cemetery Frank and Minnie Johnson Allison Ralph Berry 00/00/1916
Berryman, Sarah E. 73 00/00/1906 Normal No reference Frankfort, KY No reference Mr. and Mrs. George Bishop Anthony Berryman 00/00/1863
Bethel, Albert W. 81 10/28/2008 Normal 09/06/1927 Clinton Park Hill Cemetery Homer Bethel and Helen Sutter Bethel Donna Harms 09/04/1949
Beverage, Bella Jo 1 day 10/30/2013
10/29/2013 Peoria Hudson Cemetery Branden Nicholas Beverage and Katy Jo Herchuee

Bigger, E. Lauren 76 01/03/1997 Ringgold No reference No reference Donoration No reference No reference No reference
Bigger, Eileen 77 02/17/2004 Normal 05/31/1926 Normal Lexington Cemetery Michael William and Margaret Kistner Garvey Ralph Bigger 09/10/1944
Bigger, Emery D.
No reference Hudson 12/31/1878 Kappa Hinthorn Cemetery James and Amanda Glimpse Bigger Josie Walston & Grace Walston 02/04/1898, 03/01/1911
Bigger, Grace 90 09/20/1980 Normal 09/26/1889 Hudson Hinthorn Cemetery William and Henrietta Lamp Walston Emery Bigger 03/05/1911
Bigger, Iris Leota 64 05/23/1963 Hudson 03/07/1899 Heyworth Hinthorn Cemetery W.O. and Elizabeth Adams Myers Lester R. Bigger 12/31/1919
Bigger, Lester R. 83 01/13/1983 No reference 02/02/1899 Money Creek Township Hinthorn Cemetery Emery and Josie Florence Walston Bigger Iris Myers, Lou Orendorff Malcom, Lelah Busick Smith 12/31/1919, 04/01/1966, 12/10/1972
Bigger, Lulu 70 06/28/1972 No reference 10/31/1901 Money Creek Township East Lawn Cemetery Luther and Daisey Buzzard Orendorff Danie Malcom, Lester R. Bigger, Sr. 06/22/1922, 04/01/1965
Bigger, Ralph 77 01/26/2004 Normal 03/03/1926 El Paso Lexington Cemetery Lester Ralph and Iris Myers Bigger Eileen M. Garvey 09/10/1940
Bigger, Russell "Rusty" 77 04/14/2008 Moberly, MO 01/06/1931 Hudson No reference Lester and Iris Myers Bigger Mary Louise woolsey 09/09/1968
Bilbrey, David Y. 84 03/01/1959 El Paso 09/01/1874 McLean County Hinthorn Cemetery Eli P. and Melissa Jane Maple Bilbrey Dora Nichols 09/14/1892
Billingsley, Lucas Todd 19 01/06/2011 Champaign No reference No reference Kaufman Cemetery Todd and Susie Billingsley No reference No reference
Birky, Albert V. 76 03/18/1974 Hudson 07/18/1897 Hudson No reference Valentine and Anna Ranseyer Birky Fern C. Carlock 01/25/1923
Birky, Elzada J. 83 No reference El Paso 07/29/1929 Flanagan Kauffman Cemetery Raymond and Opal Simonin Zehr James W. Birky 11/09/1952
Birky, Fern C. 78 02/17/1973 Hudson 12/15/1894 Carlock Kauffman Cemetery Demery and Lucia Baldridge Carlock Albert Birky 01/25/1923
Birky, Janet Lou 81 10/22/2013 Bloomington 08/06/1932 Bloomington Hudson Cemetery Dewey D. and Anna Mattson Daley William E. Birky 03/21/1952
Birky, Richard Claire 59 12/28/1984 Normal 09/12/1925 Bloomington Park Hill Cemetery Albert and Fern Carlock Birky Mary Lou Clesson 03/02/1952
Birky, Ronald J. 48 12/19/2003 Peoria 01/24/1955 Normal Kauffman Cemetery James and Elzaada Zehr Birky Lyndsey A. Warner 07/26/1980
Birky, William E. 84 10/20/2013 Normal 12/05/1928 Bloomington Hudson Cemetery Albert and Fern Carlock Birky Janet Lou Daley 03/21/1952
Bishoff, Helen N. 84 10/30/1999 Normal 07/15/1915 Holder East Lawn Memorial Gardens Steve and Bessie Huffman Huff Edgar Kepkea & William Bishoff 00/00/1935, 00/00/1982
Bittner, Scott Lee 42 04/07/2015 Bloomington 07/24/1972 Fairbury Hudson Cemetery Terry and Cynthia Jansen Bittner Carrie (no other reference) No reference
Blake, L. Kathryn 84 03/07/2014 Bloomington 08/29/1929 Danville, IL Park Hill Mausoleum Rly and Lola MacFarland Robison Robert J. Blake 12/03/1949
Blake, Lula M. 88 11/12/2010 Chenoa 10/20/1922 Arcola Park Hill Cemetery Ralph and Carrie Hall Sheley Paul H. Blake 12/21/1941
Blake, Nellie 93 05/14/1983 Lomira, WI 08/04/1889 Keenes Salem Mateer Cemetery, Wayne County John T. and Emma Newman Payne Charles Blake 8/19/1908
Blake, Paul H. 66 05/20/1988 Chenoa 06/18/1921 Wayne County, IL Park Hill Cemetery Charles and Nellie Payne Blake Lu Sheley 12/21/1941
Blake, Robert J. 65 05/26/1994 Normal 09/04/1928 Mount Vernon Park Hill Mausoleum Charles and Nellie Payne Blake Kathryn Robison 12/03/1949
Blakeman, Henrietta 52 03/09/1966 Hudson 03/08/1914 Hubbell, MI St. Joseph's Cemetery Albert J. and Delia Chandinos Hainault John Blakeman 08/22/1933
Blakeman, John Edgar Jr. 86 02/16/1996 Laurel, MT 10/09/1909 Alexander St. Joseph's Cemetery John E. and Mabel Arnold Blakeman Henrietta Hainault 08/22/1933
Bleavins, Jesse L. 30 00/00/1926 Bloomington 00/00/1896 Hudson Hudson Cemetery Herschel Bleavins & Effie Turnipseed Dusilla Buck 00/00/1920
Blough, Addie A. 96 04/24/1964 Wisconsin Dells, WI 10/25/1867 Hudson Hudson Cemetery Hiram O. and Elbertine Capron Johnson John M. Blough 02/16/1887
Blough, Delia M. 82 05/18/1960 Normal 03/14/1878 Gridley Hinthorn Cemetery Hiram and Elizabeth Capron Johnson Urias Blough 02/17/1897
Blough, Hurshel 67 10/17/1970 Hudson 12/22/1902 Hudson Hudson Cemetery Noah and Mabel Snavely Blough Marguerite Ramsey 01/04/1930
Blough, John M. 88 00/00/1953 Hudson 12/28/1865 Sumerset County, PA Hudson Cemetery William and Mary Forney Blough Addie A. Johnson 02/16/1887
Blough, Mabel 89 No reference Princeton 08/30/1898 Hudson Hudson Cemetery No reference Noah Blough 11/19/1899
Blough, Noah 84 10/29/1960 Normal 06/13/1876 Hudson Hudson Cemetery William and Mary M. Forney Blough Mabel C. Snavely 11/19/1899
Blough, Paul M. 86 12/27/1980 Plaquemine, LA 09/17/1894 Hudson Hudson Cemetery John M. and Addie Johnson Blough No reference

Blough, Urias
00/00/1941 Geff No reference Hudson Hinthorn Cemetery Mr & Mrs. William Blough Delia Johnson No reference
Blum, Frieda D. 95 01/30/1993 Normal 08/16/1897 Hudson Evergreen Cemetery, Bltn. George J. and Katherine Klump Blum No reference No reference
Blum, George J. 76 00/00/1940 Normal 08/09/1864 Bloomington No reference No reference Katherine Klumpp 1/16/1894
Bodley, Mary 82 07/28/2004 N. Richland Hills TX 08/26/1921 St. Louis, MO No reference No reference Paul G. Bodley No reference
Boggs, Albert L. 71 10/29/1976 Bloomington 04/21/1905 Hudson Hudson Cemetery Harry O. and Maude Harper Boggs Frieda Sprehe 4/14/1928
Boggs, Donald L. 22 06/06/1961 Peoria 04/24/1939 Bloomington No reference Albert L. and Frieda Sprehe Boggs Betty Wiese 10/11/1958
Boggs, Frieda 72 06/22/1976 Hudson 09/19/1903 Clinton County Hudson Cemetery Gerhardt and Mary Lueking Sprehe Albert Boggs 04/14/1928
Boitnott, Diana S. 61 09/23/2008 Normal 10/05/1946 Tuscola Rosewood Cemetery, Bltn Carl and Margaret Worstel Taylor Earl G. Boitnott 04/30/1971
Boitnott, Earl G. 86 06/17/2005 Lexington 06/19/1918 Covell Lexington Cemetery Benjamin and Elvina Swartzentruber Boitnott Helen L. Robbins 12/24/1943
Boitnott, Helen Louise 91 10/11/2010 El Paso 09/01/1919 Cooksville Lexington Cemetery Sherman and Rosella Dolman Robbins Earl G. Boitnott 12/24/1943
Boles, Thelma H. 95 08/10/2001 Hudson 08/11/1905 Salina, KS Chenoa Cemetery William and Ruth Fougs Hoover Harley Milton Boles 12/21/1927
Bollman, Donald F. 42 07/16/2010 Marion, KY 10/12/1967 Minneapolis, MN Marlboro Cemetery, OH Anthony Bollman and Penny Carlson LeeAnn White 02/22/1991
Bone, Hazel Blough 71 05/14/1979 Iowa City, IA 02/15/1908 Hudson Princeton Noah and Mabel Snavely Blough Paul Bone 03/31/1928
Booziotis, Donna J. 56 10/15/1983 Normal 06/16/1927 Stanford McLean Cemetery Charles and Edna Woodmancy Knobeloch Sam Booziotis 00/00/1951
Boughton, Gilbert 67 00/00/1964 Normal 12/15/1897 Hudson Hinthorn Cemetery William and Viola Pollock Boughton Stella Hamilton Junk No reference
Boughton, Roy S. 54 07/10/1952 Normal 03/19/1898 Hudson Hudson Cemetery William and Viola Pollock Boughton Bertha Hoffman 00/00/1927
Boughton, Stella Hamilton
09/15/1995 Hudson No reference TN Hinthorn Cemetery Mr & Mrs. Henry Hamilton & Calvin and Laura Junk Gilbert Boughton No reference
Boughton, Viola Pollock 0 01/27/1905 No reference 00/00/1867 No reference Hinthorn Cemetery No reference William Boughton No reference
Bowen, Henrietta 47 07/19/1944 Normal 08/21/1896 Hudson No reference Samuel and Henrietta Stephens Thompson Wallace Bowen 11/17/1921
Braasch, Donald Delmore 63 11/03/2014 Hudson 08/01/1951 Alton Pleasant Grove Cemetery, Downs Delmore and Wilma Meyer Braasch Sandra Simpson 7/14/1979
Breen, Frank Rev. 81 00/00/1967 Normal 07/23/1886 Lanark Park Hill Cemetery No reference Flora J. Giles & Thelma Van Ness 07/01/1908, 00/00/1945
Brewer, Harold G. 88 02/11/2016 Bloomington 07/13/1927 Bloomington Hudson Cemetery Harry and Edythe Smock Brewer Mary Francis Brewer 11/18/1949
Brickey, Vernon Leon 93 05/20/2017 Bloomington 08/09/1923 Overland, MO Hudson Cemetery Oscar and Pearl Caudill Brickey Dorothy Neal 07/24/1960
Brines, Joseph 21 11/29/2010 Hudson 02/27/1989 Normal Hudson Cemetery Richard and Dee Koppenhoefer Brines Jr. No reference No reference
Brines, Richard P. 72 10/14/1992 Clinton 10/13/1920 Green Twnshp; El Paso East Lawn Memorial Gardens Grover S. and Mabel Bttrick Brines Helen Mae Peters 10/08/1947
Bringham, Bonnie 91 09/17/1992 Kauai, HI 06/21/1901 Stockport, OH Cremated James Newell and Annie Kaen Swift John H. Slava 06/22/1924
Brittain, Georgette 53 No reference Pontiac 08/12/1917 Washburn Minonk City Cemetery George and Slice Shreve Fewell Raymond, Block, Howard Brittain 06/30/1961
Brittain, Howard 67 09/04/1972 Minonk 11/16/1904 Jasper, IN Minonk City Cemetery Oliver P; and Sarah Ellen Harnad Brittain Georgetta Blocck 00/00/1961
Brooks, Mrs. Fern 81 No reference No reference 10/31/1892 Lexington Pennell Cemetery, Towanda Joseph andIda Bella Eddlman Devore John W. Brooks 08/12/1918
Brown, Carl W. 61 02/13/1984 Hudson 10/06/1922 Hudson Twnshp. Hudson Cemetery Robert G. and Martha Ziebarth Brown Mae Ruth Stone 12/26/1955
Brown, Christopher R. 39 03/05/2013 Normal 11/09/1973 Hershey, PA No reference Michael R. and Pamela S. Walters Brown Amie Melton 06/07/1997
Brown, Damon L. No reference Bloomington No reference Hudson No reference Luther Brown No reference No reference
Brown, Francis D. 62 06/06/1965 Normal 08/02/1902 Hudson Park Hill Cemetery Daniel R. and Laura Porter Brown Olive Crichfield 07/04/1925
Brown, Henry 55 07/29/1974 Normal 09/19/1918 Hudson East Lawn Memorial Park Robert and Martha Ziebarth Brown Betty Weaner 09/15/1944
Brown, L. Blanche 85 08/29/1967 Lexington 08/30/1881 Afton, IA Hudson Cemetery Issac and Mary Ellen Richards Stewart No reference No reference
Brown, Lois J. 73 09/04/2006 Normal 03/12/1933 Hudson East Lawn Memorial Gardens Lester R. and Iris Myers Bigger Leslie "Gene" Brown 02/04/1953
Brown, Luther E. 84 06/06/1984 Lafeyette, IN 07/25/1899 Armington East Lawn Memorial Gardens Shelby and Harriet Jones Brown Opal Woosley 12/23/1926
Brown, Luther Opal 57 No reference Hudson No reference No reference No reference No reference No reference No reference
Brown, Mae Ruth 84 06/29/2012 Normal 08/19/1927 Roodhouse Hudson Cemetery Raphael Buchanan and Mary Etta Harp Stone Everett Hawkins, Jr.; Carl W. Brown 00/00/1945, 12/26/1955
Brown, Mamie M. 71 09/08/1952 Hudson 09/04/1881 Hudson Hudson Cemetery Henry and Mary Brown No reference No reference
Brown, Martha A. 86 02/27/1977 Bloomington 01/18/1991 Gnesen, Germany Hudson Cemetery Gottlieb Fredinand and Pauline Wilhelmine Moench Ziebarth Robert G. Brwon 02/11/1914
Brown, Mary Ann
10/17/1935 Hudson 02/16/1852 Ireland (country of) No reference Thomas and Mary Moffet Patterson Henry Brown 10/06/1880
Brown, Michael O. 65 06/26/2014 Normal 10/20/1948 Humboldt, TN Cremated Leon and Mildred Woodson Brown Belinda Harrison No reference
Brown, Opal 57 04/04/1963 Bloomington No reference No reference East Lawn Cemetery Maude Woosley Luther Brown No reference
Brown, Robert G. 80 02/05/1997 Normal 06/13/1916 Hudson East Lawn Memorial Gardens Robert G. and Martha Ziebarth Brown Wanda Kerchenfaut 06/27/1948
Brummitt, Karen 50 03/19/1990 Normal 11/02/1939 Bloomington East Lawn Cemetery Alphia and Lillian belle Zimmerman Witzig David Brummitt 07/08/1962
Brush, Patti F. 56 09/07/2014 St. Louis 03/05/1958 Peoria Evergreen Cemetery, El Paso Bernard F. and Frances M. Burnham Shrier Charles “Kim” Brush 07/17/1990
Brutlag, Addison Ruth 28 ds 12/13/2003 Peoria 11/15/2003 Peoria Hudson Cemetery Jason and Allison Odle Brutlag No reference No reference
Brutlag, Marissa J. 57 ds 01/10/2004 Peoria 11/15/2003 Peoria Hudson Cemetery Jason and Allison Odle Brutlag No reference No reference
Bryant, Jennie 89 05/05/1973 Bloomington 10/28/1884 Falls of Rough, KY Hudson Cemetery William and Lou wilhelm Sarver John C. Bryant 05/18/1902
Bryant, John Curtis 87 06/21/1968 Normal 04/17/1881 Derby, IN Hudson Cemetery George Burton and Icefine Bryant Jennie Sarver 05/18/1902
Bryant, Leslie J. 75 06/07/1995 Normal 12/25/1919 Hudson Park Hill Cemetery John Curtis and Jenny Sarver Bryant Alta A. Anderson 08/01/1942
Bryant, Paul W. 70 02/22/1973 Normal 02/11/1903 Falls of Rough, KY Hudson Cemetery John C. and Jennie Sarver Bryant No reference No reference
Buhl, Charles R. “Butch” 74 12/28/2016 Creekside Terrace, Belton, TX 10/20/1942 Normal
Eva and Elmo Buhl

Buhl, Donald Elmo 74 09/13/2013 Normal 03/18/1939 Lexington No reference Elmo Charles and Eva Myrl Carter Buhl No reference No reference
Buhl, Eva M. 91 08/02/2012 Normal 11/22/1920 Danvers Lexington Cemetery Roscoe and Iva Mae Gilliland Carter Elmo C. Buhl 06/12/1939
Bullock, Raymond C. 74 07/09/1990 Herrin No reference No reference Mulkeytown Cemetery No reference No reference No reference
Bumpus, Sherry L. 53 07/05/2011 Hudson 10/29/1957 Peoria East Lawn Memorial Gardens Millard Dale and Sharon Lee Deer Potter Wm. Michael Wilson; Douglas M. Bumpus Bumpus – 05/31/1986
Bunn, Frances
00/00/1941 Bloomington 11/16/1892
No reference No reference I.E. Bunn 02/00/1893
Burden, Arvel O. 81 12/22/2009 Normal 08/20/1928 Kentucky Funks Grove Cemetery Everett and Mary Daugherty Burden Jean Kay Beck 08/21/1971
Burns, Honor Leota 23
Hudson 03/13/1881 McLean County
Jonas and Sarah Burns Enos J. McClure 06/12/1899
Burress Carl L. 66 07/07/1981 Bloomington 03/09/1915 Bloomington Hudson Cemetery Monroe and Edith Flynn Burress Mary Marksteiner 06/07/1939
Burress, Carl L. Jr. 46 05/15/1998 Chicago 03/15/1952 Quincy Hudson Cemetery Carl L. Sr. and Mary Marksteiner Burress Anna Watkins 11/10/1979
Burress, Mary 89 02/20/2012 Bloomington 03/02/1922 Bloomington Hudson Cemetery Anthony and Barbara Tieber Marksteiner Carl Burress No reference
Burtis, Clyde L. 80 No reference Washington DC No reference Hudson Hudson Cemetery No reference No reference No reference
Burtis, Daisy Skinner
No reference Chicago 09/27/1882 Hudson Hudson Cemetery Mr. and Mrs. A.W. Skinner Guy S. Burtis 02/08/1905
Burtis, Edwin Louis 94 01/22/1934 Hudson 00/00/1840 Hudson Hudson Cemetery Edwin Elias and Sarah Lewis Burtis Mattie Barsby No reference
Burtis, Edwin S. 78 05/12/1972 El Paso, TX 00/00/1894 Hudson No reference No reference Emma Gillespie No reference
Burtis, Guy S. 90 09/21/1966 Chicago 12/19/1875 Hudson Hudson Cemetery Edwin L. and Martha Barsby Burtis Iris O'Brien 00/00/1914
Burtis, Guy S. 67 02/18/1980 Bloomington 02/14/1913 Chicago Cremated Guy S. and Daisy Skinner Burtis Joyce Cameron 12/31/1937
Burtis, Ira E. 51 11/07/1949 Claremont, FL 00/00/1898 Hudson Hudson Cemetery No reference No reference No reference
Burtis, Jacob H. (Hicks) 76 06/16/1873 Hudson (near) 11/18/1796 Hempstead, Long Island Havens Grove Cemetery
Eliza (Carman), Mary (Weeks) No reference
Burtis, Joyce C. 90 09/22/2005 Hudson 07/27/1915 Adams Twsp, IA Hudson Cemetery Arthur E. and Eva McLandsbrough Cameron Guy Seaman Burtis Jr. 12/31/1937
Burtis, Leah J.
No reference Hudson 11/18/1856 Hudson Hudson Cemetery James and Amelia Ambrose William T. Burtis 11/05/1878
Burtis, Matilda L. 86 08/13/1982 Corpus Christi, TX 11/13/1895 Webster City, IA Hudson Cemetery William and Margaret Wilson Leetch Ralph W. Burtis 09/18/1920
Burtis, Mrs. E. L. (Mattie Barsby) 87 No reference Oak Park
Ashtabula, OH Hudson Cemetery Samuel and Elizabeth Barsby Edwin L. Burtis 02/17/1905
Burtis, Parker 72 09/24/1971 Normal 11/21/1898 Hudson Hudson Cemetery Willaim T..C. and Leah Ambrose Burtis No reference No reference
Burtis, Ralph W. 73 10/20/1964 Hudson 12/04/1890 Hudson Hudson Cemetery William T. and Leah Ambrose Burtis Matilda Leetch 09/18/1920
Burtis, William

Burtis, William T.C. 58 No reference Hudson 11/16/1844 Hudson Hudson Cemetery E. E. and Sarah Ann Burtis Leah J. Ambrose 11/05/1878
Burton, Hattie May No reference Normal 05/23/1889 Iron Mountain, KY No reference Mr and Mrs. Charles Burton No reference 12/10/1901
Busch, Francis Terry 79 11/03/2013 Normal 01/17/1934 Blue Island Lexington Cemetery Francis and Agnes Lenzi Busch Barbara Ott 08/29/1953
Busick, Delilah Myers No reference Towanda 11/24/1861 Washington No reference No reference C.A. Busick 12/02/1879
Busick, Elza P. 92 12/29/1970 Normal 09/02/1878 Hudson Park Hill Cemetery William and Amanda Havens Busick Laura A. Boyd 01/12/1905, 00/00/1940
Busick, Joshua Issac 73 10/04/1958 Stephenson, MI 12/06/1884 Hudson Stephenson, MI Charles Addison and Delilah Myers Busick Calara Mabel Sholty 02/22/1911
Bustle, Cora Lena 89 08/29/1988 Macon 03/09/1899 Clark County Hudson Cemetery George and Lida Price Williams James Herbert Bustle 04/06/1918
Bustle, Herbert 81 00/00/1976 Danville 03/03/1895 London, KY Hudson Cemetery John and Margaret Ball Bustle Cora Williams 04/06/1918
Bustle, Mrs J.W. 76 12/13/1940 Normal 10/19/1864 Laurel Co., KY No reference Mr and Mrs. W. Ball John W Bustle 01/04/1880
Butler, Gertrude 50 12/31/1936 Bloomington 07/22/1886 Hudson Hudson Cemetery Mr. and Mrs. William Silvey John Butler No reference
Byers, Margaret 82 01/00/1916 Chicago 00/00/1834 Hudson Hudson Cemetery No reference No reference No reference
Byrd, Henry J. 72 01/11/1915 Hudson 03/22/1843 Coshocton County, OH Hudson Cemetery No reference Sarah Ann McGiffin 03/07/1868
Byrd, Sarah Ann 90 04/11/1921 Hudson 05/29/1831 Lewisville, OH Hudson Cemetery William McGiffin and Lydia Butterfield Mc Giffin Henry J. Byrd 03/07/1868
Calam, Fred 74 01/21/1979 Battle Creek, MI 05/01/1904 Hudson Hudson Cemetery Albert B. and Mary Reed Calam No reference No reference
Calam, Henrietta Sprague 95 03/03/1932 Hudson 05/03/1836 Hempsted, Long Island Hudson Cemetery Garet and Hannah Sprague Thomas Calam 02/03/1905
Calam, Thomas 01/26/1902 Hudson No reference Yorkshire, England Hudson Cemetery No reference Henrietta Sprague 08/04/1858
Calhoun, Miriam J. 85 02/14/2006 Normal 01/14/1921 Hudson Cremation Asa W. Skinner and Rose Hughes Skinner Harry C. Calhoun 06/06/1942
Camp, Dorothy Uphoff 92 05/22/2010 Washington DC 10/05/1918 Hudson Arlington National Cemetery William F. and Amelia A. Knapp Uphoff Daniel Camp No reference
Campbell, Glen H. 56 03/15/1968 Normal 07/14/1911 Kappa East Lawn Memorial Gardens Pearl and Mary E. Hall Cambell Margaret Munce 06/07/1941
Campbell, Margaret Munce 95 03/29/2008 Ann Arbor, MI 04/03/1912 Lake Forrest Evergreen Memorial Cemetery Charles Carroll and Clara DeMotte Munce Glen H. Campbell 06/19/1941
Campbell, Pearl 62 00/00/00 Bloomington 04/24/1883
Arthur James Harvey and Cora Belle Campbell Mary E. Hall 05/27/1909
Campen, Betty M. 82 09/07/2012 Eureka 12/10/1929 Bloomington St. Peter Luth. Cem., Benson Albert and Grace McGrath Alsene Clarence Campen 12/10/1949
Canter, Brian S./Brayden Terrell 4 mos 11/02/2008 Peoria 06/27/2008 El Paso Evergreen Cemetery Patrick and Lyndall Canter/Harold Kohl and Melissa Terrell No reference No reference
Carnahan, Earlene 65 06/30/1991 Normal 11/07/1925 Money Creek East Lawn Memorial Gardens James and Daisy E. Staples McReynolds William A. Carnahan Sr. 08/19/1946
Carnahan, William A. 63 10/29/1984 No reference 04/03/1921 Lexington East Lawn Memorial Gardens Arthur and Carrie Donnelly Carnahan Earlene McReynolds 08/19/1946
Carr, Richard G. 74 06/21/2009 Normal 12/14/1934 Bloomington Hudson Cemetery Lester and Hazel Dobbs Carr Mitzi Simmons 08/28/1955
Carrel, Doris E. 68 10/13/1984 Seattle, WA 02/06/1917 Geneseo Park Hill Cemetery Warren Hendersonand Olive H. Hiser Henderson Elbert T. Carrel 03/21/1936
Carrel, Elbert T. "Al" 79 07/14/1994 Seattle, WA 11/06/1914 Evansville, IN Park Hill Cemetery Omer and Gerthrie Lenn Carrel Doris Henderson, Patricia Ader 03/21/1936, 11/27/1986
Carrithers, Fred Augustin 82 00/00/1940 Bloomington 06/20/1858 Marshall County Hudson Cemetery William P. and Mary Barnes Carrithers Miss Havens 10/20/1888
Carrithers, Henry H. 88 01/14/1984 Ontario, CA 11/22/1895 Hudson Bellevue Maursoleum, Ontario Fred A. and Etta Havens Carrithers No reference

Carrithers, Mrs. Fred A. 76 10/03/1939 Bloomington 03/01/1863 Hudson Hudson Cemetery Hiram and Sarah Trimmer Havens Fred A. Carrithers 10/20/1888
Carver, Donald Lewis “Donnie” 78 08/10/2016 Advocate BroMenn, Normal 07/23/1938 Normal Cremated Odie and Helen Irene Sealey Carver Bausch

Carver, Robert E. "Bob" 73 02/09/2009 Overbrook, KS 11/26/1935 El Paso Cremated Odie and Irene Carver Cleonia Rohrer 03/06/1960
Chambers, John T. 80 01/21/2015 Hudson 08/26/1934 Bloomington Hudson Cemetery Thornton and Lillian McGrow Chambers Marliese Gehm 03/30/1957
Chambers, Maria L. "Marliese" 75 04/28/2010 Normal 10/05/1934 Kaiserslautern, Germany Hudson Cemetery Eugene and Maria L. Bischoff Gehm John T. Chambers 03/30/1957
Chandler, Elizabeth I. 66 06/15/1999 Normal 01/25/1933 McLean County Hudson Cemetery Lester and Frances Leonard Crummett Harold Chandler 05/27/1950
Chandler, Harold J. 80 12/27/2010 Hudson 05/18/1930 Bloomington Hudson Cemetery Harold Rell and Ethel Rose Coppenbarger Chandler Elizabeth I. Crummett No reference
Chestney, James Robert 88 01/02/2010 Bloomington 01/16/1921 Springfield Oak Ridge Cemetery, Springf James Denny and Marie Mamie Duffy Chestney Virginia Ann Colvin 08/10/1940
Childers, Barbara “Jeane” 75 03/27/2017 El Paso

Hudson Cemetery
Wayne Childers

Chrisman, Viola L. 89 07/05/1996 Normal 02/28/1907 Charlette Chatsworth Cemetery Louis and Amelia Wienand Meisenhelder Wendell L. Chrisman 10/15/1932
Chrisman, Wendell L. 72 00/00/1976 Bloomington 09/21/1904 Armington Chatsworth Cemetery Leonard and Nannie Bidknell Chrisman Viola Meisenholder 10/15/1932
Christman, Charles E. 85 05/15/1905 No reference 01/23/1877 Elkhart, IN Hudson Cemetery Jacob and Catherine Patton Christman May Wheeler; Nellie M. Horine 00/00/1902, 09/30/1953
Clark, JoAn Littell 63 12/13/1990 Peoria 03/04/1927 Hudson St. Mary's Cemetery Floyd and Catherine Schlosser Littell No reference No reference
Clause, Wendell Frederick 0 01/02/1969 Normal 01/01/1969 Normal No reference Mrs. and Mrs. William Clause

Clause, William F. 62 10/01/2006 Normal 12/06/1943 Kankakee Hudson Cemetery James Edward and Caroline dunlap Clouse Karen Stotler 07/07/1968
Cluck, John Douglas 70 00/00/1951 Bloomington 10/20/1881 McLeansboro Hudson Cemetery William and Janette Mezo Cluck Lucy Roberts 12/29/1906
Coe, Electa Lyerly 93 11/05/1997 Hudson 06/02/1904 Jonesboro Jonesboro Cemetery Dr. Andreew Jackson and Sarah P. Corzine Lyerly Lawrence J. Whittington, Theodore Coe No reference
Cole, Will Richard infant 10/31/2009 Peoria 00/00/2009 Peoria No reference Brad and Joette Sullivan Cole No reference No reference
Compton, Elizabeth Ellen Hoffman 55 04/30/1940 Hudson Area 03/04/1885 Kansas Township East White Oak Union Cemetery Valentine and Anna Mishler Hoffman George Compton 06/08/1905
Compton, Hazel Irene 82 05/18/1999 Lexington 07/26/1916 Hudson Hudson Cemetery Edward and Sarah Olive Carpenter Hospelhorm Clyde Earl Compton 11/24/1934
Compton, Kenneth R. 67 07/12/1979 No reference 06/25/1912 Hudson East Lawn Cemetery George and Elizabeth Hoffman Compton No reference

Compton, Lyle "Slim" 82 01/17/2001 Lexington 04/29/1918 Hudson East Lawn Memorial Gardens George H. and Lizabeth Hoffman Compton Darlene Terven 01/14/1944
Conaway, Albert 58 00/00/1953 Peoria 02/27/1894 Fairfield Hudson Cemetery John and Ema Paul Conaway Edna Staser 12/18/1915
Concklin, Marcus F. 83 00/00/1939 Hudson 10/08/1855 Bloomington Hudson Cemetery William Keith and Lucy Concklin

Collins, Norma J. 86 12/02/2016 Bloomington 08/12/1930 Hudson Park Hill Cemetery Alme J. and Lela Ruth Thompson Cope Thomas J. Collins 11/26/1947
Condon, George F. 80 02/10/1973 Bloomington 11/07/1892 Hudson Hudson Cemetery Thomas F. and Elizabeth Arbuckle Condon Hazel A. Williamson 05/18/1918
Condon, Hazel A. 96 06/24/1992 Normal 04/04/1896 Carlock Hudson Cemetery Ira and Lilly Riley Williamson George F. "Denny" Condon 05/18/1918
Condon, Thomas “Tom” 82 No reference Hudson 10/10/1854 Bloomington No reference Thomas and Elizabeth Condon Elizabeth Arbuckle 05/10/1883
Conklin, William 76 01/27/1905 Hudson 08/27/1829 New York City, NY Hudson Cemetery No reference Lucy J. Sprague 06/00/1853
Cope, Alme James 65 09/24/1974 Hudson 05/09/1909 Colfax Hudson Cemetery Albert and Ruby Robinson Cope Lela Thompson 06/16/1928
Cope, Cindy Jo 05/16/1905 Bloomington Still Born Bloomington Hudson Cemetery No reference

Cope, Howard 59 08/03/1967 Bloomington 04/28/1908 Cooksville Park Hill Cemetery Albert and Ruby Robinson Cope Lucille Stillman 10/01/1934
Cope, James A. 52 04/14/1988 Peoria 09/13/1935 Washington Balhalla Memorial Park Cemetery Alme James and Lela Thompson Cope Fern Marquardt 04/01/1956
Cope, James C. 61 01/27/1977 Hudson 11/25/1915 Cooksville Hudson Cemetery Charles Newton and Mary E. Stewart Cope Ruth Humphries 03/11/1945
Cope, Lela Ruth 86 04/05/1997 Bloomington 00/00/1911 Bloomington Hudson Cemetery No reference No reference No reference
Cope, Ruth H. 93 10/12/2014 Hudson 05/05/1921 Hudson No reference John William and Betsy Rowena Houston Humphries James Charles Cope 03/11/1945
Cope, Samuel A. 66 01/25/2005 Bloomington 07/12/1938 Bloomington Park Lawn Cemetery, Danvers Alme James and Lela Thompson Cope Ella Jackson & Darlene Spaid Solomon 11/13/1966, 03/14/1997
Corbin, Gerald Lloyd 50 02/02/1969 Bloomington 01/06/1919 Jasper County East Lawn Cemetery Wilbur and Ruby Hannaman Crbin Sadie Louise Nutt 12/25/1939
Corbin, Peggy 64 03/18/2015 Bloomington 09/11/1950 No reference East Lawn Memorial Gardens Gerald Lloyd and Sadie Louise Nutt Corbin

Corke, Stanley J. 90 01/02/2009 Watseka 03/13/1918 Middleport Twsp Oak Hill Cemetery, Watseka Jesse S. and Mary Gerber Corke Ruth Bouhl 12/12/1945
Cornelius, Erwin D. 78 03/14/2015 Normal 09/10/1936 Melvin Hudson Cemetery Clarence B. and Ferne Zebarth Cornelius Leila K. Andres 06/01/1957
Cottone, Benjamin Sabastiano Cottone 86 03/27/2009 Ft. Meyers, FL 09/24/1923 No reference East Lawn Memorial Gardens Antonio Cottone and Antonia Ferrara No reference No reference
Cox, Charles Merton 86 01/22/2015 Hudson 11/19/1928 Hudson New Carlisle, OH James H. and Cora Forney Cox No reference No reference
Cox, Cora Belle Forney 69 11/28/1953 Normal 12/04/1884 Hudson Hudson Cemetery John W. and Rachel Ann Forney James H. Cox 09/00/1905
Cox, Donald R. 41 08/30/1991 Normal 12/05/1949 Normal East Lawn Memorial Gardens Edwin and Alice Pfeffinger Cox No reference No reference
Cox, Edwin F. 91 03/01/2006 Blue Springs, MO 11/05/1914 Hudson East Lawn Memorial Gardens James Hooper and Cora Forney Cox Alice Pfeffinger 08/24/1946
Cox, Ferne Beard 81 07/10/1996 Meadows 07/16/1914 Deepwater, MO East Lawn Memorial Gardens George T. and Minnie Bates Beard Roland Cox 09/23/1935
Cox, James H. 78 05/09/1900 Hudson 04/21/1822 Norway, ME Hudson Cemetery No reference Mary Chadbourn 02/06/1846
Cox, James H. 78 04/23/1988 Hopedale 09/02/1909 Hudson East Lawn Memorial Gardens James H. and Cora Forney Cox Phyllis Louise Woodin 08/29/1941
Cox, James H. Sr 73 10/23/1956 Rockford 01/22/1883 Hudson Hudson Cemetery Charles Edwin and Effie Dart Cox Cora Forney 09/26/1905
Cox, Mrs James H. Sr 69 11/28/1953 Normal 12/04/1884 Hudson Hudson Cemetery John W. and Rachel Ann Forney James H. Cox 09/00/1905
Cox, Phylis L. 68 01/03/1984 Hudson 09/09/1915 Sunnyside, WA East Lawn Memorial Gardens Paul C. and Laura M. Shader Woodin James H. Cox 08/29/1941
Cox, Robert Lynn 92 08/11/2004 Byron 06/16/1912 Hudson St. Mary's Cemetery James H. and Cora Forney Cox Florence Carver 05/04/1935
Cox, Roland Dart 90 07/26/2002 Meadows 06/16/1912 Hudson East Lawn Memorial Gardens James and Cora Forney Cox Ferne 09/23/1935
Craig, Beatrice M. 84 09/11/2003 Normal 01/04/1919 Arcola Hudson Cemetery Owen B. and Barbara E. Robertson Prunty John R. Craig 12/00/1935
Craig, Bert E. 66 11/19/1989 Peoria 01/30/1923 Hudson Hudson Cemetery John and Sarah Brown Craig No reference No reference
Craig, Bevelyn A. (Brunson) 78 04/15/1996 Bloomington 12/15/1917 Indianola Hudson Cemetery William Harry and Josephine Smith Brunson George W. Craig 07/02/1936
Craig, Clifford D. 39 04/21/2003 Potosi, MO No reference No reference No reference John Craig No reference No reference
Craig, Dora Mae 96 02/16/2004 Bloomington 09/12/1907 Hudson Hudson Cemetery John D. and Sarah Brown Craig No reference No reference
Craig, Elva Jewell 76 10/17/1972 Normal 04/08/1896 Hudson Downs Cemetery William and Rosa Jewell Silvey Cheney E. Craig 07/24/1918
Craig, Florence L. 87 01/08/2008 Normal 00/00/1921 Hudson Hudson Cemetery No reference No reference No reference
Craig, Gary S. 58 12/10/2009 Bloomington 07/10/1951 Bloomington East Lawn Memorial Gardens Howard and Joanne Dornaus Craig No reference No reference
Craig, George K. 75 05/24/1941 Fairview 01/14/1866 Hudson No reference George and Dora Craig No reference No reference
Craig, George W. 77 10/17/1904 Hudson 04/04/1827 Midlothianshire, Scotland Hudson Cemetery No reference Jeanette Ferguson & Dora Ropp 00/00/1852, 00/00/1863
Craig, Jeretta "Jettie" 86 04/05/2005 Normal 05/29/1918 Hudson Hudson Cemetery John D. and Sarah Brown Craig No reference No reference
Craig, John Robert 59 03/06/1968 Hudson 02/21/1909 Hudson Hudson Cemetery John D. and Sarah Brown Craig Beatrice Prunity 00/00/1935
Craig, Keith E. 73 12/02/1985 Bloomington 09/01/1912 Hudson Hudson Cemetery John D. and Sarah Brown Craig No reference No reference
Craig, Kittie 81 08/09/1955 Bloomington 11/06/1873 Holder Hudson Cemetery Sylvanus and Hanna Case Mikel George Craig 02/19/1896
Craig, Mary I. 95 12/07/2005 Bloomington 11/29/1910 Hudson Hudson Cemetery John D. and Sarah Brown Craig No reference No reference
Craig, Robert Lee 34 ds No reference No reference No reference No reference Hudson Cemetery Mr. and Mrs. John D. Craig

Craig, Roger 56 01/19/2002 Bloomington 09/14/1945 Hudson Hudson Cemetery John Robert and Beatrice Prunty Kathleen Carol Kearfott 09/13/1963
Craig, Sally. 63 04/25/1936 Bloomingtono 03/17/1873
Hopewell Cemetery, Downs Mr. and Mrs. John Mikel Thomas W. Craig 12/29/1902
Craig, Sarah 77 08/20/1960 RR 4 Hudson 11/15/1882 Hudson No reference Henry and Mary Patterson Brown John D. Craig 03/21/1905
Craig, Thomas W. No ref 07/24/1944 Normal 09/03/1873 Hudson Twnsp. No reference George and Dora Craig Sallie M. Mikel 00/00/1942
Craig, Thomas W. 75 06/23/1991 Normal 03/02/1916 Lexington Hudson Cemetery John D. and Sarah Brown Craig Florence Alsman 06/02/1940
Craig, Timothy James 5 months 12/10/1965 Chicago 06/28/1965 Bloomington Hudson Cemetery Roger and Kathleen Carol Kearfott Craig NA

Cramer, Christian Martin 32 08/03/2016 Kappa, IL 03/22/1984 New York, NY Hudson Cemetery Harold J. and Nora Jane Garrett Cramer

Crandall, Stanley 84 08/13/2014 Normal 07/21/1920 Farina Hudson Cemetery Charles LeRoy and Tracy Lorena Pruett Crandall Ione Vivian Whitacre 12/22/1945
Crihfield, Helen 83 01/05/1970 Hopedale 02/01/1886 Bloomington Atlanta Cemetery Thomas W. and Mary Alice Gildersleeve Stevenson Roy Horace Crihfield 02/17/1906
Crouch, Janice Ann 76 07/16/2008 Normal 11/02/1931 Normal Hudson Cemetery Lloyd Otto and Alma Snodgrass Walden Royce E. Crouch 05/19/1951
Crowder, Dean 62 03/24/1974 No reference 12/10/1910 Springfield Oak Ridge Cemetery, Springfield Herbert W. and Frances Dougherty Crowder, Sr. Florence Barron 11/03/1947
Crump, Annabel M. 73 04/02/1987 Hudson 05/29/1913 Currin Hudson Cemetery George and Annabel Main Chapman Virgil Ray Crump 09/04/1935
Crump, Virgil R. 72 02/22/1977 Bloomington 02/13/1905 Secor Hudson Cemetery Edward and May Barto Crump Annabel Chapman 09/04/1935
Culkin, Elizabeth Anna “Betty” 87 08/30/2013 Bloomington 07/29/1926 Strawn Forrest Cemetery, Forrest Carl Jacob and Lydia Veronica Baer Aberle Clarence E. Culkin 06/26/1948
Cummings, Carl Bernard 61 04/21/1975 Bloomington No reference No reference Hudson Cemetery No reference Edith M. Bailey 07/16/1937
Cummings, Edith 75 01/19/1990 Bloomington 07/26/1914 Normal Hudson Cemetery Smith Arthur and Ida May Arbuckle Bailey Carl Bernard Cummings 07/16/1937
Cunningham, Edna C. 84 10/30/1982 Rushville 12/01/1898 Mt. Erie Hudson Cemetery Van R. and Della Best Staser Albert Conaway, Paul H. Cunningham 12/18/1915, 02/19/1954
Cunningham, Florence M. 85 12/14/1989 Normal 12/21/1903 Hudson Hinthorn Cemetery Emery David and Josie Florence Walston Bigger William Burton Frakes, B. Fred Cunningham 01/8/1925,12/21/1973
Currin, Dave 53 00/00/1942 Peoria 11/15/1889 Hudson No reference William and Mary Currin No reference No reference
Currin, William 50 12/19/1901 Hudson 00/00/1851 Ireland (country of) St. Mary's Cemetery No reference No reference No reference
Cushman, Don J. 74 06/23/2000 Murfreesboro 08/10/1925 Platteville, WI Evergreen Cemetery Leon and Catherine Williams Cushman Marjorie Y. Houser No reference
Daggitt, Evelyn J. 88 08/27/2006 Centerville, OH No reference No reference Woodland Cemetery No reference William E. Daggitt No reference
Daley, Kenneth Elmer 84 01/15/2005 Phoenix, AZ No reference No reference Green Acres Memorial Gardens No reference No reference No reference
Danielson, Edith 95 12/31/1997 Ottawa 09/19/1902 Stevenson, MI Stavanger Lutheran Church Leroy and Lora Barber Bentley Armour Danielson 10/19/1922
Darrow, Frank Dale 51 05/13/2004 Hudson 05/06/1953 Chicago No reference Luther Franklin and Emma Jean Adkins Darrow Jan E. Troxel 03/17/1989
Daugherty, Earl Sr.
No reference Normal 02/051891 Hudson No reference No reference Mildred McGuire No reference
Daugherty, Mollie 72 00/00/1936 Bloomington 07/29/1864 Kentucky Hudson Cemetery No reference H. S. Daugherty 00/00/1885
Daugherty, Ruth 78 05/02/1980 Sun City, AZ 11/17/1901 Hudson Heritage Chapel, Sun City Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Rouse S.E. Daugherty 03/15/1921
Daugherty, S. E. 87 02/01/1981 Sun City, AZ 05/24/1893 No reference Cremation (no reference) Mr. and Mrs. Harrison Daughtery Ruth Rouse 03/15/1921
Davidson, Lee R. 52 09/14/1946 Hudson 01/11/1894 Carlinville Hudson Cemetery Fred and Nora Jones Davidson Wilda Brown 05/13/1922
Davidson, Wilda 76 12/20/1977 Hudson 11/26/1901 Bloomington No reference William P. and Loretta Stewart Brown Lee Russell Davidson 05/13/1922
Davison, Lula 56 01/00/1960 Peoria 12/07/1884 Benham, VA Hudson Cemetery G.W. And Lula Davison Ira F. Davison 07/21/1907
Day, Edith S. 88 06/24/1976 Peoria 11/19/1887 Hudson Swan Lake Memory Gardens William H. and Elizabeth Ann Skinner Shiner David Day 12/24/1913
Day, Michael Robert 54 01/23/2007 Hudson 05/03/1952 DuQuoin Hudson Cemetery Paul Robert and Joanne Wiliams Day Shiela Corbin No reference
Day, Paul R. 83 02/15/2014 Hudson 06/12/1930 Manchester Hudson Cemetery Kenneth and Mary Day Joanne 01/17/1952
Delaney, Virginia 58 05/07/1970 Roanoke 10/20/1913 Hudson St. Mary's Cemetery Thomas and Lyda LaVoy Stephens John F. Delaney 02/26/1938
Detloff, Freda W. 86 07/27/1983 Bloomington 12/18/1896 Bloomington East Lawn Cemetery Gustav and Anna Behnke Schewe Howard C. Detloff 11/20/1913
Deverman, Marude 87 11/11/1973 Bloomington 10/01/1886 Carlock Union Cemetery, Lincoln Samuel C. and Mellisa Craig Harper O.H. Boggs, A.G. Deverman 08/19/1904, 11/15/1939
Dicken, Dan R. 53 10/15/2005 Bloomington 04/01/1952 Indiana Park Hill Cemetery Fred and Mary Wright Dicken Doris Rynell 02/14/1973
Dickerson, Mont P. 62 01/06/1982 Bloomington 03/25/1919 Hudson Twnshp Hopewell Cemetery John H. and Minnie B. Blair Dickerson Mary Margaret Miller, Vera Lishka No reference
Diggens, Mary B. 90 10/05/1987 Bloomington 04/26/1897 Terre Haute, IN Hudson Cemetery James L. and Elizabeth A. Rose Boyd Benjamin F. Diggins 10/08/1918
Dixon, Claude 75 02/13/1980 Bloomington 01/11/1905 Carlock Evergreen Cemetery William and Elizabeth Arnold Dixon Mary No reference
Dodd, Sally Jo 67 08/12/2010 Normal 01/01/1943 Bloomington East Lawn Memorial Gardens Joseph W. and Thelma Mowery Anderson Roger Shaffer 07/11/1964
Dodd, Wayne F. 76 01/17/2014 Chenoa 05/19/1937 Monticello No reference Ernest Victor and Anna Vance Dodd Shirley Healey; Sally Jo Anderson Shaffer 09/19/1955, 04/25/1992
Dodson, Andrew G. 71 No reference Chicago 01/03/1887 Sherryville, VA Hudson Cemetery James F. and Isaphene Burke Dodson Elizabeth Gildersleeve; Zula Copes 00/00/1906, 00/00/1918
Dodson, Carl 23 09/12/1946 Bloomington No reference No reference Hudson Cemetery No reference No reference No reference
Dodson, Clara F. 93 03/23/1994 Normal 02/10/1901 Hudson East Lawn Memorial Gardens Louis and Willelmina Schroeder Schneider Warren R. Dodson 06/26/1924
Donovan, Betty L. 69 10/23/1994 Bloomington 11/28/1924 Flanagan Holy Cross Cemetery John and Minnie Ables Tarmann Francis Roger Donovan 02/07/1948
Dotson, Juanita 87 01/26/2012 LeRoy 10/14/1924 Normal No reference Charles and Bessie Rathman stephens Delbert D. Dotson 04/19/1947
Doty, Elva Lena 88 10/15/1993 Normal 12/17/1904 Noble Hudson Cemetery Jefferson and Katherine Billings Rexroat Glenn L. Doty 12/16/1931
Doughty, Mae Lewis Mrs. 33 11/03/1904 Prescott, WI 00/00/1871 Hudson Prescott, WI Mr and Mrs Samuel Lewis Capt. Doughty No reference
Douglas, Bertha No reference Normal 12/18/1888 Chenoa East Lawn Memorial Gardens John A. and Sarah Gray Oral Douglass No reference
Douglas, Oram O. 53 00/00/1942 Hudson 06/171889 Lexington East Lawn Memorial Gardens James P. and Mary Paul Douglas Bertha Gray 12/15/1910
Douglass, Darlene I. 86 06/06/1997 Normal 03/25/1911 Seymour Blue Ridge Cemetery Albert and Mary Robbins Turner Charles E. Douglass 11/05/1927
Downen, A. Wayne 83 01/17/2013 LeRoy 07/28/1929 Wayne County No reference Ralph and Cora Weber Downen Mary Ann Boggs 08/13/1950
Downen, Erma Claudine 80 02/09/2002 El Paso 09/21/1921 Kappa Hudson Cemetery Claude and Florence McClure Thompson Virl L. Downen 11/02/1940
Downen, Jesse Ralph 70 07/12/1968 Normal 04/27/1898 Sims Bridley Cemetery Robert and Mary Wells Downen Cora Catherine Weber 01/19/1918
Downen, Virl L. 61 12/25/1979 Bloomington 10/05/1918 Sims Hudson Cemetery Ralph and Cora Weber Downen Claudine Thompson 11/02/1940
Drake, J. B. 87 08/23/1936 Kappa, IL 10/28/1847 Bolivar, TN Kappa Cemetery John and Mary Drake Rebecca Adaline Messer 02/25/1872
Dunbar, Harold R. 60 06/18/2015 Hudson 11/30/1954 Normal No reference Walter and Betty Maxwell Dunbar Sheila Gawthorp 10/04/1980
Duncan, Harold 51 02/17/1970 Danville 02/16/1919 El Paso Hudson Cemetery Clarence and Sarah Jane Bowman Duncan Evelyn Louise Arbuckle 12/01/1938
Duncan, Hattie Queen 69 01/24/1962 Wilmington DE No reference No reference Hudson Cemetery No reference No reference No reference
Duncan, Ivoy Elisen 66 03/20/1956 Hudson 10/25/1889 Hudson Hudson Cemetery Clifford and Frances Payton Duncan Queen Brite 11/26/1913
Dunham, Albert E. "Al" 75 11/29/1993 Bloomington 03/02/1918 East St. Louis Park Hill Cemetery Albert and Altha Rogers Dunham Bessie Anders 02/10/1938
Dunham, Bessie Adelene 90 02/04/2010 Bloomington 10/06/1919 Hudson Park Hill Cemetery William and Lucy Huges Andres Albert E. Dunham 02/10/1938
Dunn, Ida Mae Mrs 74 03/15/1963 Hudson 07/31/1888 South Wilmington Braceville-Gardner Cemetery William and Diana Drollinger Marvin Clyde Dunn 03/24/1908
Durst, Grace L. 86 07/22/1989 Normal 05/30/1903 Hudson Hudson Cemetery Elwood and Ella Mae McClure Woolsley Roy O. Durst 11/05/1927
Durst, Juanita Marie infant 03/22/1935 Hudson No reference Hudson Hudson Cemetery Roy and Grace Durst Not applicable Not applicable
Durst, Roy Orville 57 08/03/1956 Hudson 10/31/1898 Wilston, OK Hudson Cemetery Samuel and Lena Woolsley Durst Grace Woolsley 11/05/1927
Eades, Barbara 72 05/10/2016 Advocate BroMenn Medical Center, Normal 06/22/1943 Chicago, IL Hudson Cemetery Joseph and Evelyn Bremar Harrison Tilfred R. Eades 06/27/1959
Eckhart, Anna E. 57 00/22/1978 Hudson 03/18/1921 Park Falls, WI Hudson Cemetery Joseph and Emma Kraing Stoy Eckhart 01/14/1946
Eckhart, Cindy E. 12 11/27/1969 Normal 06/27/1957 Bloomington Hudson Cemetery Stoy and Annabell Cranig Eckhart Jr. No reference No reference
Eckhart, Stoy Jr. 63 10/09/1988 Bloomington 02/18/1925 Bloomington Hudson Cemetery Stoy and Margaret Plue Eckhart Annabel E. Kranig 01/14/1946
Edward(s), Phillip
03/13/1905 No reference

Hudson Cemetery

Edward(s), Phillip Mrs. (Mary)
03/12/1905 Pana

Hudson Cemetery
Phillip Edward(s) No reference
Edwards (small child) 02/01/1903 Lasalle No reference No reference Hudson Cemetery Mr and Mrs Dave Edwards No reference No reference
Edwards, Clayton L. 78 08/18/1999 Normal 03/17/1921 Clifty, KY Hudson Cemetery Coy and Laura McPherson Edwards Thelma Boatwright 03/09/1940
Edwards, Pearl 81 00/00/1972 Colfax 01/29/1891 Gridley Hinthorn Cemetery Joseph and Jane Viles Andrew Vandegraft, James Edwards No reference, 07/03/1920
Edwards, Thelma L. 87 10/07/2012 Normal 05/22/1925 Russellville, KY Hudson Cemetery Frank and Effie Lawson Boatwright Clayton L. Edwards 03/09/1940
Eicher, Bessie 87 07/22/1969 Bloomington 03/28/1882 Botortot County, PA Hudson Cemetery William D. and Mary Lantz Grayhill Park I. Eicher 08/16/1889
Eicher, Melvin "Bob" 93 06/18/1981 Normal 03/31/1888 Bloomington East Lawn Memorial Gardens William P. and Hulda Beeler Eicher Minnie Leasman 12/24/1910
Eicher, Merle P. 92 11/16/2000 Normal 08/02/1908 Bloomington Hudson Cemetery Park I and Bessie B. Graybill Eicher Monette Carver 06/07/1930
Eicher, Minnie 80 00/00/1970 Normal 04/10/1890 Arrowsmith East Lawn Memorial Gardens Hye C. and Anna Arends Leasman Melvin "Bob" Eicher 12/24/1910
Eicher, Monette 89 03/12/1999 Bloomington 07/13/1909 Grand Prairie, TX Hudson Cemetery W.E. "Ed" and Melissa Harrison Carver Merle P Eicher 06/07/1930
Eicher, Park 88 05/17/1965 Bloomington 08/10/1876 Twin Grove Hudson Cemetery William P. and Hulda E. Beeler Eicher Bessie B. Graybill 08/16/1899
Eisenberg, Harry 56 12/23/1965 Minnesota (state of) 00/00/1909 Hudson Hudson Cemetery No reference No reference No reference
Eisenberg, Louise Mrs. 03/04/1903 Bloomington No reference No reference Hudson Cemetery No reference No reference 09/21/1904
Eisenberg, Martha 66 00/00/1942 Bloomington 09/16/1876 Ottawa Hudson Cemetery August and Emma Thieleman Henry Eisenberg 01/08/1900
Eisenberg, Roy 55 12/23/1965 Minnesota (state of) 00/00/1910 Hudson Hudson Cemetery No reference No reference No reference
Elshoff, Deanna 40 03/11/2015 Peoria 04/05/1974 Bloomington Evergreen Cemetery Ron and June Miller Arnold Ryan Elshoff 10/03/2009
Elm, Gunnar W. 68 06/23/1974 Downs 08/27/1905 Copenhagen, Denmark Hopewell Cemetery, Downs
Mildred Streenz 03/18/1938
Elvidge, Rosslyn Howard 78 09/22/2003 Normal 11/29/1924 Danville Hudson Cemetery Dr. Ross Edmund and Grace Howard Elvidge Marilynn M. Kline 08/16/1947
Emmert, Eveline Mae 81 07/26/2004 Bloomington 05/20/1923 Bloomington Hudson Cemetery Vinal and Grace Frakes Rist Vance Emmert 06/20/1942
Emmert, Vance C. 90 05/05/2012 Hudson 04/24/1922 Rogerville, TN Hudson Cemetery Chris and Amanda V. Russell Emmert Eveline M. Rist 06/20/1941
Engel, Norma Leota 58 09/21/1983 Peoria 11/28/1924 Hudson Hinthorn Cemetery Frank and Lola Farrell Charles K. Engel 08/22/1945
Engleman, Myrtle L. 93 10/29/2005 El Paso 07/28/1912 Gravitt, AR Hudson Cemetery John and Sevea Thompson Sanders Simon Engleman No reference
Engleman, Simon 85 05/05/1994 Hudson 10/02/1908 Gravitt, AR Hudson Cemetery James and Mabel Stokes Engleman Myrtly Sanders 09/24/1936
English, Cash 85 03/25/1970 Normal 12/04/1884 Ellsworth Oak Grove Cemetery Leroy Henry and Jane Frankeberger English Chloa Lucas 06/19/1907
Ensign, Alice L. 88 02/03/2004 Normal 03/04/1915 Mallorytown, Ontario No reference Fred and Beulah Mallory Craig Preston Ensign No reference
Ensign, Grayce P. 66 10/29/1949 Bloomington 03/01/1883 Dana Hudson Cemetery William H. and Annie Evans Marshall Robert Ensign No reference
Ensign, Preston Marshall 94 05/08/2006 Normal 02/25/1912 Hudson No reference Robert A. and Grace P Marshall Ensign Alice Louise Craig 11/09/1934
Ensign, Robert 74 09/27/1948 Normal 02/06/1874 Long Point No reference Robert H. and Sarah Ensign Grayce Marshall No reference
Erskine, C. C.
07/00/1940 Eureka 08/15/1861 Highland County, OH Olio Cemetery, Eureka Isabelle Kerns and Jhohn M. Erskine Sophia Griener 03/04/1886
Erskine, Mabel A. 89 05/29/1974 El Paso 01/22/1885 Kappa Kappa Cemetery John and Adeline Messer Drake Frank Erskine 01/29/1914
Erwin, Wilma B. 94 01/18/2010 Bloomington 08/25/1915 Indianola Grandview Memorial Gardens William Isaac and Iva May Scarcliff Birdzell Forrest Wayne Erwin 07/11/1942
Evans, George L. 81 02/19/2010 Normal 09/04/1928 Lake Forrest Holy Cross Cemetery John Lewis and Blodwn Roberts Evans Harriet Johnson 11/19/1949
Ewert, Clara B. 90 03/21/1977 Normal 07/03/1886 Hudson Hudson Cemetery Thomas F. and Elizabeth Arbuckle Condon William Bailey & Fred Ewert 00/00/1903, 00/00/1949
Fahs, Mary Melissa 86 00/00/1950 Hudson 02/20/1864 Indiana (state of) Hudson Cemetery Jack and Rachel Craig Sam Harper & Christian Fahs 10/15/1883, 8/22/1940
Fall, Catherine B. 84 03/19/1902 Hudson 01/20/1818 Staunton, VA Hudson Cemetery Mr. and Mrs. Keller Daniel Fall 10/03/1844
Fall, Kate 80 00/00/1942 Olewem, IA 06/30/1862 Churchville, VA Hudson Cemetery Daniel and Kathryn Keller Fall No reference No reference
Farrell, Anna 92 01/08/1941 Kappa 11/20/1848 Pennsylvania Hudson Cemetery Mr. and Mrs. William McClure William Farrell No reference
Farrell, Beulah 70 04/25/1986 Bloomington 10/15/1915 Jennings Co.,IN Hinthorn Cemetery Edward and Edith Ponsler Starkey Cleo Farrell 04/06/1940
Farrell, Cleo E. 80 02/16/1995 Lexington 11/27/1914 Gridley Twsp Hinthorn Cemetery Charles M. and Ina M Wilson Farrell Beulah Starkey 04/06/1940
Farrell, Ezra T. 77 02/03/1962 Normal 05/06/1884 Foster, MO Hinthorn Cemetery William and Anna McLure Farrell Sylvia Walston 04/20/1907
Farrell, Harry A. 95 01/25/2009 Normal 07/07/1913 Hudson Evergreen Cemetery William and Clara Hospelhorn Farrell Carmen Kitchens 11/27/1954
Farrell, Louis "Frank" 61 00/00/1928 El Paso 01/21/1989 Prescott, KS Hudson Cemetery No reference Lillian Karl 12/20/1947
Farrell, Sylvia 81 No reference Normal No reference No reference Hinthorn Cemetery No reference No reference No reference
Feasley, Lillian 67 07/09/1984 Bloomington 04/07/1917 Glasgow, KY Hudson Cemetery Sam and Kate Houck Carver Harold Feasley 04/00/1934
Fehr, Walton L. Sr. 70 08/16/2003 Normal 10/09/1932 Eureka Apostolic Christian Cemetery Leonard and Salome Ifft Fehr Mida L. Knapp 06/20/1954
Feit, Virginia P. 83 07/04/2001 Chenoa 06/10/1918 Hudson Chenoa Cemetery Paul and Edith Urban Ummel Melvin F. Feit 02/09/1939
Ferguson, Henry Noble 57 11/17/1960 Towanda 11/21/1903 Towanda Hudson Cemetery Eugene and Mae Carson Ferguson Marie Janeson 09/09/1926
Ferguson, Marie J. 94 07/26/2002 El Paso 04/18/1908
Hudson Cemetery Benjamin and Queen Ann Kelly Jameson Noble Ferguson 09/26/1926
Fillmore, Hazel Dorothy 94 03/26/2011 Ventura, CA 08/09/1916 Bloomington Zion-Bishop Cemetery No reference Loren W. Fillmore 00/00/1936
Fillmore, Loren W. "Buck" 85 10/26/1999 Bloomington 01/07/1914 Towanda Zion Bishop Cemetery Earl D. and Lora Belle Crose Fillmore Hazel D. Gaddis 01/02/1936
Fillmore, Norman R. 67 06/09/2008 Wauchula, FL 06/30/1940 Bloomington Zion Bishop Cemetery Loren Fillmore and Hazel Gaddis Fillmore Rita Fillmore No reference
Finck, Frank C. 89 04/01/1905 Gridley No reference No reference Gridley Cemetery No reference No reference No reference
Finkenbinder, Lucille I. Shiner 75 09/09/1986 Indianapolis, IN 03/18/1911 Hudson Hudson Cemetery John and Mary Arnold Shiner Oliver D. Finkenbinder 02/18/1938
Finkenbinder, O. D. 45 11/16/1954 Western Springs No reference Port Byron Hudson Cemetery Walter and Mary Hill Finkenbinder Lucille Shiner 02/19/1939
Finley, Ada L. 89 10/22/1987 Normal 07/19/1898 Hudson Park Hill Cemetery George T. and Josie Gaddis Lentz Stephen Eugene Finley 09/08/1920
Finley, Donald E. 46 09/00/1963 Downers Grove 00/00/1917 No reference Clarendon Hills Cemetery Mr. and Mrs.D.E. Finley Mary Hinkel No reference
Finley, Elbert J. 21 00/001943 Council Bluffs, IA 01/08/1922 Hudson No reference Mr. and Mrs. Elbert Finley Eileen Ruth Webber 12/04/1943
Finley, Elvert J. 78 06/20/1968 Riverside 09/09/1889 Cooksville No reference Stephen A. and Laura Elvert Finley Wilha VanPetten No reference
Finley, Wilha VanPetten 91 11/29/1983 Ripon, WI 04/21/1892 Bloomington Park Hill Cemetery Edwin and Lula Young VanPetten Wlbert Finley 08/30/1916
Flener, Mabel 51 03/29/1969 Hudson 03/06/1918 Hudson Hudson Cemetery Frank and Leila Brewer Prahm William Flener 02/06/1946
Flener, William N. 68 08/23/1991 Normal 10/12/1922 Brooklyn, KY Hudson Cemetery Roscoe and Zelma Phelps Flener Mabel Prahm 02/06/1946
Folkers, Paul Allan 58 01/19/2008 Zanesville, OH 08/28/1949 Bloomington Cremation Ralph and Mildred Rocke Folkers No reference No reference
Foor, Harvey 66 09/00/1966 Hudson 10/10/1899 Rochester, IN Gridley Cemetery Mr. and Mrs. John Wesley Foor Sarah Freed & Rowen Silvey Wood 9/00/1925, 05/01/1947
Forman, Heanette 63 06/28/2007 Normal 02/21/1944 Waynesville, IN Hudson Cemetery Gerald and Ina Wampler Nelson Larry Forman 05/24/1963
Forney, Irene Dovel 79 11/17/1987 Meadows 04/27/1908 Hudson Kaufman Cemetery Chris and Martha Ummel Kaufman Clifford Dovel & John Rubin 00/00/1934, 00/00/1965
Foster, Harold P. 72 01/09/1995 Bloomington 11/26/1922 Hudson Troyer Cemetery, Carlock Fred and Eunice Schertz Foster Ruth Ropp 11/17/1942
Fowler, Betty J. 81 12/16/2006 Normal 08/22/1925 Normal Kaufman Cemetery Ernest Fowler and Nina Stuckey Fowler No reference No reference
Fowler, Leonard L. 82 05/14/1964 McLean 11/20/1881 Princeton, KY East Lawn Memorial Gardens Robert and Fannie George Fowler Olive M. Freeman 03/14/1906
Fowler, Nina May 70 00/00/1974 Normal 05/02/1904 Carlock Kaufman Cemetery Edward and Elizabeth Augspurger Stuckey Earnest Fowler 12/10/1924
Fowler, Olive M. 87 03/17/1973 Clinton 05/10/1885 Kempton East Lawn Memorial Gardens Charles and Elizabeth Butte Freeman Leonard L. Fowler 03/14/1906
Francis, Ann 74 02/11/2005 Normal 11/30/1930 Bloomington Hudson Cemetery Albert Valentine and Fern Carlock Birky Howard Francis 05/15/1949
Francis, Howard B. 71 07/10/1972 Hudson 05/13/1901 Lexington Hudson Cemetery Barto B. and Margaret Bates Francis Imo Thompson 12/24/1926
Francis, Howard W. "Wally" 70 12/02/1997 Normal 07/04/1927 Hudson Hudson Cemetery Howard B. and Imo Thompson Francis Ann Birky 05/15/1949
Francis, Imo Mrs. 44 12/16/1951 Peoria 08/04/1907 Hudson Hudson Cemetery Samuel S. and Ida Blough Thompson Howard B. Francis 12/24/1926
Frink, Inez 85 03/06/1975 Normal 07/05/1889 Hudson Twnshp. Park Hill Cemetery Charles and Delilah Busick Ledyard Frink 02/20/1912
Frink, Mildred F. 64 07/25/1983 Bloomington 10/03/1918 Hudson Twnshp East Lawn Memorial Gardens Oliver W. and Goldie Frances Snavely Fuller John Wells Frink 10/03/1937
Frost, Viggo J. 91 10/20/2011 Bloomington 04/26/1919 Rye, Denmark East Lawn Memorial Gardens Davide Jensen and Niels Jorgensen Frost Betty M. Lawrence 10/06/1943
Fuller, Frances 23 02/13/1906 Normal 00/00/1883 No reference Bentown Cemetery Mr and Mrs S. W. Fuller No reference No reference
Fuller, Frank E. 69 04/24/1957 Deerfield, FLA 12/28/1887 Clay Center, KS No reference Frank E. and Adelia Hooger Fuller Ruth Plumb 06/08/1912
Fuller, Lester W. 81 12/22/1993 Bloomington 04/11/1912 Hudson Park Hill Mausoleum Oliver and Goldie Snavley Fuller Caroline G. Schroeder 11/05/1939
Fuller, Lyle O. 55 12/07/1966 Bloomington 05/02/1911 Hudson No reference Oliver and Goldie F. Snavely Fuller Martha Weber No reference
Fuller, O.W. Mrs. (Goldie Snavely) 38 No reference Bloomington No reference No reference No reference Mr and Mrs Francis Snavely Oliver W. Fuller No reference
Fuller, Oliver W. 83 00/00/1961 Normal 09/13/1878 Merna East Lawn Memorial Gardens Sylis and Louisa Tarman Fuller Goldie F. Snavely & Jesse Gould No reference, 03/20/1921
Fultyn, Victoria 86 01/19/2002 Chenoa 12/21/1915 Chicago Cremation Frank and Agatha Rodzynski Fultyn No reference No reference
Funk, Shawn Michael 06/26/1966 No reference No reference No reference No reference Mr and Mrs Merle Funk No reference No reference
Fusee, Viola L. 69 07/27/1990 Hudson 02/07/1921 Hudson No reference Jay and Florence Moore Arbuckle Al Fusee No reference
Futrell, Connie Edward 82 08/06/1995 Bloomington No reference No reference Pleasant Hill Cemetery No reference Ruth Kilgore No reference
Gaddis, Alice Edna 89 10/21/1970 Santa Ana, CA 04/04/1881 Indiana (State of) Denman Cemetery, Carlock No reference Jay C. Gaddis 02/06/1906
Gaddis, Barbara 84 06/01/1976 El Paso 09/22/1891 Hudson Hudson Cemetery Samuel and Melissa Craig Harper James Gaddis 01/31/1908
Gaddis, Donald L. 74 07/06/1989 Hudson 07/29/1914 Hudson Hudson Cemetery James H. and Barbara M. Harper Gaddis Rose C. Marksteiner 06/17/1935
Gaddis, Hazel F. 89 10/31/2012 Chenoa 09/30/1923 Gridley Hudson Cemetery William and Pearl Noel Hinthorn Ralph L. Gaddis 06/12/1942
Gaddis, Ira S. 78 No reference Bloomington 01/29/1887 Hudson Denman Cemetery, Carlock W.T. and Susan Kunkler Gaddis No reference No reference
Gaddis, James 83 03/16/1968 Normal 04/16/1884 Hudson Hudson Cemetery W.T. and Susan Kunkler Gaddis Barbara Harper 01/31/1908
Gaddis, Jay C.
12/16/1935 Hudson Area 00/00/1880 Hudson area Denman Cemetery, Carlock No reference No reference No reference
Gaddis, Lena T. 74 05/07/1983 Leroy 11/09/1908 Winchester Hopewell Cemetery, Downs Jacob and Grace Cooper Hardy Cecil T. Gaddis 04/30/1947
Gaddis, Ralph L. 77 01/22/1986 Normal 11/09/1908 Hudson Hudson Cemetery James H. and Barbara Harper Gaddis Hazel F. Hinthorn 06/21/1942
Gaddis, Rose C. 80 07/09/1988 Normal 10/25/1917 Bloomington Hudson Cemetery Anton and Barbara Tyber Marksteiner Donald L. Gaddis 06/17/1935
Gaddis, Susan R. Kunkler 68 09/20/1916 Hudson 08/13/1848 Eureka White Oak Cemetery No reference William Gaddis 00/00/1874
Gannaway, Virginia 80 03/01/2014 Normal 03/21/1933 Bloomington East Lawn Memorial Gardens Clarence and Marguerite Koch Wilcox Orville Gannaway 01/12/1951
Garret, Edna "Sue" Gwaltney 86 05/29/2011 Normal 11/24/1924 Mill Shoals East Lawn Memorial Gardens Martin and Cordelia Files Gwaltney Henry Perry Garret 06/12/1943
Garrett, Donald R. 68 05/30/2017 Hudson 11/18/1948 Bloomington Hudson Cemetery John and Lena Huff Garrett Margaret Rediger 08/16/1969
Garrett, Henry Perry 77 01/29/2000 Cherokee Village AR 08/08/1922 White County East Lawn Memorial Gardens Edwin and Goldie Bradford Garrett Edna Sue Gwaltney 06/12/1943
Garrett, James A. 55 11/25/2007 Havana 07/16/1952 Hudson East Lawn Memorial Gardens John and Lena Mae Huff Garrett Janet Morgan 07/25/1985
Garrett, John E. 53 06/30/1973 Hudson 12/10/1919 White County Hudson Cemetery Edwin and Goldie I. Gradford Garrett Lena Hull 10/04/1941
Garrett, Lena Mae 88 10/19/2009 Hudson 12/30/1920 Sac City, IA Hudson Cemetery Steve Huff and Bessie Huffman John Garrett 10/04/1941
Garrett, Ronald 60 05/03/2009 Waynesville 11/18/1948 Normal Union Cemetery, Waynesville John E. and Lena M. Huff Garrett Fran Bartosik 02/23/1968
Garrett, Sandra K. 57 02/08/2004 Hudson No reference No reference Hudson Cemetery No reference R.E. Garrett No reference
Garrett, Simpson 82 02/17/1980 No reference 03/02/1897 Hudson Lexington Cemetery George and Mahala Douglas Garrett Gola Peden 01/19/1922
Garrett, Tina L. 38 11/16/2006 Peoria 08/31/1968 Normal Hudson Cemetery Roy E. and Sandra K. Runyon Garrett No reference No reference
Garrett, Wanda Mae 40 06/12/1987 Hudson 07/19/1946 Hudson Hudson Cemetery John E. and Lena Huff Garrett No reference No reference
Gash, Dorothea 80 06/06/1964 LaGrange 11/20/1883 El Paso Evergreen Cemetery John M. and Mary A. Rahman Glessing Charles M. Gash 06/24/1926
Gastman, Cora
00/00/1941 Bloomington No reference Hudson No reference Dr. James and Wilhelmina Johnston No reference No reference
Gastman, F. M. 76 12/00/1940 Bloomington 06/22/1864 Hudson Twnshp. Hudson Cemetery No reference No reference No reference
Gastman, George W. Mrs. (Elizabeth) 73 02/15/1914 Hudson 06/03/1841 Hudson Twnshp No reference James and Catherine Woolen G.W. Gastman 04/05/1860
Gazelle, Bessie C. 71 03/19/1968 Normal 11/30/1896 Armington Hudson Cemetery Kirk and Mary Allie Baker Huffman Jacob Gazelle 02/24/1930
Gazelle, Frank 80 02/17/1965 Bloomington 03/26/1884 Hudson Park Hill Cemetery Isaac and Lacina Tijis Gazelle Edna Pearl Hoffman 03/29/1930
Gazelle, George L. 78 11/27/1990 Urbana 10/12/1912 Panola Township Monticello Cemetery Adrian John and Jesse L. Miller Gazelle Jr. Juanita May Forbes 12/03/1934
Gazelle, Jacob V. 75 10/20/1957 Normal 09/11/1982 Hudson Hudson Cemetery Isaac and Licina Tijis Gazelle Hannah Shelley & Bessie Huffman No reference, 00/00/1930
Gazelle, L.C. “Pee Wee” 57 02/16/1982 No reference 11/09/1924 Hudson Park Hill Cemetery Jacob and Hannah Sheely Gazelle Betty Brown 5/14/1950
Gazele, Pearl 84 08/28/1983 No reference 01/07/1899 Hudson Park Hill Cemetery Samuel and Cora Siler Hoffman Frank Gazelle 3/29/1930
George, Wanda 88 11/30/2012 El Paso No reference No reference Keokuk National Cemetery, Iowa No reference No reference No reference
Gerhart, Clara E. 87 10/08/1998 Normal 09/22/1911 Hudson Cremation August and Augusta Jarke Gerhart No reference No reference
Gerst, Mayme Eileen Heiniger Strassh 95 11/26/2004 Burlington, IA No reference No reference Memorial Park Cemetery No reference No reference No reference
Geshiwlm, Charles M. 82 03/05/2012 Normal 06/23/1929 Bloomington Hudson Cemetery John A. and Ruby Radle Geshiwlm Waunita L. "Nedy" Klump 11/19/1950
Geshiwlm, Waunita “Nedy” 84 10/05/2013 Normal 06/22/1929 Hudson Hudson Cemetery Gussy and Edith Hinshaw Klump Charles “Chuck” Geshiwlm 11/19/1950
Giacobassi, Tilio 88 04/06/2005 Muskegon, MI No reference No reference No reference No reference Martha Beadles 00/00/1948
Gibson, Jeremiah 31 02/27/2013 Bloomington 07/22/1981 Bloomington Hinthorn Cemetery James L. and Kim Monkman Gibson No reference No reference
Giesel, Dennis R. 58 04/25/2016 Gridley, IL 03/08/1958 Normal Hudson Cemetery Dale R. and Rosalie Sanders Giesel Marti Carr 7/16/1980
Gildersleeve, Benjamin T. 94 04/04/2013 Normal 01/12/1919 Hudson Hudson Cemetery Charles T. and Florence Jones Gildersleeve LaVelle Dunn 08/03/1941
Gildersleeve, Bertha C. 94 09/27/1982 Hudson 10/19/1887 Hudson Hudson Cemetery Aquilla N. Starkey and Elzada Hinshaw Joseph D. Gildersleeve 12/25/1910
Gildersleeve, Charles 87 05/02/1985 Hudson 05/14/1897 Hudson Hudson Cemetery James T. and Nettie Hamm Gildersleeve Florence Jones & Genevieve Schwartz 11/21/1917, 03/03/1977
Gildersleeve, Charles A. 53 No reference Normal 08/10/1888 Hudson Hudson Cemetery No reference Marie Haynes No reference
Gildersleeve, Charles T. 80 03/17/1910 Hudson 08/13/1830 Hempstead, NY Hudson Cemetery James T. Gildersleeve Mary Alice McCaughey 12/16/1854
Gildersleeve, Florence 72 08/01/1967 Normal 00/00/1895 Hudson Hudson Cemetery Benjamin D. and Louise E. Stroup Jones Charles T. Gildersleeve 11/21/1917
Gildersleeve, Genevieve No ref 08/10/2012 No reference No reference Paia Maui, HI No reference Hiene and Kalei English Charles T. Gildersleeve 03/03/1977
Gildersleeve, Joseph Dorland 85 07/12/1968 Hudson 04/29/1883 Hudson Hudson Cemetery Isaac and Nancy Jane Anderson Gildersleeve Bertha C. Starkey 12/25/1910
Gildersleeve, LaVelle D. 95 01/22/2014 Bloomington 01/01/1919 South Wilmington Hudson Cemetery Clyde E. and Ida M. Marvin Dunn Benjamin T. Gildersleeve 08/03/1941
Gildersleeve, Mary Alice 77 02/19/1910 Bloomington 08/28/1833 Medina, OH Hudson Cemetery McCaughey Charles T. Gildersleeve 12/16/1854
Gildersleeve, Nancy Jane No ref 04/06/1944 Bloomington 06/15/1854 Washington, OH Hudson Cemetery Thomas and Elizabeth Anderson Isaac M. Gildersleeve 10/09/1874
Gildersleeve, Nettie Annie No reference Hudson 03/26/1865 Hudson Hudson Cemetery Jacob J. and Elsie Warner Hamm James T. Gildersleeve 12/18/1885
Gillard, Chester L. "Chet" 79 02/25/1994 Normal 04/19/1914 Emden East Lawn Memorial Gardens Richard and Alpha Webber Gillard Majorie Stowell 06/15/1942
Gillard, Marjorie Elizabeth Stowell 93 12/03/2007 Normal No reference No reference East Lawn Memorial Gardens No reference No reference No reference
Ginder, Jack L. Jr 23 12/26/1971 Normal 02/27/1948 Mattoon Hudson Cemetery Jack Lee and Mary Ellen Wright Ginder Marsha Gay Meister 12/21/1969
Gingerich, Paul M. 78 05/02/1987 Normal 05/14/1908 Bloomington Secor Cemetery Peter Newton and Stella Bowen Gingerich Vida Hexamer 10/14/1939
Gisel, John 89 02/10/1961 Sullivan No reference Washington Park Hill Cemetery John and Margaret Rost Gisel Amelia Schad 12/20/1894
Glass, Randy D. 50 02/14/2005 Hudson 08/19/1954 Bloomington Hudson Cemetery Eugene and Lola Blanton Glass No reference No reference
Griffin, Vernie L. 83 05/23/2015 Bloomington 01/29/1932 McHenry, KY Hudson Cemetery Roscoe and Eva Fulton Barrett Russell Griffin 01/25/1948
Godsell, Maxine L. 66 12/07/1986 Normal 11/19/1920 Saybrook Hudson Cemetery Maynard and Anna Frohn Tarter Ned Godsell 07/01/1940
Godsell, Ned LeRoy 60 02/20/1980 Bloomington 05/30/1919 LeRoy Hudson Cemetery John M. and Nadine Seniff Godsell Maxine Tarter 07/01/1940
Graff, Donald N. 56 01/13/1982 Minier 07/02/1925 Minier Minier Cemetery Jesse and Lena Glaser Graff Margaret Hinshaw 11/14/1948
Greer, James 89 03/24/1903 Hudson No reference Ireland (country of) Hudson Cemetery No reference Miss Boswell & Miss Ferguson 00/00/1835, 00/00/1897
Griffin, Martha 18 No reference Normal 12/29/1901 Glasglow, Scotland Hudson Cemetery No reference No reference No reference
Griffin, Steven Lee 65 09/25/2016 Urbana 07/01/1951 Bloomington Cremation Edward and Elaine Edwards Griffin Debra Smith, Jeannie Orsborn Osborn 09/12/1992
Griffen, Terry 74 08/02/2014 Springfield 04/30/1940 Springfield Oak Hill Cemetery, Springfield No reference Hilda Lane 05/26/1961
Griggith, Ida May 77 04/24/1965 El Paso 08/22/1887 Seymour, IN Hudson Cemetery Squire and Mary Murphy Carpenter George Griffiths 02/00/1906
Gronek, Jeanette W. 81 03/17/2002 Hudson No reference No reference Cremation No reference No reference No reference
Gross, John 14 05/15/1979 Peoria 05/21/1964 Blue Island Hudson Cemetery Ronald and Rosemary Mangan Gross No reference No reference
Gross, Ronald J. 55 06/25/1991 Bloomington 02/03/1936 Chicago Hudson Cemetery Max and Marian Dehnert Gross Rosemary Mangan 04/04/1964
Gross, Rosemary H. Mangan 75 20/28/2013 Bloomington 05/02/1938 Fairbury Hudson Cemetery Edmund L. and Genevieve M. Green Mangan William Carter; Ronald Gross No reference; 04/04/1964
Grove, Floss Mrs. 06/09/1965 Chicago No reference Hudson Oak Ridge Cemetery, Chicago William T. C. and Leah Ambrose Burtis F. Raymond Grove

Grove, Henry J. 67 05/08/1939 Bloomington 01/15/1872 No reference Bloomington Cemetery No reference No reference

Grunert , Mary 47 10/23/2001 Tonasket, WA 08/21/1954 Pekin Cremation Robert and Dorothy Hellemann Visel Arni Grunert 02/00/1982
Guinee, Fern 58 11/29/1967 Normal 07/08/1909 Barnes Oak Grove Cemetery Leroy Frand and Leila Belle Brewer Prahm Joseph Buinnee 00/00/1935
Guinnee, Bernice M. "Bunny" 83 09/26/1995 Hudson 08/03/1912 Minonk East Lawn Memorial Gardens Charles R. and Lenora Camper Smith Howard W. Guinnee 01/09/1929
Guinnee, Fay Ann 62 07/05/1996 Hudson No reference No reference East Lawn Memorial Gardens No reference No reference No reference
Guinnee, Fern 58 11/29/1967 Normal 07/08/1909 Barnes Oak Grove Cemetery Leroy Frand and Leila Belle Brewer Prahm Joseph Guinnee 00/00/1935
Guinnee, Howard 66 01/01/1975 Hudson 12/25/1908 Tower Hill East Lawn Mem. Garden William and Martha Kirby Guinnee Bernice Smith 01/09/1929
Gumbrell, Thomas E. 79 06/25/2003 New Holstein, WI 02/28/1924 Rockford No reference Thomas G. and Iva Rose Bates Fumbrell Phyllis Bjorkman 12/27/1958
Guth, Emerson E. 69 11/24/1999 Normal 10/09/1930 Panola Township Holy Cross Cemetery Sol E. and Elsie Heiple Guth Helen M. Richard 11/18/1950
Guthoff, Margaret 94 12/07/1975 Bloomington 09/17/1881 Schneidemuhl, Germany Hudson Cemetery Henry and Minna Schaeler Waldner Fred Guthoff 08/11/1903
Guthoff, Raymond H. 94 09/26/2000 Bloomington 05/31/1906 Carlock Park Hill Cemetery Fred and Margaret Waldner Guthoff Helen M. Smith 07/16/1930
Guthoff, Russel V. 91 04/06/2001 Hudson 02/14/1910 Kappa Hudson Cemetery Fred and Gretchen Waldner Guthoff Ruth M. Lampe 07/02/1934
Guthoff, Ruth M. 101 01/05/2014 Hudson 07/23/1912 El Paso Hudson Cemetery Herman and Carrie Gull Lampe Russel Guthoff 07/02/1934
Gutthoff, Fred No reference Bloomington 03/22/1877 Ghitomir, Russia Hudson Cemetery No reference Gretchen Waldner 00/00/1903
Hadden, Forrest R. "Foxy" 87 02/12/1969 Normal 12/18/1881 Mt. Sterling, KY Zion Cemetery, Towanda Nickolas and Mary Richardson Hadden Jesse Pearl Moore 01/14/1910
Hair, Dezirea M. 10 mos 11/04/1997 Danvers 12/31/1996 Bloomington Park Lawn Cemetery, Danvers Tony and Amanda Stockstill Hair No reference No reference
Hall, Betty R. 80 06/22/2005 Bloomington 01/03/1925 Bloomington East Lawn Memorial Gardens Robert and Mattie Coyle Parido Allen Jacob Hall 05/15/1946
Hamm, Edward 82 03/25/1961 Normal 12/01/1878 Hudson Hudson Cemetery Jacob and Elsie Warner Hamm Julia Wilson 12/23/1902
Hamm, Jacob J. 84 08/03/1904 Hudson 02/28/1820 Kinderhook, NY No reference No reference Elsie M. Warner 07/21/1859
Hamm, James Justin 89 06/01/1997 Hudson 08/02/1907 Hudson Hudson Cemetery Edward Johnson and Julia Wilson Hamm Ruth Bitting 07/22/1936
Hamm, Julia No reference Peoria 01/05/1881 Hudson No reference Mr and Mrs James Wilson E.J. Hamm 12/22/1903
Hamm, Miriam 82 05/18/1991 Tucson, AZ 10/17/1908 Altamont East Lawn Cemetery, Tuscon, AZ Francis and Arilla Grant Harrell Edward J. Hamm 02/02/1934
Hamm, Ruth Thelma 93 07/12/2008 Normal 07/03/1915 Torrington, WY Hudson Cemetery Frank Leslie and Harriet Belle Merwin Bitting James Justin Hamm 07/22/1936
Hammond, Richard L. 60 04/07/21015 Normal 09/09/1954 Fairbury Hudson Cemetery William A. and W. Maxine Beverage Hammond Paula K. Edwards 05/14/1983
Hand, Margaret Swope 72 03/19/1935 No reference No reference Danvers Hudson Cemetery No reference No reference No reference
Hanks, Mildred S. 85 10/24/1990 Bloomington 03/25/1905 Summer Hill Hudson Cemetery Fred and Clara Anderson Shaw Orville F. Hanks 06/20/1934
Hanks, Orville F. 75 No reference Normal 02/24/1901 Colfax Hudson Cemetery Frank and Anna Douglass Hanks Mildred Shaw 06/20/1934
Hanson, Charles G. 82 05/15/2007 Hudson 04/28/1925 Mallorytown, Ontario No reference Albert Lous and Ellen Kalberg Hanson Francis Jean Whittington 05/01/1948
Hany, Alfred La Verne 70 12/09/1994 Hudson 01/19/1924 Livingston County St. Mary's Cemetery Alfred E. and Bernice M. Heishe Hany Marcella Moser & Rosemary Hayes No reference, No reference
Hardisty, Dorothy M. 80 11/23/2000 Normal 11/29/1919 Ord, NE Glade City Cemetery Glen D. and Margaret Jones Auble John Hardisty 06/30/1950
Hare, Lewis E. 89 05/15/2007 Bloomington 08/03/1917 Independence, IA Garden of Memories Cemetery B. Frank Hare and Adry Jestes Hare G. Mae Morgan 09/15/1939
Harper, Chelsea Arthur 59 03/06/1965 Normal 04/22/1905 Carlock Hudson Cemetery Harry and Mae Curtis Harper Cleo Hinshaw 03/01/1930
Harper, Cleo Marie 90 09/28/2000 Normal 12/28/1909 Carlock Hudson Cemetery Clarence L. and Lida Mae Russell Hinshaw Chelsea Arthur Harper 03/01/1930
Harper, Glenn LaMar 77 05/26/2008 Normal 02/02/1931 Carlock Hudson Cemetery Chelsea and Cleo Hinshaw Harper Lena Mae Doty 05/04/1952
Harper, Heather Mae 11 09/21/1986 Bloomington 12/06/1974 Decatur Hudson Cemetery David L. and Cathy A Tull Harper No reference No reference
Harper, Samuel Columbus 83 05/25/1937 Hudson 11/16/1854 No reference Hudson Cemetery Allen and Mary Harper Mary Melissa Craig 10/15/1882
Harris, Andrew Clifton 84 05/20/2014 Normal 02/17/1930 Bloomington Funks Grove Cemetery Ira B. and Christa L. Jones Harris Nona E. Sylvester 12/18/1949
Harris, Barbara 57 10/07/2013 Hudson 01/05/1956 Marshall, MO No reference Maurice and Rita Roling Tebbe Clyde “Mike” Harris 06/14/1975
Harris, Marie I. 90 01/30/2009 Normal 03/23/1918 Wayne City Hudson Cemetery Charles Blake and Nellie Payne Blake Otis K. Harris 06/01/1936
Harris, Otis Kelly 84 01/21/1998 Gibson City 02/13/1913 Wayne City Hudson Cemetery Wiley and Florence Young Harris Marie Blake 06/01/1936
Harris, Sandra Kay 50 07/02/2008 Normal No reference No reference Hudson Cemetery No reference No reference No reference
Harrison, Michael W. 55 04/17/2007 Bloomington 09/12/1951 Chicago Hudson Cemetery Joseph Mitchell Harrison and Evelyn Ella Bremer Lenora "Missy" Curry 06/20/1992
Harsha, Harry 71 11/26/2015 Hudson 09/27/1944 Bloomington, IL No reference Furman Edwin and Bessie Mann Harsha Susan M. Swanson 09/12/1981
Hart, Helen M. 54 01/21/1975 Normal 10/27/1920 Hudson East Lawn Cemetery George and Elizabeth Hoffman Compton Wesley Hart 09/27/1952
Hartman, Donald 83 10/07/2015 Normal 08/21/1932 Paxton, IL East Lawn Cemetery Orville and Thelma Lee Hartman Rachel M. Schroeder 05/19/1956
Hartman, James D. 53 02/24/1989 Bloomington s Rankin Hudson Cemetery Orville and Thelma Lee Hartman Maurine Schroeder 10/17/1959
Hartman, Maurine E. 82 05/21/2013 Bloomington 03/23/1931 Gibson City Hudson Cemetery John and Clara Gilmore Schroeder Jim Hartman 00/00/1959
Hasenwinkle, Louisa Stoll Mrs. No reference Hudson 04/22/1938 Wittenberg, Germany Bloomington Cemetery No reference William Hasenwinkle 02/22/1862
Hasenwinkle, William 82 12/22/1916 Hudson 11/15/1834 Steinke, Prussia Bloomington Cemetery Mr. and Mrs. William Hasenwinkle Lousia Stoll 02/22/1862
Haynes Emma 60 04/23/1938 Bloomington 06/06/1878 Green Briar Co., W VA. No reference No reference John F. Hayes 00/00/1900
Haynes, Emma Susan 72 03/23/1944 Normal 10/17/1872 Hudson No reference No reference No reference No reference
Haynes, Frank 74 04/20/1945 Normal 07/25/1871 Monroe County, W.VA. No reference No reference Emma Bowden 00/00/1900
Heath, Mary Ann 90 01/15/2010 Bloomington 11/25/1919 Greenville Odell Union Cemetery Manie and Ida Mae Garrett Herman Warren J. Heath 03/09/1941
Hedstrom, Mary Lou 76 09/08/2016 Heritage Health, El Paso 07/22/1940 White Hall, IL St. John's Lutheran Columbarium Orville Ray and Floy Marsh Ricks Alvin Hedstrom 06/30/1960
Heiser, Bernice 51 00/00/1954 Normal 10/22/1923 Normal Park Lawn Cemetery, Danvers William G. and Mary Ramseyer Mohr Paul Heiser 05/11/1946
Heiser, Paul J. 72 08/09/1995 Normal 04/02/1923 Fisher Park Lawn Cemetery, Danvers Albert and Anna Good Heiser Bernice Mohr 05/11/1946
Hemenway, Marjorie A. 83 12/22/2008 Glen Carbon 11/15/1925 Boston, MA Hudson Cemetery Charles L. and Margaret M. Friel O'Connor Sr. Dr. Robert E. Hemenway 08/19/1956
Hempstead, Cleo No reference St. Charles No reference No reference Hudson Cemetery No reference Atty. Harry G. Hempstead No reference
Henderson, Dean W. 80 12/30/2001 Hudson 06/19/1921 Hudson Park Hill Cemetery Warren and Olive Heiser Henderson Kathy Hunt 11/26/1970
Henderson, Olive 67 01/05/1960 Normal 08/20/1892 Lexington Park Hill Cemetery William and Ella Hiser No reference No reference
Henderson, Warren W. 83 00/00/1972 Seattle, WA 12/23/1889 Salina, KS Gridley Cemetery Hiram and Ella Slown Henderson No reference No reference
Hendryx, Harold 30 02/25/1936 Hudson No reference No reference No reference Mr. and Mrs. A. Hendryx No reference No reference
Henry, Reginald Denton 77 08/23/2013 Hudson 03/19/1936 Fredericktown, MO Sebastian Cemetery, Fredericktown, MO Archie and Inice Sanders Henry Edith Pogue 10/23/1954
Henry, Wayne 72 06/14/2017 Bloomington 01/15/1945 Evansville, IN Hudson Cemetery Robert and Cornelia Henry Linda No reference
Herb, Mary E. 90 06/07/1999 Campus 03/06/1909 Hudson Union Cemetery, Emington Edwin and Catherine Metzger Weirman Roy Herb 12/03/1927
Hester, Louise C. 93 02/19/2009 Bloomington 09/18/1915 Bloomington Park Hill Cemetery Herman Giese and Pauline Boecker Giese Walter N. Hester 01/20/1949
Hester, Minda M. 75 09/00/1964 Normal 10/22/1888 Vernon County, MO Nevada MO Mr. and Mrs. David Wallace Otis Hester 00/00/1905
Hester, Walter N. 68 01/14/1989 Bloomington 10/30/1920 Nevada, MO Park Hill Cemetery Otis and Minda Wallace Hester Louise E. Giese 01/20/1949
Hickey, Kathryn “Kathy” Jo Lessen 48 04/09/2015 Hudson 11/08/1966 Lincoln No reference Lary Joe and Beverly Hart Lessen William Hickey 11/23/1985
Hickey, Richard D. 60 10/14/2008 Bloomington 07/29/1948 Jacksonville East Lawn Memorial Gardens No reference Beverly A. Graber Crismon 07/14/1984
Higginbotham, Betty Joann 74 02/03/2006 El Paso 07/08/1931 Hudson Hudson Cemetery Jay M. and Mae Ambrose Stephens Zim Higginbotham 00/00/0000
Higginbotham, Zim 72 10/10/1996 Bloomington 01/03/1924 Broken Arrow, OK Hudson Cemetery Zim and Irene Darnell Higginbotham Betty Stevens No reference
Hill, Jessie Gould Fuller 92 12/27/1980 Bloomington 10/24/1888 Monticello East Lawn Cemetery Emery and Jennie Marvin McKee John Gould, Oliver W. Fuller, Franklin Hill 01/00/1908, 03/00/1921, 08/20/1966
Hines, Lois 85 08/21/2016 Normal 01/10/1931 Hudson Park Hill Cemetery, Bloomington Gussie and Edith Hinshaw Klump Donald Hines 06/28/1953
Hilt, Florence G. 90 02/15/2015 Normal 05/21/1924 Buckley East Lawn Memorial Gardens Louis and Louise Hografe Wagner Kenneth L. Hilt 01/27/1946
Hilt, Kenneth L. 82 01/06/1997 Normal 09/15/1914 Bristow, IN East Lawn Memorial Gardens John H. and Mary Shoemaker Hilt Florence Wagner 01/27/1946
Hinkle, Betty J. 60 07/12/1988 Bloomington 06/01/1928 Marine East Lawn Memorial Gardens Benjamin and Bessie Hathaway Howard Herbert S. Hinkle 03/31/1946
Hinshaw, Clarence L. 89 09/11/1975 Carlock 08/03/1886 Pana Hudson Cemetery Elmer and B. Nettie Reed Hinshaw Linda Marie Russell & Ottilla Beck & Edith Johnson 01/06/1909, 03/14/1931, 01/17/1962
Hinshaw, Donald 78 12/04/2005 El Paso 12/02/1927 Hudson Hudson Cemetery Oscar and Ellen Maple Hinshaw Ruth Danielson 06/07/1952
Hinshaw, Edith S. 64 03/07/1967 Punta Gorda, FL 01/01/1903 Odell Riverside Cemetery Edward and Gertrude Mills Gordon Harry Johnson 03/10/1928
Hinshaw, Eileen 58 10/27/1974 Bloomington 01/20/1916 Hudson Hudson Cemetery Patrick and Bridget Pyne Phelan Guy Hinshaw 00/00/1946
Hinshaw, Ellen 67 01/06/1973 Normal 07/10/1905 Hudson Hudson Cemetery Frank and Margaret Platt Maple Oscar Hinshaw 09/30/1925
Hinshaw, Frank 92 08/24/1968 Normal 10/21/1875 Hudson Hudson Cemetery Adolphus and Ella Houston Hinshaw Grace Jane Gildersleeve 03/27/1909
Hinshaw, Frank Mrs. 78 12/24/1957 Normal 11/11/1879 Hudson Hudson Cemetery I.M. and Nancy Jane Anderson Gildersleeve Frank Hinshaw 03/27/1901
Hinshaw, Guy E. 75 11/18/1982 Normal 08/07/1907 Hudson Hudson Cemetery Frank and Grace Gildersleeve Hinshaw Maple Lohr & Eileen Phelan No reference, 05/25/1947
Hinshaw, Jesu 84 01/29/1903 Eureka 02/19/1819 Overturn Co., TN White Oak Cemetery George Hinshaw Margaret D. Smith & Mary Ann Johnson & Margaret D. Smith 10/30/1839, 01/25/1863, 10/30/1980
Hinshaw, Kerry L. 55 05/27/2016 Normal

Hudson Cemetery Darlene Hinshaw

Hinshaw, Leota Fern 72 10/24/1985 Carlock 03/24/1913 Kansas Twsp; Woodford Hudson Cemetery Clarence L. and Lida Mae Russell Hinshaw No reference No reference
Hinshaw, Lida Russell 34 12/20/1916 Hudson 08/19/1882 Hudson Hudson Cemetery No reference Clarence Hinshaw No reference
Hinshaw, Oscar F. 89 10/24/1991 El Paso 01/12/1902 Hudson Hudson Cemetery Frank W. and Grace Gildersleeve Hinshaw Ellen Maple 09/30/1925
Hinshaw, Ottilia Beck 75 05/12/1905 Carlock 09/08/1883 Carlock Hudson Cemetery Christian and Barbara Schick Beck Clarence Hinshaw 03/14/1931
Hinshaw, Russell G. 74 02/12/1990 Eureka 03/24/1915 Kansas Twsp; Woodford Olio Cemetery, Eureka Clarence and Lida Russell Hinshaw Loraine Ruble 05/30/1941
Hinshaw, Ruth E. 69 04/30/1997 Bloomington 05/31/1927 Miller Twsp; LaSalle Co. Hudson Cemetery Armour and Edith Bentley Danielson Donald F. Hinshaw 06/07/1942
Hinshaw, Valerie Jo infant 01/19/1980 Peoria 01/19/1980 Peoria Hudson Cemetery Kevin and Lori Estill Hinshaw No reference No reference
Hinshaw, Vernon G. 85 01/30/2015 El Paso 03/14/1929 Hudson Hudson Cemetery Guy E. and Marie Lohr Hinshaw Darlene Sheppelman 10/11/1950
Hinthorn, Bernice 96 06/02/2012 Bozeman, MT 05/20/1916 Washington No reference Joseph and Hazel Fauber Hartman James L. Hinthorn 03/20/1943
Hinthorn, Emmett A. 84 10/16/1980 Bloomington 10/13/1896 Money Creek Twshp Cremated Elza Grant and Viola Bilbrey Hinthorn Maude M. Vandegraft 01/00/1918
Hinthorn, Grace C. No reference No reference 09/16/1868 Lexington Hudson Cemetery John B. and Sarah Mateer Crum James Hinthorn 06/13/1888
Hinthorn, H. C. 67 10/31/1960 Towanda 03/30/1893 Lexington Hudson Cemetery James and Grace Crum Hinthorn No reference No reference
Hinthorn, James “Jim” 77 09/30/1936 Normal 01/12/1859 Davenport, IA Hudson Cemetery Jackson and Ann Hinthorn Grace Crum 00/00/1888
Hinthorn, James L. 47 01/29/1963 Hudson 07/29/1915 Saybrook Hudson Cemetery Leslie and Neva Allene Robinson Hinthorn Bernice L. Hartman 03/20/1943
Hinthorn, John O. 75 09/26/1970 Bloomington 10/10/1894 Gridley Hinthorn Cemetery Frank and Jane Angelow Hinthorn Neola Tones & Annie Kearfott 00/00/1914, 00/00/1964
Hinthorn, Leslie 86 12/22/1977 Bloomington 04/16/1891 Lexington Hudson Cemetery James and Grace Crum Hinthorn Neva Robinson 10/00/1914
Hinthorn, Marie E. 88 07/02/1997 Hudson 03/06/1909 Hudson Hudson Cemetery John and Clara Snavely Lohr Guy Hinshaw & L.J. Hinthorn 08/12/1928, 02/09/1950
Hinthorn, Maud 57 11/14/1957 Normal 03/15/1900 Money Creek Twnsp. Hinthorn Cemetery William and Bertha Locke Vandergraft Emmett Hinthorn 01/30/1900
Hinthorn, Melvin E. 81 11/23/1999 Sun City, AZ 11/09/1918 Hudson Hudson Cemetery John O. and Daisy Tones Hinthorne Virginia L. McPherson 05/15/1940
Hinthorn, Neola 67 00/00/1950 Normal 03/31/1893 Rich Hill, MO Hinthorn Cemetery Richard and Mary Ellen Farrell Jones John Hinthorn 10/12/1914
Hinthorn, Richard 22 04/21/1981 Cooksville 12/21/1958 Bloomington Hinthorn Cemetery Robert R. and Evelyn A. Howard Hinthorn No reference No reference
Hinthorn, Russel 5 00/00/1940 Normal No reference Hudson Hinthorn Cemetery Mr. and Mrs. John O. Hinthorn N/A N/A
Hinthorn, Sherri 50 06/12/2013 Normal No reference No reference Hinthorn Cemetery Donald L. Hinthorn (no reference) No reference No reference
Hinthorn, Virginia Lee McPherson 79 09/23/2000 Peoria, AZ 12/13/1920 Indianapolis, IN Hudson Cemetery Broner and Ida McPherson Melvin Hinthorn 05/15/1940
Hinthorn, Wayne 84 09/21/1989 Bloomington 02/17/1905 Hudson Hinthorn Cemetery Della Nottingham No reference No reference
Hinthorne, Elza M. 82 08/07/1998 Keystone Heights, FL 09/27/1915 Gridley Cremation Emma and Ida Hinthorne Elaine Thompson & Betty Gee 07/01/1935, 07/04/1969
Hinthorne, Laurence 83 01/10/2013 El Paso 07/20/1929 Hudson Hinthorn Cemetery Roy and Bessie Farrell Hinthorne Viola J. Scott 09/07/1946
Hisle, Melody A. 54 04/28/2008 Normal No reference No reference Hudson Cemetery No reference No reference No reference
Hitch, Margaret Ann 84 04/27/1945 Hudson 03/16/1861 Hudson Hudson Cemetery George W. and Elizabeth J. Gastman William A. Hitch 00/00/1881
Hitch, Margaret O. No ref No reference Hudson 03/16/1861
Hudson Cemetery George W. and Elizabeth G. Gastman Willam O. Hitch 04/06/1881
Hjort, Mary Ann 79 02/16/2016 El Paso, IL 10/13/1936 Hurley, WI No reference John Ilmani and Vera Marie Anderson Toivonen Gordon James Hjort 07/26/1958
Hodel, Charlotte B. 71 03/07/1995 Hudson 03/02/1924 Hudson Evergreen Cemetery James and Barbara Harper Gaddis Fred Hodel 01/01/1967
Hodel, Fred 84 07/28/2001 Normal 06/23/1917 Eureka Evergreen Cemetery Reuben C. and Ollie M. Brown Hodel Charlotte Gaddis 01/01/1967
Hodge, Lewis H. 72 03/09/2015 Hudson 08/30/1942
Hudson Cemetery Lewis and Elizabeth Mielke Hodge Donna Gambel 04/11/1972
Hodges, Chris 67 05/09/1957 Dwight 06/15/1889 Glasglow, KY Hudson Cemetery James and Elmira Hodges Marie Dickerson 02/20/1921
Hodges, Daniel 85 03/04/2012 Pontiac 09/09/1926 Avoca Township Hudson Cemetery Chris and Teresa Marie Dickerson Helen Darlene Price 08/03/1952
Hodges, Teresa Marie 98 05/06/2001 El Paso 10/30/1902 Crawfordsville, IN Hudson Cemetery Isaac and Ida Turner Dickerson Chris Hodges 00/00/1920
Hoeft, Margaret F. 89 10/01/2005 Normal 10/24/1915 Hudson Park Lawn Cemetery, Danvers Albert Marquardt and Bertha Kassulke Marquardt Lyle F. Hoeft 01/25/1939
Hoffman, Charles V. 69 03/21/1983 Carlock 10/14/1913 Hudson East Lawn Memorial Gardens Reuben E. and Grace Metzger Hoffman Bernadine Partner 10/01/1939
Hoffman, Doyle 72 09/27/1981 Bloomington 10/15/1908 Brian, OH Park Hill Cemetery Samuel and Cora Filer Hoffman Mabel Shoop 04/14/1936
Hoffman, Mabel O. 92 10/23/2004 Bloomington 07/30/1912 Pontiac Park Hill Cemetery Wade and Lucy Fowler Shoop Doyle Hoffman 04/14/1936
Hoffman, Samuel A. 78 10/30/1953 Hudson 05/28/1875 Indiana (State of) No reference Valentine and Ann Hoffman No reference No reference
Hoffman, Valentine 84 05/29/1935 Normal 04/13/1851 Canal Dover, OH East White Oak Cemetery No reference Anna Mishler 07/05/1874
Hogan, Cora No reference No reference 03/14/1856 Hudson No reference Samuel B. and Sarah Sprague Abrams Richard Hogan 02/17/1876
Hogan, Donald R. 69 05/26/1972 Hudson 00/00/1903 Hudson Hudson Cemetery Richard and Cora Abrams Hogan No reference No reference
Holder, Archibald Bowen 21 08/24/1905 Morrocco, IN 09/10/1883 Hudson Hudson Cemetery Mr and Mrs William Holder No reference No reference
Holmes, Donald W. 74 09/27/1983 Bloomington 01/16/1909 Huntington Co, IN No reference Walter Scott and Emma Myers Holmes Jean Moldenhauer 07/03/1936
Holschen, Eileen 88 08/24/2015 Chenoa, IL

East Lawn Memorial Gardens John and Catherine Burkard O'Neil Roy Holschen 10/30/1948
Holschen, Roy W. 83 03/21/2011 Bloomington 08/20/1927 St Louis, MO East Lawn Memorial Gardens August and Golda Swank Holschen Eileen O'Neil 10/20/1948
Hoover, Geraldyne 91 09/06/1999 Lombard 07/01/1908 Ipava Cremation William C. and Mary E. Walters Warner Cecil Hoover 08/29/1926
Hoover, Rodney G. 73 10/23/2001 Hudson 02/14/1928 Table Grove Cremation Cecil and Geraldyne Warner Hoover Wilma Long 06/24/1950
Hopkins, Saidee 77 07/12/1981 No reference 05/08/1904 Hudson Park Hill Cemetery Walter and Adelia Abrams Berkley Floyd Watkins 11/15/1929
Horn, Mildred 74 06/15/1979 Altadena, CA 12/23/1905 Hudson Hudson Cemetery Clara Snavely and John Lohr Lewis Horn 11/09/1929
Hoselton, George No reference No reference No reference No reference Hudson Cemetery No reference No reference No reference
Hoselton, Martha 43 05/21/1902 Normal 10/14/1958 Hudson Hudson Cemetery No reference No reference No reference
Hoselton, Sarah 0 01/15/1906 No reference No reference No reference No reference No reference No reference No reference
Hospelhorn, Alice 85 No reference
09/28/1861 Centerville, IA No reference James and Alvina Skipton James Allen Hospelhorn 00/001877
Hospelhorn, Cecil W. 71 09/16/1992 Bon Aqua, TN 01/03/1921 Hudson Twnshp. Hospelhorn Cemetery, Bon Aqua Roy G. and Lola Smith Hospelhorn Jane Goddard 07/04/1942
Hospelhorn, Cindy L. 58 11/30/2004 Bloomington 08/10/1946 Normal Hudson Cemetery Glenn and Virginia Hill Campbell Russell G. Hospelhorn 01/18/1964
Hospelhorn, Delmar 90 01/26/2012 Chenoa 09/25/1921 Hudson Hudson Cemetery Floyd and Floy Smith Hospelhorn Lucy Troyer 01/27/1946
Hospelhorn, Edward E. 94 02/26/1984 Bloomington 04/12/1889 Hudson Hudson Cemetery James Allen and Alice Skipton Hospelhorn Sarah Carpenter 09/24/1913
Hospelhorn, Floy 80 01/17/1981 No reference 11/24/1900 McLean County Hinthorn Cemetery Jehu and Mable Fuller Smith Floyd Hospelhorn 06/19/1920
Hospelhorn, Floyd C. 74 00/00/1967 Normal 11/30/1893 Money Creek Twnshp. Hinthorn Cemetery James A. and Alice Skipton Hospelhorn Floy Smith 06/19/1920
Hospelhorn, Hazel 92 01/19/2009 Normal 04/30/1916 Hudson Hudson Cemetery Edwin and Catherine Metzger Weirman Gilbert Hospelhorn 01/01/1941
Hospelhorn, J. Gilbert "Gil" 90 06/01/1909 Bloomington 05/19/1919 Hudson Hudson Cemetery Roy Gilbert and Lola Smith Hospelhorn Hazel Weirman 01/01/1941
Hospelhorn, James Allen 89 00/00/1938 Hudson 06/24/1849 Ohio Hinthorne Cemetery No reference Alice Ann Skipton 01/01/1878
Hospelhorn, Lloyd E. 72 06/17/1987 Normal 11/27/1914 Hudson Hudson Cemetery Edward and Olive Carpenter Hospelhorn Oma Farrell 08/31/1940
Hospelhorn, Lola P. 79 10/05/1976 Bloomington 08/06/1897 Bentown Hinthorn Cemetery Jehu and Mabel Fuller Smith Roy Hospelhorn 06/03/1916
Hospelhirn, Oma L. 96 06/08/2016 Normal 03/08/1920 Gridley, IL Hudson Cemetery Henry and Hortense Trimmer Farrell Lloyd Hospelhorn 08/31/1940
Hospelhorn, Roy 77 00/00/1973 Chapaign 10/28/1896 Money Creek Hinthorn Cemetery James Allen and Alice Skipton Hospelhorn Lula Pearl Smith No reference
Hospelhorn, Russell G. 68 02/21/2010 Hudson 11/14/1942 Bloomington Hudson Cemetery James Gilbert and Hazel Irene Weirman Hospelhorn Cindy Campbell 01/18/1964
Hospelhorn, Sarah O. 88 12/31/1982 Normal 12/13/1894 Brown Co., IN Hudson Cemetery Squire and Mary Fransces Murphy Carpenter Edward E. Hospelhorn 09/24/1913
Hospelhorn, Sylvia A. 70 04/17/2013 Normal 01/20/1943 Dayton, OH Hudson Cemetery Vincent and Irene Stoll MacFarland Leonard Hospelhorn 12/28/1963
Houghton, Elijah Mrs. 70 00/00/1906 No reference No reference No reference Bishop Cemetery No reference No reference No reference
House, Daisy 77 No reference Normal No reference Bloomington Bloomington Cemetery Israel and Emmaline Root Charles H. Houser No reference
Houser, Frederick P. 77 09/15/1973 Avoca, IA 07/02/1896 Bloomington Hudson Cemetery Charles and Daisy Root Houser Maude Brown 12/24/1920
Houser, Frederick R. 93 08/18/2015 Lucerne, Switzerland 08/08/1922 Dows, Iowa No reference Fred and Maude Houser Yvonne

Houser, Gladys Louise 13 06/23/1916 Bloomington 11/08/1903 Bloomington No reference Mr. and Mrs. Charles Houser No reference No reference
Houser, Maude L. 95 01/10/1993 Lexington 11/28/1897 Shannon City, IA Hudson Cemetery William Porter and Loretta Blanche Stewart Brown Frederick P. Houser 12/24/1920
Houser, Melvin 75 01/00/1973 Ft. Meyers, FL 12/02/1897 Bloomington East Lawn Memorial Gardens Charles and Daisy Houser Florence Cox 00/00/1923
Howell, Ruby H. Meece 84 04/28/2010 Normal 10/02/1925 Towanda Hudson Cemetery James Thomas and Ora Phelps Mounce J. Vernard Meede 04/16/1948
Hubbard, Elbert Green 58 05/07/1915 Ireland, (Atlantic Ocean 06/19/1856 Bloomington No reference Dr. Silas and Frances Read Hubbard Bertha Crawford; Alice Moore 1881; 1904
Hubbard, Juliana Frances Read 96 12/28/1924 Buffalo, NY 11/16/1829 Manhattan, NY Forest Lawn, Buffalo, NY William and Mary Read Silas Hubbard 00/00/1849
Hubbard, Silas M.D. 96 05/18/1917
05/09/1821 Maysville, NY Forest Lawn, Buffalo, NY Solomon and Hannah Willard Hubbard Juliana Frances Read 00/00/1849
Huffman, Roy J. 35 00/00/1942 Normal 06/30/1907 Funks Grove Hudson Cemertery Kirk and Mary Huffman Hazel Farrell 12/22/1928
Hughes, Allen No reference Columbus, OH 00/00/1870 Hudson Hudson Cemetery No reference No reference No reference
Hughes, Harry 78 02/14/1964 Bloomington 07/03/1890 Hudson Hudson Cemetery John and Lillian Littell Hughes Elsie Hittle 08/25/1915
Hughes, Herbert J. 76 01/19/1973 Normal 03/24/1896 Hudson Hudson Cemetery John and Lillian Littell Hughes Adeline L. Tatman & Ola Mae Bybee 06/01/1920, 05/04/1932
Hughes, John No reference Hudson 03/05/1855 Grayshot, OH No reference No reference Lillian Littell 05/26/1889
Hughes, Lillian No reference Hudson 12/29/1970 Lovilia, IA No reference No reference John Hughes & Harry Hughes 00/00/1889, 00/00/1921
Hughes, Ola Mae Bybee 85 01/30/2000 Bloomington 08/31/1914 Frankfort, IN Hudson Cemetery Charles D. and Cordila Smith Bybee Herbert J. Huges 05/04/1932
Hull, Charles R. "Dick" 75 12/29/2009 Bloomington 08/18/1934 Bloomington Cremation Stanley E. and Susie Wiedel Hull Barbara Burton 11/24/1956
Hull, Molly Sue infant 04/15/1989 Bloomington 04/09/1989 Bloomington Hudson Cemetery Douglas R. and Virginia H. Morris Hull No reference No reference
Humphrfres, Florence Ames 67 07/00/1970 Chicago 02/10/1903 Hudson White Oak Cemetery George and Della Stevens Ames Henry C. Keller, John Humphfres 00/00/1924, 00/00/1949
Humphries, Charlotte Parker 73 05/18/1934 Hudson 02/05/1861 Castleton, VT Hudson Cemetery No reference William Humphries 10/25/1882
Humphries, Donald F. 62 11/24/1989 Mesa, AZ 04/09/1927 Towanda No reference Paul A. and I. Marie Adams Humphries Dorothy L. Wharton No reference
Humphries, Dr. P. A. 42 04/22/1940 Towanda 09/22/1898 Hudson No reference William and Lottie Humphries Marie Adams 09/22/1919
Humphries, Edward T. 81 09/03/1970 El Paso 03/02/1889 Hudson Hudson Cemetery William and Charlotte Parker Humphries Hazel L. Hitch 10/25/1911
Humphries, Ethel 78 04/18/1979 Hudson 12/27/1900 Hudson Hudson Cemetery Joseph W. and Ella Swope Patton Fred L. Humphries 02/26/1927
Humphries, Fred L. 73 05/13/1974 El Paso 09/28/1900 Hudson Hudson Cemetery William and Charlotte Parker Humphries Ethel Patton 02/26/1927
Humphries, Hazel 77 00/00/1978 Normal 09/22/1891 Hudson Husdon Cemetery Willaim and Margaret Gastman Hitch E.T. "Ted" Humphries 10/09/1911
Humphries, John W. 78 00/00/1965 Normal 03/11/1882 Hudson Hudson Cemetery William and Charlotte Parker Humphries Rowena Houston 02/17/1910
Humphries, Kate 14 00/00/1885 Hudson 00/00/1910 Hudson Hudson Cemetery Mr and Mrs Willliam Humphries No reference No reference
Humphries, Paul W. 41 01/21/1965 Pontiac 11/02/1923 Towanda Hudson Cemetery Paul A. and Marie Adams Humphries Jane Mills 08/05/1945
Humphries, William 79 12/11/1937 Normal 03/19/1858 Hudson Hudson Cemetery Thomas and Jane Ambrose Humphries Charlotte Parker 10/25/1882
Hursey, George W. No ref No reference Hudson 02/08/1860 No reference No reference No reference Mary J. Donahue; Clare Iseminger 00/00/1892; no reference
Hutchison, Helen "Faye" 73 12/01/2010 Normal 01/21/1937 Blytheville AR East Lawn Memorial Gardens Aurthur and Mary Patricia Hardesty Raymond "Dick" Hutchison 01/22/1955
Hutchison, Raymond "Dick" 73 02/25/2008 Hudson 12/05/1934 Wapella Cremation Earl and Rachel Smith Hutchison Helen F. Hardesty 01/22/1955
Imig, Frank 65 10/25/1967 Normal 08/17/1902 Saybrook East Lawn Memorial Gardens Nicholas and Frieda Bobzin Imig Irma Karcher 03/24/1926
Irvin, Marguerite 78 03/10/1989 Rochester, MN 11/12/1910 Gridley St. Mary's Cemetery, Blmgton. Wilbur H. and Grace Phyliss Boies Lawrence E. Irvin 09/25/1941
Iseminger, Kristopher D. 6 09/13/1987 Normal 01/02/1981 Bloomington Hudson Cemetery Duane and Denise Williams Iseminger Jr. No reference No reference
Jackson, Alfred M. 77 11/17/1965 No reference 07/10/1888 Jacksonville Park Hill Mausoleum Edwin and Flora Stout Jackson Louise F. Sehnert 03/18/1914
Jackson, Ernest Clifford 48 08/26/2004 Hudson 05/17/1956 Edgefield County, SC Philipi Cemetery, Johnston, SC Charles Jackson and Marietta Hope Jackson Judith Kellner 06/04/1988
Jackson, Ida 73 02/00/1948 Normal 09/21/1874 Hudson Hudson Cemetery No reference No reference No reference
Jeans, Roger D. 65 9/30/2015 Bloomington, IL 12/20/1949 Bentonville, Arkansas No reference Leon and Sarah West Jeans Kathryn M. Liston 4/18/1970
Jenkins, John "Jack" 77 04/05/2009 Normal 01/16/1932 Chenoa Chenoa Twsp Cemetery William Calavin and Daisy Ochla Howell Jenkins Rita Wink 06/13/1954
Jewell, Viola V. 57 00/00/1915 Hudson 01/18/1972 Money Creek Twnshp. Hudson Cemetery No reference J.W. Jewell 08/30/1900
Johansen, Ewing Stevenson 89 02/24/2002 Normal 00/00/1913 No reference Hudson Cemetery Peter I. and Edna Mae Stevenson Johansen No reference No reference
Johansen, John Stevenson 37 09/21/1998 Chicago 03/11/1961 Normal No reference Ewing and Harriett Johansen No reference No reference
Johnson, Brett A. 44 09/07/2013 Peoria 04/08/1969 Bloomington Hudson Cemetery Ronald and Carolyn Warner Johnson No reference No reference
Johnson, Carolyn J. "Nana" 69 02/11/2009 Normal 04/16/1939 Bloomington Hudson Cemetery Forrest and Wanita Thompson Warner Ron Johnson 08/10/1957
Johnson, E. E. Mrs. No reference Hudson 05/06/1846 Dunham, Canada Hinthorn Cemetery No reference Hiram O. Johnson 02/28/1865
Johnson, G. Lorene 78 11/12/1991 Normal 06/15/1913 Armington Evergreen Cemetery Buford and Mary Elizabeth Brant Rogers W. Wayne Johnson 08/24/1929
Johnson, Herbert L. 88 02/16/1990 Bloomington 11/16/1901 Bloomington Hudson Cemetery Louis and Theresa Christianson Johnson Nora M. Ramsey 08/20/1932
Johnson, Hurshel Frank 76 02/19/1971 Santa Monica, CA 06/09/1994 Hudson Hudson Cemetery Dr. J.O. and Ella Baker Johnson Nelle Calam 06/09/1915
Johnson, Janice M. 74 04/17/2017 Chenoa 06/16/1942 Normal Hudson Cemetery Orville and A. Florence Dickerson Schultz Raymond Johnson 05/21/1983
Johnson, John M. 78 No reference De Soto, IA No reference North Liberty, IA Hudson Cemetery No reference No reference No reference
Johnson, Katie 71 06/27/1957 Bloomington 10/12/1885 Pekin Hudson Cemetery Joseph and Eva King Waugler Frank E. Johnson 02/27/1905
Johnson, Nelle 67 03/10/1963 Bloomington 04/22/1895 Hudson Hudson Cemetery Thomas and Minnie Calam H. F. Johnson 06/09/1915
Johnson, Nora M. 99 07/28/2010 Bloomington 12/20/1910 Hudson Hudson Cemetery George and Emma Littell Ramsey Herbert Johnson 08/20/1932
Johnson, Robert 69 11/11/2012 Danville No reference No reference Cremation No reference No reference No reference
Johnston, Aura 82 04/26/1950 Normal 01/06/1868 White Oak Twnshp. Hudson Cemetery John F. and Martha Havens Johnston Martha Virginia Morrow 05/06/1893
Johnston, Donald A. 61 04/24/1961 Chicago 00/001900 Hudson No reference No reference Marcella Kirby 00/00/1923
Johnston, John S. 67 02/06/1905 No reference 12/01/1838 Heller's Corners, IN No reference No reference Martha Havens 01/01/1865
Johnston, Lora 78 03/12/1943 Hudson 10/22/1865 White Oak Twsp Husdon Cemetery John and Martha Havens Johnston No reference No reference
Johnston, Lulu Del 02/04/1942 Danvers No reference No reference No reference No reference No reference No reference
Johnston, Nina Mae
No reference Hudson 04/13/1880 Hudson area Hudson Cemetery John S. and Martha Havens Johnston

Johnston, Robert Bruce 78 04/17/2011 Arizona (state of) 11/17/1932 Bloomington Hudson Cemetery Robert and Thelma Lou Joohnston Leona Johnston No reference
Johnston, Robert O. 77 11/13/1979 Normal 10/25/1902 Warren, OH Hudson Cemetery Hirram Aura and Martha B. Morrow Johnston Thelma L. Angerer 09/01/1923
Jones, Ardith L. 95 03/04/2008 Fairbury 10/08/1912 Arrowsmith East Lawn Memorial Gardens Arthur and Mabel Thompson Jones Ruth Long 00/00/1956
Jones, D. Emerson 85 05/20/1994 Gibson City 03/18/1909 Arrowsmith East Lawn Memorial Gardens Arthur L. and Mabel Thompson Jones Velda Bell Farrell 02/23/1929
Jones, Harvey C. 54 11/04/2012 Hudson 07/04/1958 Dallas,TX Evergreen Cemetery Charlie W. and Viola P. Poole Jones Lisa E. McDaniel 06/20/1998
Jones, Hazel Irene 88 05/29/1997 Bloomington 09/09/1908 El Paso East Lawn Memorial Gardens William A. and Jettie Mayne Pfleeger Ralph Raymond Jones 08/29/1936
Jones, Jane Nora Munden 02/01/1901 Chicago No reference No reference Hudson Cemetery No reference No reference No reference
Jones, Lorene M. 80 05/10/1999 Meadows 09/27/1918 LaFayette East Lawn Memorial Gardens Edmund and Janet Rae Paul Oren M. Jones 12/23/1939
Jones, Mabel T. 78 07/29/1958 El Paso 05/19/1880 Arrowsmith East Lawn Cemetery William H. and Maria Maurice Thompson Arthur L. Jones 12/14/1904
Jones, Oren M. 82 08/30/1998 Hudson 03/02/1916 Arrowsmith East Lawn Memorial Gardens Arthur L. and Mabel Thompson Jones Lorene Paul 12/23/1939
Jones, Velda B. 80 04/27/1992 Bloomington 08/02/1911 Gridley East Lawn Memorial Gardens Henry and Hortense Trimmer Farrell Delmar Emerson Jones 02/23/1929
Jordan, Mary D. No ref No reference Pontiac 08/26/1841 Hudson Chenoa Cemetery John Dunham and Julia St. John (Hudson Pioneer Family) R. G. Jordan 04/01/1860
Junk, Calvin 77 No reference Hudson 09/25/1862 No reference No reference Thomas and Jane Junk Laura Zimmerman 01/09/1900
Junk, Laura Zimmerman 59 08/17/1936 Hudson 12/15/1877 Hudson Hinthorn Cemetery Reuben and Caroline Zimmerman Calvin Junk No reference
Junk, Jane Chambers 89 No reference Hudson, near No reference Ireland, (Country of) No reference Chambers (no reference of names of parents) Thomas Junk No reference
Junk, Thomas 84 No reference Bloomington 08/23/1860 No reference No reference No reference Jane Caulfield No reference
Karcher, Martha No reference Normal 08/09/1877 Germany East Lawn Memorial Gardens No reference George Karcher 12/06/1893
Karle, William E. 73 06/13/2015 Normal 03/07/1942 Alexandria, MN Holy Cross Cemetery, Normal Clifford and Malinda Jerome Karle Marjorie Kobza 11/28/1969
Karlock, Anna 85 05/07/1973 Meadows 09/24/1887 Hudson Hudson Cemertery John C. and Catherine Korn Reddel Herman G. Karlock 12/14/1910
Karlock, Ehrhart H. 87 06/15/1969 Bloomington 03/18/1882 Bloomington Friends Cemetery, Bentown Herman and Louise Koyn Karlock Nelle Donovan, Hazel Boston 00/00/1904, 00/00/1939
Karlock, Harold C. 65 01/11/1977 Bloomington 08/14/1911 Hudson Hudson Cemetery Herman G. and Anna Reddel Karlock No reference No reference
Karlock, Herman G. 52 00/00/1939 Hudson 02/15/1888 Hudson Hudson Cemetery Herman and Louise Anna Riddle 12/14/1910
Karlock, Louise Koyn No ref 11/22/1935 Hudson 10/17/1863 Germany (Country of) Hudson Cemetery No reference Herman Karlock 12/18/1880
Karlock, Nelle 68 00/00/1950 Normal 03/09/1883 Bloomington Holy Cross Cemetery, Normal Cornelius and Mary Norton Donovan No reference No reference
Karlock, Wilbur H. 84 04/03/1991 Bloomington 03/23/1907 Hudson Holy Cross Cemetery Ehrhart H. and Nellie J. Donovan Karlock Agnes E. Downs 03/22/1941
Kaufman, Earl Samuel 97 07/25/2010 Normal 03/31/1913 Hudson Cremation Christain and Martha Ummel Kaufman Marie Frances Heiser 05/23/1942
Kaufman, Harold C. 60 00/00/1954 Sandusky, OH 05/02/1904 Hudson No reference Christian and Martha Ummel Kaufman Margaret Greenler 00/00/1941
Kaufman, Marie F. 61 11/17/1977 Hudson 07/26/1918 Elliot Kaufman Cemetery Albert and Anna Good Heiser Earl Kaufman 05/23/1942
Kaufman, Martha No reference Meadows 04/02/1887 Switzerland Kaufman Cemetery Christian and Marie Aschliman Ummel Christian L. Kaufman 09/12/1905
Kaufman, Mrs. Jacob No reference No reference Bryon, OH No reference No reference No reference No reference Jacob Kaufman No reference
Kaufman, Rogers L. "Poke" 80 10/14/2009 Chenoa 01/28/1929 Gridley Gridley Cemetery Elmer E. and Minnie Diggle Kaufman Kathleen Grusy 04/29/1949
Kearfott, William E, (Bill) 66 02/24/2012 Normal 08/01/1945 El Paso Hinthorn Cemetery William E. and Evelyn L. Punke Kearfott Linda Fryman 11/12/1963
Kearfott, William Edward Sr. 71 11/12/1990 Peoria 08/29/1919 Hudson Hinthorn Cemetery William Gordon and Annie Katherine Farrell Keearfott Evelyn Punke 05/06/1944
Keeran, Evelyn 87 09/11/2004 Kingman, AZ 04/03/1917 Bloomington East Lawn Memorial Gardens Harry and Minnie Streck Clark Wilbur Keeran 09/10/1933
Keeran, William L. "Bill" 58 07/30/2007 Normal 10/06/1948 Bloomington Hudson Cemetery Wilbur and Evelyn Clark Keeran kathy J. Richard 10/11/1970
Keist, Alonzo B. "Lonnie" 68 12/29/1993 Hallsville 02/19/1925 Hudson Passwater Cemetery Isaac and Grace Fuller Keist Cecile Daugherty 05/18/1951
Keist, Grace V. 64 05/19/1956 Normal 02/25/1891 Merna Hudson Cemetery Mr. and Mrs. Wright Fuller Isaac Keist 02/25/1909
Keist, Issac 87 04/13/1967 No reference 02/11/1880 Omega Hudson Cemetery James and Sarah Hines Keist Grace Fuller 05/19/1956
Keist, Richard Arthur 14 hrs 10/29/1935 Bloomington 10/29/1935 No reference Hudson Cemetery Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Keist

Keith, Helen Eleanor 80 02/11/1995 Bloomington 02/21/1914 Hudson Park Hill Cemetery Dietrich and Minnie Schroeder Bardenhagen Verla L. Keith 12/25/1945
Keith, Lee 83 10/31/1964 Bloomington 02/12/1881 Ashville, NC Hudson Cemetery George and Amanda Liner Keith Lillie Davidson 09/01/1907
Kellems, Mildred I. 83 04/08/1990 Normal 12/24/1906 Hudson East Lawn Memorial Gardens Eugene and Gertrude Hitch Ramsey Horton "Harry" Clark & R. William Kellems No reference, 05/00/1957
Keller, Drusilla Louis 88 10/16/1956 Normal 02/03/1868 Bloomington Hudson Cemetery No reference James F. Keller 12/04/1895
Keller, Esther L. 89 11/30/1993 Bloomington 05/10/1904 Grand Island, NE Hudson Cemetery Eli Ummee and Carolyn Baker William Keith Keller 10/18/1930
Keller, Henry 70 No reference Milwaukee, WI 07/22/1903 Hudson Park Hill Cemetery James F. and Drusa Conklin Keller Mary Smith 09/28/1949
Keller, James F., Sr. 76 12/13/1947 Hudson 02/01/1871 Staunton, VA Hudson Cemetery No reference Drusilla Conklin 12/04/1895
Keller, Neal Allen 30 03/16/2015 Bloomington 09/22/1984 Bloomington St. Mary's Cemetery Timorthy K. and Mary A. Garrison Keller No reference No reference
Keller, W.K. "Bill" 79 01/17/1988 Bloomington 03/06/1908 Hudson Hudson Cemetery James F. and Drusa Conklin Keller Esther L. Ummel 10/00/1930
Kelley, Bryan E. 45 07/04/2008 Bloomington 05/04/1963 Bloomington Holy Cross Cemetery Paul E. and Ellen A Pyszka Kelley No reference No reference
Kelley, Paul E. 73 09/15/2014 Hudson 07/06/1941 Bloomington Holy Cross Cemetery Joseph E. and Dorothy Powell Kelley Ellen A. Pyszka 10/20/1962
Kelsey, Elsie 76 02/23/1965 El Paso No reference No reference No reference No reference No reference No reference
Kennedy, Ruth 66 10/09/2011 Bloomington 12/30/1944 Pontiac No reference George and Virginia Brown Hoke Patrick H. Kennedy 10/00/1968
Kepner, Keely W. Rev, 82 03/05/1992 Franklin, NC 02/19/1910 Cairo Lexington Cemetery Keely Harold and Flora Louise Buchannani Kepner Jennye Dee Wiseman 11/17/1929
Kerber, Benno 1 mo. 01/00/1935 Pekin 00/00/1935 Pekin St. Joseph's Cemetery Benno and Mamie Zieberth Not applicable Not applicable
Kerber, Mamie M. 67 09/15/1981 Peoria 06/09/1914 Normal St. Joseph's Cemetery Gustaf and Eliza Brown Ziebarth Benno Kerber 00/00/1944
Kessinger, Judy Mae 70 01/30/2013 Normal 04/031942/ Canton Hudson Cemetery Harold and Rosa Donigan Balagna Windell Kessinger 10/15/1970
Killough, Robert Dr. 80 05/17/1905 Normal 10/06/1924 Clinton Park Hill Cemetery Robert Gay and Grace Hall Killough Marjorie Joan Rhinehart 08/19/1951
Kimler, Nettie M. 68 03/27/1946 Bloomington 02/03/1878 Hudson area Park Hill Mausoleum Andrew J. and Jennie Swope Stephens William B. Kimler 11/29/1900
Kimler, William Bert 78 00/00/1955 Bloomington 10/13/1896 Weedman Park Hill Mausoleum William and Mary Hoover Kimler Nettie Stephens 11/29/1900
Kindlespeyer, Sylvester B. 25 5/14/1865 Lexington 1840
Hudson Cemetery

Civil war veteran Co E 94th Illinois Vol. Inf
King, John B. 27 11/14/1945 Funks Grove 03/24/1918 Atlanta No reference Joseph A. and Emma Johnson King No reference No reference
King, Joseph A. 60 09/20/1937 Bloomington 03/03/1877 Carlock Hudson Cemetery Joseph and Anne Hodler King Emma Johnston 05/23/1905
Kinsella, Cyril P. 81 02/22/1990 Bloomington 09/05/1908 Merna Holy Cross Cemetery Willaim and Kathryn Kinsella Kinsella Mary A. Whalen 06/09/1936
Kinsella, Elizabeth Fortner 70 01/14/1988 Springfield 06/04/1917 Bloomington St. Mary's Cemetery John P. and Agnes C. O'Neil Shields Donzel W. Fortner 01/20/1936
Kinsella, Mary Agnes 62 10/18/1975 Hudson 12/02/1912 Chicago Holy Cross Cemetery Thomas and Mary Burke Whalen Cyril Kinsella 06/09/1936
Kinsella, Travis 30 06/23/2012 Normal 12/31/1981 Fairbury No reference Shannon and Deborah Payton Kinsella

Kirkpatrick, Jonathan H.

Bloomington 12/23/1844 Ohio No reference John and Mary Postlewait Kirpatrick Sylvia D. Sperry No reference
Kletz, Ruth Allene 77 07/03/2009 Bloomington 05/24/1932 Washington Park Hill Cemetery Alme James Cope and Lela Rae Thompson Cope Irwin D. Kletz 11/09/1949
Klump, Cora E.
06/22/1923 No reference No reference No reference Hudson Cemetery No reference No reference

Klump, Edith M. 95 06/19/2000 El Paso 01/08/1905 Hudson Hudson Cemetery Frank W. and Grace Gildersleeve Hinshaw Gussie Klump 10/05/1927
Klump, Gussie G. 79 05/09/1981 Normal 03/03/1902 Hudson Hudson Cemetery August and Cora Grove Klump Edith Hinshaw 10/05/1927
Klump, John No reference Normal 12/06/1856 Bloomington Hudson Cemetery John and Fredericka Klump No reference No reference
Klump, Lawrence H. 21 10/31/1935 Bloomington No reference Hudson Hudson Cemetery Mr. and Mrs. August Klump Sr. No reference No reference
Knapp, Leon M. 84 03/07/2005 Bloomington 07/24/1920 Bloomington St. Joseph's Cemetery Calarence and Tressa DeMoss Rousey Robert Knapp 11/26/1941
Knobloch, Gerald A. 84 12/15/2011 Eureka 04/06/1927 Otsego, MI East Lawn Memorial Gardens John Peter and Leta Martha Holland (Knobloch ?) Eleanor Meiners; Sondra Sakemiller Laesch 10/28/1950, 10/22/1978
Koeher, Ada P. 73 11/11/1981 Normal 01/20/1908 Ladelle, AK Hudson Cemetery Elbert B. and Mattie A. Johnson McDaniel Wesley Koehler 01/30/1933
Koehler, Herbert 88 04/26/1973 Bloomington 11/05/1884 Normal Hudson Cemetery Eckert and Tillie Coomer Koehler Tracie Middleton 01/23/1904
Koehler, Marguerite 92 04/17/2002 Normal 08/20/1909 Hudson Hudson Cemetery George and Emma Littell Ramsey Hurshel Blough, Wesley Koehler 01/04/1930, 07/28/1984
Koehler, Tracie F. 96 07/14/1981 Normal 06/26/1885 Hudson Hudson Cemetery James Wesley and Roselind Miller Middleton Herbert Koehler 01/23/1904
Koehler, Wesley H. 91 04/26/1997 Bloomington 09/09/1905 Normal Hudson Cemetery Herb and Tracie Middleton Koehler Ada McDaniel, Marguerite Ramsey 00/00/1933, 07/28/1984
Komnick, Paul 64 12/23/1965 Stewartville, MN


Komnick, Roy 55 12/23/1965 Stewartville, MN

Komnick, Ruth 49 12/23/1965 Stewartville, MN

Kool, Adriana “Audrey” 79 06/27/2012 Normal 09/09/1932 Voorschoten, Holland Madronia Cemetery, Saratoga, CA Josef Frederick Nicolaas and Maria Overkleeft van Os Abraham “Bram” Kool 05/11/1905
Koons, Kenneth R. 66 01/16/1976 Normal 09/18/1909 Clinton Hudson Cemetery John Henry and Emma Malone Koons Elizabeth Tracy 07/11/1932
Koons, M. Elizabeth 85 01/17/1994 Bloomington 07/19/1908 Clinton Hudson Cemetery William E. and Elizabeth Dooling Tracey Kenneth R. Koons 07/11/1932
Koppenhoefer, Rodney 46 11/05/2004 Normal 00/00/1958 No reference East Lawn Memorial Gardens Dorothy Elaine Koppenhoefer No reference No reference
Koserton, Sarah 55 01/17/1906 Peoria 00/00/1851 No reference Hudson Cemetery Mr. and Mrs. John A. Miller No reference No reference
Kozak, Pearl Gwen 86 03/30/2005 Normal 06/17/1918 Alberta, Canada East Lawn Memorial Gardens Fagar and Ann Watrich Bidlock No reference No reference
Kraft, Virginia 91 01/05/2014 Bloomington 01/07/2014 Pawnee Hudson Cemetery Charles Elmo and Maude Miller Norvell Ralph “Fee” Kraft Kraft Jr. 06/25/1946
Kuchan, Carrie Mae "Kay" 86 09/28/2004 Meadows 05/01/1918 Tallula Park Hill Mausoleum Ottis Emory and Hallie Blakeman Irwin Arthur S. Kuchan 06/30/1951
Kuchen, Arthur S. 91 04/24/2013 Peoria 08/17/1921 Matherville Park Hill Mausoleum, Bloomington Anton and Caroline Chebohar Kuchan Carrie Mae “Kay” Irwin 06/30/1951
Kunart, Zella E. 85 02/18/1987 Bloomington 10/05/1901 Hudson Park Hill Mausoleum William B. and Nettie M. Kimler Luther Kunart 08/06/1921
Kuritz, Jane 87 01/14/2011 Chenoa 10/05/1923 Hudson Hudson Cemetery E.P. "Ted" and Hazel Hitch Humphries W.H. "Tex" Kuritz 12/24/1946
Kuritz, W.H. "Tex" 62 06/26/1982 Normal 11/08/1919 Pingree, ND Hudson Cemetery Henry W. and Louise Dietsch Kuritz Jane Humphries 12/24/1946
Kwasigroh, Larrry D. ( Lt. Col.) 72 09/25/2012 Bloomington 03/01/1940 Bloomington Blooming Grove Russel M. and Naomi Price Kwasigroh Janet Hallam 04/10/1965
Lampe, Aletha B. 85 09/18/1993 Flanagan 05/06/1908 El Paso Evergreen Cemetery Herman S. and Carrie L. Gull Lampe No reference No reference
Lampert, Charles 89 03/12/1986 Normal 03/16/1896 Mount Morris East Lawn Memorial Gardens George and Latisha Bain Lampert Mary Ann Moore 08/16/1935
Lampert, Mary A. 84 12/25/1988 Normal 02/15/1904 Freetwon, IN East Lawn Memorial Gardens John Wesley and Margaret Tatlock Moore Charles Lampert 08/16/1935
Langhoff, Mary E. 74 00/001959 Normal 04/13/1884 Platte Center, NE Memorial Park Cemetery, Pontiac Daniel and Elizabeth Bawden Poe Charles Baird; John Hancock; Frank Langhoff 00/00/1903; 00/00/1910; 00/00/1932
Lanhardt, Edith I. 65 08/06/1989 Normal 09/17/1923 McLean Park Hill Cemetery Lloyd and Mary Simpson Simpson Eugene A. Lanhardt 11/19/1945
Lanhardt, Eugene A. 86 04/02/2001 Bluffton, IN 08/26/1914 Yuton Park Hill Cemetery Heman and Elizabeth Gustmann Lanhardt Edith Simpson 11/19/1945
Lanhardt, Herman J. 83 04/11/2010 Harlingen, TX 02/18/1927 Bloomington Park Hill Cemetery Herman and Elizaabeth Gustmann Lanhardt Frances Simpson & Harriet Stephenson 07/02/1949, 09/25/1999
Lanterman (Waterman?), William H. 20 months 08/10/1873
Hudson Cemetery A.L. And M.C. Lanterman (Waterman?)

Larkin, Helen J. 81 07/10/2011 Normal 08/28/1929 Springfield St. Mary's Cemetery Frank Carl and Mary Gladys Easer Feger John "Paul" Larkin 11/24/1951
Laskowski, Fred W. 71 08/08/1954 Carlock 10/15/1882 Bloomington Park Hill Cemetery Carl and Caroline Bartkowski Laskowski Anna L. Reaktenwalt & Lela Loerger 01/12/1905, 00/00/1940
Laskowski, James T. “Jay” 47 05/24/2017 Hudson 06/30/1969 Urbana Rock Island National Cemetery Tom and Linda Riordan Laskowski Meliza Page 07/19/1991
Lawrence, Clifford 74 02/08/1965 Normal 10/24/1890 Hudson Hudson Cemetery William and Louisa Patterson Lawrence Irene Johnston 10/11/1919
Lawrence, Donna Kay 40 11/15/1982 Hudson 05/31/1942 Quincy Park Hill Cemetery Carson and Hilda Fulton Lawrence No reference No reference
Lawrence, Edward J. 82 02/15/1965 De Land, FL 03/16/1885 Hudson Hudson Cemetery William and Mary Patterson Lawrence Lulu Thompson & Mary K. Rhinehart 06/21/1917, 10/13/1961
Lawrence, Ernest D. No reference Iowa No reference No reference Hudson Cemetery No reference Mary Lillian Lawrence No reference
Lawrence, Esther Ann Sloman
00/001960 Mexico 03/27/1889 Pawnee Hudson Cemetery No reference Matthew Lawrence 05/28/1921
Lawrence, Georgie Fall 69 05/02/1965 Hazelton, IA 02/06/1896 Hudson No reference George and Sally Fall Keith Lawrence 00/00/1918
Lawrence, Harriet 80 05/30/1904 Hudson 03/21/1824 Gloustershire, England Hudson Cemetery William and Mary Drew John Lawrence 02/16/1859
Lawrence, Irene J. 85 10/08/1980 Normal 01/18/1895 Hudson Hudson Cemetery Aura and Mattie V. Morrow Johnston Clifford Lawrence 10/11/1919
Lawrence, Mary Lillian No reference Iowa No reference No reference Hudson Cemetery No reference Ernest D. Lawrence No reference
Lawrence, Matthew No ref No reference
03/27/1889 Hudson Hudson Cemetery Mr. and Mrs. William Lawrence Esther Anne Sloman 05/00/1921
Lawrence, Sydney G. 77 05/13/1974 Normal 12/08/1896 Hudson Hudson Cemetery William and Louisa Patterson Lawrence Hazel Pearl Seitz, Sarah Ruth Wilson 09/23/1919, 06/11/1949
Lawrence, Sydney G. Jr. 72 06/24/1995 Tucson, AZ 08/05/1922 Mitchell, SD Donation Sydney G. and Hazel Seitz Lawrence Geraldyne Lowell 06/16/1946
Lawrence, William 66 06/24/1954 Phoenix, AZ 01/27/1887 Hudson Hudson Cemetery Mr and Mrs William Lawrence Pearl Varnes 12/05/1918
Lawrence, William Brewster 78 02/04/2007 Bloomington 03/11/1928 Mitchell, SD Hudson Cemetery Sydney G. and Hazel Seitz Lawrence Florence R. Harms 12/28/1957
Lazzarini, Richard J. 47 04/00/2014 No reference 10/26/1966 No reference No reference No reference No reference No reference
Lear, Mattie No reference Hudson 08/17/1838 Hinterdove Co., NJ Mayview Cemetery Mr and Mrs Apgas John Lear 12/00/1859
Leenhouts, Jacob M. 72 00/00/1947 Normal 02/19/1875 Hudson Hudson Cemetery Abe and Melinda Leenhouts No reference No reference
Leenhouts, Jennie 19 00/00/1903 Hudson 05/05/1884 Hudson Hudson Cemetery Mr and Mrs Abraham Leenhouts No reference No reference
Legg, Mary A. 91 02/14/2016 Normal 09/28/1924 Argenta Hudson Cemetery Phillip and Mamie Stevens Brown Clarence Legg 06/06/1943
Lehmann, Beverly 85 06/24/2012 Normal 08/27/1926 Fisher East Lawn Cemetery Rev. Walter B. and Rachel Mc Roberts Theobald Erwin Lehmann 10/01/1954
Lehmann, William A. 65 11/27/2008 Peoria 03/17/1943 Chicago Calvary Cemetery, Henry Alvin and Violet Hurst Lehmann Glennea E. Matthews 07/11/1966
Leichtenberg, Eugene T. 75 06/15/1997 Normal 03/01/1922 Normal East White Oak Cemetery August and Kathrym Goodger Leichtenberg Nancy J. Waller 10/27/1961
Leichtenberg, Lyle 62 00/001980 Cooksville 09/25/1917 McLean County St. Mary's Cemetery August and Kathrym Goodger Leichtenberg No reference No reference
Leichtenberg, Nancy 51 01/20/1993 Bloomington 02/05/1941 Bloomington East White Oak Cemetery Cliffton and Violet Roeske Waller Eugene Leichtenberg 10/27/1961
Leininger, Larry J. 51 01/03/1999 Normal 11/03/1947 Bloomington Cremation Everette Stanley and Joyce Allene Maesky Leininger Merriann Riddle 11/12/1967
Lemme, Jamie B. 93 09/06/1994 Bloomington 08/17/1901 Saybrook Hudson Cemetery James N. and Nora Lee Rannebarger Stone Herbert H. Lemme 01/25/1932
Lentz, Mrs. G. T. No reference No reference No reference 11/04/1877 Hudson Park Hill Cemetery W. T. and Susan Gaddis George T. Lentz 12/29/1897
Leonard, Fern C. 71 10/17/1984 Hudson 05/11/1913 Remington, IN Evergreen Cemetery Benjamin and Clara Griffith May Virgil S. Leonard Rev. 09/09/1935
Leverenz, Richard J. 63 01/11/2014
04/01/1950 Watseka No reference Lyle and Betty Steinbarger Leverenz Nancy Nordine 04/08/1967
Lewis, Frank E. 81 00/00/1950 Normal 02/27/1870 Kappa Hudson Cemetery Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Lewis Dora Mae Craig 01/31/1901
Lewis, Randall M. "Pappy" 88 10/31/2008 Decatur 09/20/1920 Wheeler Fairlawn Cemetery Rufus Cecil and Mayme Bryan Lewis Mary L. Henwood 08/07/1942
Limer, William Robert 65 03/00/1982
11/24/1897 Breckinridge, KY No reference No reference Mary Irene Powell 12/18/1919
Lindsey, Elmer 82 00/00/1964 Normal 07/16/1882 Ipava Hudson Cemetery Nathan and Mary Hughes Lindsey Anna Hughes 05/05/1930
Littell, Alfred 85 12/00/1918 No reference 00/00/1833 KY Hudson Cemetery No reference No reference No reference
Littell, Catherine R. 87 04/23/1986 Towanda 02/06/1899 Hudson Hudson Cemetery William and Mary Belle McCollum Schlosser Floyd J. Littell 02/10/1918
Littell, Corbie 21 days 01/25/1902 Hudson 01/04/1902 Hudson Hudson Cemetery

Littell, Eleanor M. 91 05/27/2012 Normal 01/03/1921 Hudson Hudson Cemetery Floyd and Catherine Schlosser Littell

Littell, Florence E. 70 10/24/2004 Normal 02/10/1934 Normal Hudson Cemetery Otto Schenkel and Maude Brown Schenkel Robert G. Littell 08/24/1958
Littell, Flossie M. 80 11/18/1975 Carlock 02/04/1895 Carlock Hudson Cemetery William and Elizabeth Arnold Dixon Lewis Vernon Littell 09/08/1915
Littell, Floyd J. 83 08/27/2002 El Paso 04/06/1919 Hudson Hudson Cemetery Floyd Jackson and Catherine Schlosser Littell Pauline Bartram 04/16/1941
Littell, George A, 65 05/17/1905 Bradenton, FL 03/13/1905 Bloomington Hudson Cemetery Richard and Minnie Flowers Littell Minnie Dickerson No reference
Littell, Jeff 10/22/1964 Spokane, WA No reference No reference No reference No reference No reference No reference
Littell, L. Vernon 85 No reference El Paso 07/20/1891 No reference Hudson Cemetery Lewis and Margaret Jackson Littell Flossie Dixon 09/08/1915
Littell, Lewis A. 10/22/1940 Hudson No reference No reference No reference No reference No reference No reference
Littell, Minnie B. 76 08/00/1980 Bloomington 08/14/1906 Silex, MO Hudson Cemetery James and Cordia Hickman Dickerson George Littell 05/23/1924
Littell, Pauline J. 91 05/18/2010 El Paso 08/19/1918 Stockton Hudson Cemetery Harold and Hazel Carr Bartram Floyd J. Littell 04/16/1941
Livingston, Fannie Belle 100 02/07/2015 Normal 08/10/1914 Hudson East Lawn Memorial Gardens George and Lizabeth Hoffman Compton Murray Livingston 08/09/1947
Livingston, Mrs. S. P. No ref No reference Hudson No reference No reference No reference No reference S. P. Livingston No reference
Lockard, Cecil R. Rev. 91 10/21/1992 Sterling 06/21/1901 Oklahoma Territory East Lawn Memorial Gardens Walter and Delah Guess Lockard Helen A. Denler 09/02/1930
Lockard, Helen Aneta 88 03/26/1994 Fairbury 11/12/1905 Hudson East Lawn Memorial Gardens Edward and Mary Augsburger Denler Rev. Cecil R. Lockard 09/02/1930
Lohr, Clara 85 01/12/1968 Normal 01/15/1882 Hudson No reference William Ezra and Mary Magdalene Lyon Snavely John W. Lohr 09/04/1904
Lohr, Ella 92 01/09/1958 El Paso 10/12/1965 El Paso Hudson Cemetery Noah and Susan Blough Lohr

Lohr, John W.
No reference Bloomington 11/25/1867 El Paso No reference Noah and Susanne Blough Lohr Clara Snavely 09/04/1904
Lohr, Maurice W. 68 01/07/1987 Bloomington 06/12/1918 Hudson Hudson Cemetery John and Clara Snavely Lohr No reference No reference
Lohr, Merle 68 No reference Pasadena ,CA 06/06/1907 Hudson Pasadena, CA Mr and Mrs J. W. Lohr Velma Stagner No reference
Lohr, Noah 86 No reference Hudson 10/18/1838 Somerset County, PA No reference No reference Susan Blough 11/07/1864
Lomascolo, Guy W. "Bill" 66 06/21/2010 El Paso 10/14/1943 Bloomington Evergreen Cemetery Guy W. and Olive Hipper Lomascolo Connie Hadden 03/30/1990
London, Ann 67 12/02/1972 Amboy 11/14/1905 Jennylind, AK Hudson Cemetery Mike and Mary Novasat Nichelvich Elvin London 00/00/1924
London, Elvin L. 86 03/25/1990 Normal 10/06/1903 Columbia, TN Hudson Cemetery Elvin Y. and Saarah Cummins London Ann Nickelvieh 07/00/1924
Lott, Virginia Mae 59 10/12/1977 Washington 09/24/1918 Hudson Glen Dale Cemetery I.E. and Queen Brite Duncan Walter E. Lott 09/29/1935
Lujan, Bernadine Mae Craig 73 11/08/2009 Greybull, WY 10/27/1936 Hudson No reference John Jack Robert Craig and Beatrice Mae Prunty Craig Glenn Bernie Robbins & Adolph Rudy Lujan 05/22/1955, 07/03/1979
Lundstrom, Bernadine Harris 52 01/19/1989 Sarasota, FL 12/20/1937 Bloomington Palms Memorial Park Otis and Marie Harris John Kirchner, Richard Lundstrom 00/00/1958, 00/00/1981
Lutz, Charles R. 79 05/12/2016 El Paso, IL 03/31/1937 Mulberry Grove, IL Hudson Cemetery Donald Richard and Edna Grace Martin Lutz Phyllis G. Tompkins 06/23/1956
Lutz, Kirk 26 03/04/1987 No reference 01/17/1961 Hillsboro Hudson Cemetery Chuck and Phyllis Tompkins Lutz Cynthia J. Lipscomb 10/12/1985
Lyon, Dawn 73 09/15/1967 Peoria 02/27/1894 Mc Cune, KS Hudson Cemetery W.D. and Kitty Boulware Neher Oscar Lyon 05/02/1915
Lyon, Elizabeth Jane 78 No reference Gridley 03/31/1863 Monroe County, WV Hudson Cemetery No reference Frank H. Lyon 01/10/1889
Lyon, Frank H. 77 No reference No reference 04/29/1965 Benjaminville Hudson Cemetery Rev. and Mrs Thomas D. Lyon Elizabeth Thompson No reference
Lyon, Gayle 46 08/28/1967 Chicago 05/15/1921 Hudson Gridley Cemetery Oscar and Dawn Meher Lyon Evelyn Schramm 04/13/1943
Lyon, Joyce 87 06/25/2004 Mattoon No reference No reference No reference No reference No reference No reference
Lyon, Oscar M. 85 05/04/1978 Gridely 12/04/1892 Hudson Hudson Cemetery Franklin and Elizabeth Thompson Lyon Dawn Neher 05/02/1915
Lyon, Thomas D. 81 07/03/1902 Hudson 03/03/1821 Virginia Hudson Cemetery Eld. Michael and Louisa Lyon Mary Clark 10/20/1843
Madix, Edward G. 93 01/14/2003 Normal 10/24/1909 Loda Hudson Cemetery Peter Jaames and Margaret Saxma Madix Lola Hinshaw 08/18/1934
Madix, Lola J. 85 10/16/1995 Bloomington 12/25/1909 Hudson Hudson Cemetery Frank and Grace Gildersleeve Hinshaw Edward Madix 08/18/1934
Malay, James 77 01/24/2015 Lake Bloomington No reference No reference Lexington Cemetery No reference Elaine No reference
Malcolm, Daniel D. 64 03/22/2007 Hudson 10/14/1942 Marion East Lawn Memorial Gardens Wayne E. and Geraldine Chitty Malcolm Nancy Jones Malcolm 08/21/1965
Manz, Louise Drayer 93 01/02/2010 Princeville No reference No reference Apostolic Christian Cemetery No reference No reference No reference
Maple, Cephas 72 03/07/1904 Hudson 10/01/1832 Knox County, OH No reference No reference Margaret Hinthorn 00/00/1958
Maple, Florence 62 07/16/1965 Normal 07/22/1902 Hudson Township Hinthorn Cemetery Frank and Margaret Platt Maple No reference No reference
Maple, Frank 77 00/00/1938 Hudson 10/23/1861 Hudson No reference Sephas and Margaret Hinthorne Maple Elnora Craver & Margaret F. Platt No reference, No reference
Marquardt, Albert 68 07/14/1990 Bloomington 02/11/1922 Normal Twshp East Lawn Memorial Cemetery Albert F. and Bertha Amelia Kassulke Marquardt Ellen Coon 12/02/1945
Marmor, Melvin 71 07/13/1987 Bloomington 11/14/1915 Bethany Park Hill Cemetery Charles and Ollie Marmor Frances Wells 03/30/1945
Marshall, Mary L. 80 02/01/1983 No reference 11/20/1902 Panola Minonk Cemetery Edson and Estella Hall Havey Elmer “Jim” Marshall 09/14/1940
Martin, Aileen 92 11/22/2012 Normal 10/09/1920 Morenci, MI Hudson Cemetery Lewis G. and Florence L. Roth Carpenter Robert E. Martin 06/25/1966
Martin, Janet 72 12/18/2015 Peoria, IL 12/28/1942 Bloomington, IL Gridley Cemetery James Leo and Gladys Irene Woosley Saterfeal Willie Martin 01/09/1965
Martin, Cookie 'Delores' 64 06/22/2015 Normal 10/16/1950 Fairbury Hudson Cemetery Theodore Byard “Ted” and Alma Kessinger Williams No reference No reference
Mary Jean Stock 65 12/23/2008 Pontiac No reference No reference Swygert Cemetery No reference Joseph E. Stock No reference
Masincupp, Arthur H. 93 00/00/1961 Saybrook 10/07/1868 Churchville, VA Hudson Cemetery David and Mary M.Fall Masincupp Nellie Calam 06/07/1894
Masincupp, Charles H. 68 08/22/1967 Normal 10/05/1898 Hudson Hudson Cemetery Arthur Howard and Nellie Mae Calam Masincupp Dale W. Myers 10/21/1956
Masincupp, Elsie R. 63 09/21/1965 Normal 01/20/1902 Hudson Hudson Cemetery John L. and Martha Wood Victor Rhinehart James Johnson, Charles Howard Masincupp 04/19/1949
Masincupp, Nelly Mae 99 05/18/1972 Hudson 07/31/1872 Bloomington Hudson Cemetery Thomas and Henrietta Sprague Calam Arthur H. Masincupp 06/07/1864
Mauck, Amy Jo 1 06/15/1976 Hoyleton No reference Centralia Zion Evangelical Cemetery, Hoyleton Carl and Patricia Ann Jackson Mauck N/A 10/21/1956
Mauck, Carl Ellis 33 06/15/1976 Hoyleton No reference Decatur Zion Evangelical Cemetery, Hoyleton Roy E. and Naomi Blough Mauck Patricia Ann Jackson 00/001961
Mauck, Julie Ann 14 06/15/1976 Hoyleton No reference No reference Zion Evangelical Cemetery, Hoyleton Carl and Patricia Ann Jackson Mauck N/A N/A
Mauck, Naomi 67 06/15/1976 Hoyleton No reference No reference Hudson Cemetery Rev. Urias and Delia Johnson Blough Roy C. Mauck 10/14/1932
Mauck, Patricia Ann 33 06/15/1976 Hoyleton No reference Bloomington Zion Evangelical Cemetery, Hoyleton Charles and Kathryn Jackson Carl Ellis Mauck 00/001961
Mauck, Roy C. 64 05/17/1970 Hudson 12/11/1905 Geff Hudson Cemetery Charles E. and Emily K. Leinard Mauck Naomi Blough 10/14/1932
Maurer, Adna Mae 93 04/28/1989 Normal 12/16/1895 McLean County Hopewell Cemetery, Downs Charles and Leliane Fields Dooley Frank Maurer 05/02/1921
Mavis, R. H. No reference 00/00/1906 Hudson 00/00/1848 Defiance Co., OH No reference No reference Jane Gildersleeve, Susie Anderson No reference
May, Grace E. 94 04/21/1995 Bloomington 11/20/1900 Hudson Hudson Cemetery George and Kitty Mikel Craig Howard O'Leary, Floyd May 00/00/1936, 00/00/1944
Mayo, Mary 87 09/11/2003 Normal 06/13/1916 Hudson East Lawn Memorial Gardens George H. and Lizabeth Hoffman Compton Charles Frank Mayo 12/24/1943
McAnelly, Edna M. 101 11/17/1998 Normal 12/10/1896 Hudson Hudson Cemetery George and Kitty Mikel Craig Mansfield McAnelly 09/12/1942
McAnelly, William 79 03/13/1981 No reference 05/11/1901 Vanburn, KY Park Hill Cemetery Marion M. and Martha Belle McKinney McAnelly Fannie Ellis, Edna Mae Craig 01/08/1921, 09/12/1942
McCain, Homer "Mike" H. 85 04/12/2008 Normal 06/03/1922 Leroy Lexington Cemetery Hal F. and Marguerite Wilcox McCain B. Bernice Kahle 12/18/1946
McCarley, Lewis 40 04/13/2012 Nashville, TN 02/09/1972 Jackson, MS Hudson Cemetery Barbara Cummins Jennifer Garrett 10/16/1991
McClure, Bertha M. 99 12/05/2006 Clinton 12/29/1906 Hudson Hudson Cemetery Samuel and Cora Siler Hoffman Roy Boughton & Orville McClure No reference, No reference
McClure, Delmar W. 72 08/02/1999 Bloomington 07/30/1927 Hudson Hudson Cemetery Elmer C. and Irene M. Fuller McClure Teresa S. Faughn 03/06/1949
McClure, Donald E. 66 03/15/1999 Normal 05/27/1932 Hudson East Lawn Memorial Gardens Raymond and Myrtle McClure Joan T. Trunnel 08/09/1952
McClure, Elmer C. 64 01/21/1968 Normal 11/02/1903 Hudson Hudson Cemetery George F. and Mae Bigger McClure Irene Fuller 11/05/1924
McClure, Enos J. Mrs. (Honor Leota) 23 00/00/1904 Hudson 03/13/1881 McClean County No reference Jonas and Sarah Burns Enos J. McClure 06/12/1899
McClure, Ethelbert David No reference Kappa 11/16/1877 Hudson No reference Mr and Mrs George McClure Nellie E. Harper 03/21/1906
McClure, Gary Dean 39 02/13/1992 Normal 08/04/1952 Normal Hudson Cemetery Harley Owen and Sirley Hawkins McClure Linda Wise 08/00/1978
McClure, George S. 83 01/11/1962 Normal 08/21/1878 Hudson Hudson Cemetery Thomas and Cornelia Hinshaw McClure May Bigger 02/00/1899
McClure, Harley Owen 53 01/28/1981 Bloomington 04/16/1928 Hudson Hudson Cemetery Elmer and Irene Fuller McClure Hazel Bryant Loften 11/25/1978
McClure, Henry 74 11/30/1930 Kappa 09/02/1856 Hudson Kappa Cemetery William and Elizabeth White McClure Elizabeth Jane Russell 02/28/1905
McClure, Ina 65 01/12/1967 Normal 05/19/1900 Hudson Hudson Cemetery George and Mary Bigger McClure No reference No reference
McClure, Irene 73 01/07/1979 Bloomington 06/02/1905 Hudson Hudson Cemetery Ollie W. and Goldie Snavely Fuller Elmer C. McClure 11/05/1924
McClure, Joseph M. 76 10/15/1929 Carlock 06/18/1853 Hudson East White Oak Union Cemetery William and Elizabeth White McClure Fannie Mishel 06/22/1882
McClure, Mae E. 93 01/30/1974 El Paso 08/30/1880 Hudson Hudson Cemetery James and Amanda Glimpse Bigger George McClure No reference
McClure, Martha W. 16 02/27/1906 Hudson 00/00/1890 No reference Hudson Cemetery Mrs. Frances A. McClure No reference No reference
McClure, Myrtle 54 03/22/1962 Normal 08/03/1907 Colfax East Lawn Memorial Gardens Albert H. and Bess Ward Stagner Roy Thomas McClure 11/25/1930
McClure, Orville J. 87 05/22/1985 No reference 06/15/1897 Carlock Loio Cemetery, Eureka Frank and Ida Crawford McClure Lois Sutton, Bertha Boughton 03/03/1915, 06/06/1955
McClure, Ray T. 62 01/03/1968 Normal 09/01/1905 Hudson East Lawn Memorial Gardens George and mae Bigger McClure Myrtle Stafner 11/30/1930
McClure, Robert E. 58 01/17/1993 Bloomington 06/18/1934 Woodford County East Lawn Memorial Gardens Elmer and Irene Fuller McClure Delores M. Patterson 10/17/1953
McClure, Roger W. 62 07/15/2008 Bloomington 10/07/1945 Bloomington Hudson Cemetery Elmer C. and Irene M. Fuller McClure No reference No reference
McClure, Thomas J.
03/25/1905 Hudson 07/30/1846 Lancaster, PA
William and Elizabeth White McClure Cornelia Hinshaw 12/28/1871
McDaniel, Mary Ruth 78 12/11/2004 Lexington 06/17/1926 Knoxville, TN El Paso Township Cemetery Carson D. and Mary Adeline Parsley McLain Carence "Pete" McDaniel 09/28/1956
McFee, Daisy L. 83 06/05/1983 Bloomington 05/02/1900 Bloomington East Lawn Memorial Gardens Pulaski and Emma Lamb McFee No reference No reference
McGee, George Dr. 81 00/00/1963 Bloomington 06/24/1882 Sparta Ellis Grove Cemetery Thomas and Mary Carruthers McGee No reference No reference
McGuire Roy O. 93 11/15/1973 Normal 10/14/1880 Normal Hudson Cemetery John and Frances A. Wride McGuire Annie L. Karlock 12/27/1905
McGuire, Michael James 54 05/28/2009 Peoria 11/05/1954 Bloomington Hinthorn Cemetery James and Marietta Mielenz McGuire Deborah Lynn Roche 04/16/1994
McGuire, Roy H.,M.D.
08/25/1940 Medora 12/23/1906 No reference Hudson Cemetery Roy O. and Anna Karlock McGuire Mary Susan Russel 03/17/1932
McHenry, Dorothy Mae 81 10/02/2001 Arrowsmith 04/13/1920 Hudson Hudson Cemetery Edward E. and Sarah O Carpenter Hospelhorn William A. McHenry 10/16/1937
McHugh, John W. "Bill" 77 04/09/1989 El Paso 12/05/1911 El Paso Evergreen Cemetery Robert M. and Louisa Norris McHugh Veryl E. McClure, Caroline Sprehe 02/05/1938, 02/23/1973
McIntyre, Dave 46 01/08/1977 Hudson 05/15/1930 Bloomington Hinthorn Cemetery Wilbur and Katherine Scarbeary McIntyre Dorothy Hinthorne 09/13/1953
McKinney, Betty D. 77 12/22/1996 Hudson 07/18/1919 Glendive, MT Hudson Cemetery Benjamin and Mary Boyd Diggins Ralph McKinney 07/03/1942
McKinney, Florence M. 92 03/08/2006 Normal 03/11/1913 Hudson Hudson Cemetery Deward and Bertha Bolin Schultz Howard V. McKinney 02/21/1935
McKinney, Howard V. 89 12/12/2003 Bloomington 02/03/1914 Hudson Hudson Cemetery Luther and Maude Forney McKinney Florence Schultz 02/21/1935
McKinney, James Ralph 84 01/22/1970 Normal 02/15/1885 White Oak Twnsp Hudson Cemetery Alonzo and Sarah Johnston McKinney Lucy Harpster 01/04/1917
McKinney, Lucy H. 80 00/00/1970 Hudson 03/31/1890 Olney Hudson Cemetery Mr and Mrs William Harpster James Ralph McKinney 01/29/1970
McKinney, Luther V. No ref No reference Hudson 11/26/1871 Kentucky (state of) No reference James and Sarah Gravatt McKinney Maude Forney 02/19/1896
McKinney, Maude No reference No reference Hudson 09/30/1872 Hudson No reference
Luther Bisson McKinney 02/19/1896
McKinney, Ralph Quentin 84 07/15/2003 Carlock 07/25/1918 Carlock Hudson Cemetery James Ralph and Lucy Harpster McKinney Betty Diggins 07/03/1942
McKinney, William B.
No reference Hudson 06/25/1870 Clay City, KY Hudson Cemetery Mr. and Mrs. J. D. McKinney

McMahan, Earl H. 87 00/0/1974 Battlecreek, MI 12/04/1887 Bloomington Park Hill Cemetery No reference No reference No reference
McMahan, Elizabeth 80 02/06/2011 Normal 01/01/1931 College Station, TX No reference Dr. Elmer and Sara Lull Smith Dan LeSeure No reference
McNeilly, D. Dot 90 12/15/1992 Gibson City No reference No reference No reference No reference No reference No reference
McNeilly, John A. "Jack" 80 02/04/2012 Urbana 11/04/1930 Hudson Riverside Cemetery, Saybrook Bert and Dot Masincupp McNeilly Roberta l. Steed 10/03/1954
McNemar, Rachel Salome Watt No reference
Belle Plaine Evergreen Cemetery, El Paso Nicholas and Ruth Ann Barton Watt Osceola McNemar No reference
McNemar, Rev. Osceola 87 09/08/1949 Bloomington 08/19/1862 Money Creek Lexington Cemetery C.J. And Mary McNemar Rachel Watt 09/08/1889
McNielly, Bert R. 83 04/03/1976 Danville 12/05/1892 Walnut Hill Riverside Cemetery John and Nancy Copple McNielly Dot Masencupp 08/26/1927
McNielly, John A. "Jack" 80 02/04/2011 Urbana 11/04/1930 Hudson Riverside Cemetery Bert and Dot Masincupp McNeilly Roberta L. Steed 10/03/1954
Meeks, Lulu Mae 69 01/22/1975 Bloomington 07/16/1905 Woodford County East White Oak Cemetery George and Lizabeth Hoffman compton John Robert Scott; Walter Meeks 01/13/1930; 05/25/1944
Mefford, Josephine Mae 87 05/23/1997 Normal 05/30/1909 Hudson East Lawn Memorial Gardens George and Etta Kilmer Farrell William Everett Jones, Marvin Mefford 12/19/1930, 05/12/1979
Meiss, Evelyn E. 88 10/28/2006 Normal 08/25/1918 Hudson Gridley Cemetery Frank and Grace Gildersleeve Hinshaw Charles Meiss 09/10/1936
Meredith, James E. 84 10/20/2008 Normal 12/15/1923 Normal Hudson Cemetery Edward M. and Gertrude Dowers Meredith Lena Mae Durst 07/16/1950
Meredith, Lena M. 57 03/11/1985 Peoria 02/03/1928 Joliet Hudson Cemetery Roy O. and Grace Woosley Durst James Meredith 07/16/1950
Meredith, Ronald Edward 51 12/11/2007 Austin, TX 02/02/1956 Normal Cremation James and Lena Mae Durst Meredith Carmen Meredith 12/31/1999
Merideth, Ella H. 88 04/16/1966 San Diego, CA 03/26/1878 Chenoa Hudson Cemetery H. and Jane Buzzard Chris A. Merideth 07/00/1898
Merrell, Della 83 00/00/1974 Normal 07/17/1891 Harrisburg Hudson Cemetery Mr and Mrs William Riley Lane Irwin Call & Ray B. Merrell 00/00/1914, 10/19/1949
Merrell, Ray B. 72 07/09/1967 Normal 02/20/1895 Argyle, TX Hudson Cemetery Eli Franklin and Nancy Duffle Merrell Della Lane 10/19/1949
Messer, Goldie G. 75 11/24/1981 Lexington 05/20/1906 Woodford County Lexington Cemetery William and Elba Schaefer Baker Lowell F. Messer 7/3/1928
Messer, Isaac Mrs. (Nancy Lock) No reference Hudson 03/24/1936 Anderson Co., KY Messer Cemetery No reference Issac Messer 07/13/1854
Messer, Leonard E. 0 00/00/1952 Peoria
El Paso Gibson City Cemetery J.W. And Jenne Stephens Messer Gertrude Dean No reference
Messer, Lowell 71 03/05/1976 Lexington 08/13/1904 Money Creek Lexington Cemetery Frank and Clarene Flesher Messer Goldie G. Baker 07/03/1928
Messer, William H. . No reference Normal 08/13/1856 Lexington area Messer Cemetery Isaac and Nancy Locke Messer

Meyer, Bryan Edward 50 08/16/2008 Normal 08/01/1958 Bloomington White Oak Cemetery Carol E. "Sonny" and Wilma Jean Coyle Meyer Myra Wilson 03/20/1990
Meyer, Mary A. Spaulding 91 06/02/2012 Chillicothe 10/13/1920 Towanda Hudson Cemetery William Dudley and Anna Eliza Ball Miller John Spaulding; Charles Meyer 00/00/1940, 08/13/1978
Middleton, James No reference Towanda 10/29/1859 Dayton, OH Hudson Cemetery No reference Mary rosdalind Miller 02/07/1883
Middleton, Smith 01/18/1906 Stockholm, KS No reference No reference No reference No reference No reference No reference
Mikel, David Keith 39 12/18/1927 Normal 04/24/1888 Downs Downs No reference Jesse J. Stevens No reference
Mikel, Jessie 70 01/14/1962 Normal 01/01/1891 Hudson Hopewell Cemetery, Downs Williamand Mary Stephens David Keith Mikel No reference
Milka, Zoey McKenzie stillborn 03/27/2008 Osage Beach, MO 03/27/2008 Osage Beach, MO Lake Memorial Garden Cemetery Matt Milka and Chelsea Klimkewicz No reference No reference
Miller, Amelia 77 12/21/1967 Normal 07/12/1890 Danvers Kaufman Cemetery Abraham and Anna Ramseyer Ummell Amil Miller 12/27/1911
Miller, Chester A. 71 03/04/1973 Bloomington 11/07/1901 Hudson Kaufman Cemetery John and Magdalene Schlabach Miller Edith Sherman 08/26/1925
Miller, Cora E. 77 05/12/1954 Bloomington 03/22/1882 Bryan, OH Hudson Cemetery Phillip and Sarah C. Everhart Siler Sam Hoffman & William Miller No reference, 00/00/1936
Miller, Dale 88 03/11/2015 Peoria 07/17/1926 Bloomington Kaufman Cemetery Chester A. and Edith E. Sherman Miller Helen Booziotis; Helen Clymer 03/16/1946; no reference
Miller, Ellen A. 63 03/23/1993 El Paso 07/21/1929 Germany Hudson Cemetery Ludwig and Kate Reusse Huebenthal John E. Miller No reference
Miller, Glenn A. 84 10/06/2010 Bloomington 08/17/1926 Congerville Danvers Cemetery Joseph and Edna Detweiler Miller Hazel L. Straub 02/14/1954
Miller, Hazel L. 72 09/09/2002 Bloomington 10/26/1929 Bloomington Danvers Cemetery Eanest J. and Catherine Ernst Straub Glenn A. Miller 02/14/1954
Miller, Irene L. 91 05/03/2005 Eureka 06/27/1913 Indiana