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NoveList and Goodreads

  • Do you love an author or book, but have no idea what to read next? Use NoveList to find read-alikes. The Quicklink is also to your right.
  • Use Goodreads to keep track of your personal reading, follow your friends’ reading, or become friends with your favorite author.


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The Core Collection

  • Browse our shelves for books with a Core Collection label.
  • Download the list of our Core Collection books here.


Book Club Book Recommendations

  • If you are in a book club and are not sure what to read next, Goodreads has a page devoted to helping you choose.
  • Flashlight Worthy has recommendations for different ages and book clubs.
  • LitLovers gives you books to watch, the top 50 in the past month, and their “All-time favorites”.
  • Meetup is a website where you can register or join a book club in your area.


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